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The Most Simple Tips to Choose the Right Sofa for Your Living Room

by Vanhishikha Bhargava 07 Sep 2021 6 Comments

Making a home entails a lot of responsibilities. For starters, you need to create a list of all the decor that you want to purchase as a long-term investment, such as a bed, dining room set, sofa set, etc. This also includes appliances such as television and refrigerator. 

Each room requires meticulous planning, especially your living room, the focal point of your home, and that’s where choosing the right sofa set comes into play. 

A sofa set is a piece of furniture that is used ruggedly over time, for lounging, for socialising, and even for sleepovers. To serve all these purposes and more, it needs to be high on functionality, strength and of course, beauty.

how to choose a sofa set


So, how should you choose a sofa that fulfils all of the above? That’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this handy sofa choosing guide. Let’s start.

Tips to choose the right sofa seaters for your living room

First thing, don’t pick your sofa in a haste. Take your time, drink in your surrounding decor and pick a sofa that matches with/compliments everything. 

Here are some of the tips that can help you do that.

#Tip 1: Your family and lifestyle

Check the number of members from your friends and family who are expected to be in your house and your living room at one point. That would help you determine the size and type of sofa. 

For instance, you can get a two-seater if you live in a nuclear set-up and are not thinking of increasing your family for a couple of years. If you have guests coming over frequently, you can indulge and get a bigger sofa that can also serve as a lounging space. Sofa-cum-bed is also an option that you can explore.

A one-seater sofa or a two-seater or love seat is great if you are a couple. But you’d need something bigger if you have a family.

#Tip 2: Kids and pets

Do you have kids and pets in your family? That would determine the type of soft furnishings or upholstery material you’d want for your sofa set. 

You should also look for brands and retailers that help you with the maintenance and provide a warranty for the usual wear and tear. A stain-resistant material would be a wise choice here.

#Tip 3: Alignment with the rest of the decor

You may like a sofa set a lot. But, does it align well with the rest of your living room decor? The best of shades fall flat if they do not sit well with the room design. 

Therefore, it is important to imagine what your chosen sofa set would look against the colours and wallpapers you are using. Other things such as centre table decor, lamps and lighting, etc also affect this choice.

#Tip 4: Measure up!

It is important to take accurate measurements. There are two basic reasons for it. Firstly, it should fit inside your door to finally sit in your living room. 

You’d not want a ‘Pivot’ like situation that hassled Ross in ‘FRIENDS.’ Secondly, the sofa set should complement the rest of the decor rather than dwarfing or undermining it. Choosing the right dimensions is extremely important, in that case.

#Tip 5: Be wise with colour

Again, the colour of the sofa set should complement the rest of the living room decor and not counter it. You can pick a set that falls in the similar family of colours and texture; for example, if you want a wooden finish you can go for browns. 

On the other hand, if you want a contemporary finish you can pick contrasting shades as well, where the sofa set catches the eye in a good manner — red against a white backdrop, for instance.

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#Tip 6: Comfort check

A sofa set may look like a million bucks, but if it is not comfortable to sit on, it is of no use. While aesthetics are important, it is equally or even more essential that you test how it feels when you sit or lounge on it. 

Check the springs, fabric and softness and whether it gives you the right ‘sink in’ feels that you get when you rest your posterior on a supremely comfortable couch.

#Tip 7: Dust resistance

Check where you are going to place your sofa set. If you live in particularly dusty surroundings or wish to keep the sofa near the windows, choose dust resistant materials.  

Also check for fade resistance as some fabrics have the tendency to lose their sheen if continually exposed to sunlight.

how to choose fabric for furniture


#Tip 8: Cushions

You aren’t going to keep your sofa bare. You will obviously perk it up with cushions. Check if your sofa set comes with those or do you wish to get the cushions separately and throw in for extra measure. In any case, cushions are a part of sofa set and you should be just as cautious in choosing it. 

Figure out if you want a structure to your cushion or a squishy feeling. The former is given by a foam filling while the latter mostly comes with a fibre filling. You can choose any, but make sure those go well with the sofa set. Also, you should know that fibre gives more comfort but may lose its shape over time because it lacks the structure that foam provides. You can even pick cushions that use both foam and fibre filling, for the best of both worlds.


#Tip 9: Arm rest

While you are at it, also check the armrest in terms of height and comfort. Many people like to lay down on the sofa. In that case, the arm rest should not be too high and should be a comfortable headrest, with or without the cushion. Test it for both sitting and laying down positions before you make your choice.

Pick your sofa set after considering all of the above, and you should be good.

Your sofa set could be a sustainable piece of furniture  

While all the factors cited above are important, there is one more that we wish to float your way — sustainability.  We are living in the times when care and couture should go hand in hand. Brands are consistently finding ways to strike a balance between caring for the planet and uplifting your home decor, and you can do your part by simply making a purchase.

Our planet is our first home, and our own house is a part of it. Our choices need to be sustainable enough to ensure a better tomorrow for both.

Enter, Fabuliv. Here, we believe in slow and sustainable furnishing choices. Our products are handcrafted on demand and not mass manufactured, to give you your own unique set of furniture that not only looks good but feels good. Our skilled artisans use recycled and sustainable materials such as jute, terracotta, eco-friendly mango wood, etc, making your decor a guilt-free and healthy choice.

With Fabuliv, you can create a fabulously sustainable home. Browse through our vast collection and pick the next choice for your home decor.

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