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Buy Trendy Cushion Covers Online and Upscale your Ambiance

It may seem an exaggerated statement, (which it isn't) but a variety of stylish cushion covers in your home can change the look of your living room or bedroom. Although a sofa is a long-term investment and its colour and patterns aren't changing, you could buy sleek cushion covers from Fabuliv to brighten up the place.

A designer cushion cover is intended to be the focal point of a drawing room, whether using traditional themes or cutting-edge designs. The sofa cushion coverings at Fabuliv are distinguished by fine craftsmanship and elegant patterns. You can layer a variety of cushions on top of the made-up blanket, and cushions with lovely designs and velvety upholstery are also excellent decor choices for your bedroom.

Fabuliv offers an exceptional selection of lovely sofa cushions that are stuffed with cosiness and joy. You may get a wide variety of sofa cushion patterns under one roof, from decorative cushions to rectangular and square shapes. Match the couch cushion set covers to the decor of your home, including the curtains and other furnishings. Choose the one that complements your interior and your budget, then leave the rest to the lovely styling.

How to Buy the Perfect Cushion Covers? 

Well, there are some things you need to consider before buying cushions that perfectly suit your home. Let’s see what’s inside these cushion covers: 

  • Matching the Interiors
  • If you’re buying cushion covers for your living room sofa, they should be of a particular design that blends well with the theme of your couch. Not just that, wall artwork and curtains are important decor accessories, and matching cushion covers with them would further accentuate your living room. 

    Even if you’re buying cushions for your bedroom, they should go well with your bedsheets or the curtains to make an everlasting impression. 

  • Budget 
  • Depending upon the material and design, the price of cushion covers may vary. Plan out a budget and purchase accordingly. You could buy budget-friendly cushion covers with fabulous designs at Fabuliv. Our exquisite range of cushions would leave you in awe of the designs. 

  • Decor Theme 
  • It’s important to have a decor theme in your mind before purchasing cushion covers. Whether you’re going for a traditional or modern theme, buy your cushions accordingly. You wouldn’t want to create a mish-mash of themes in your living room or bedroom. Browse through Fabuliv’s range of all-themed cushion cover designs and decorate your place today! 

  • Material 
  • Your choice of cushion cover material will affect both how it appears and how difficult it will be to clean. Cotton cushion covers are the choice of people for their elegant embroidery which livens up the sofa or your bed. Though cotton cushions may require regular upkeep as they’re prone to dust. 

    If you want a royal look in your bedroom or living room, velvet cushion covers with rich upholstery could become the focal point of your interior. Velvet upholstery would set you apart from the classic designs and may brighten up your place. 

    Different Shapes for Cushions 

    Cushions come in a wide range of shapes that can elegantly beautify your bed sheets and sofa in the living room. Let's look at a few typical cushion shapes that could make a great addition to your home.

    Square Cushions

    Given that most accent cushions are compact and square in design, a square cushion cover is likely the most common shape for a cushion cover. You could buy square-shaped cushion covers online at Fabuliv. Our unique range of designs would leave you stunned! Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself and let's see if it changed your mind. 

    Rectangular Cushions 

    One of our top choices for that extra cosy décor item is a rectangular sofa cushion. For more comfortable sleeping, rectangular cushions can also be utilised as pillows. Buy these cushions in accordance with the dimensions of your couch. Don't worry; Fabuliv offers a variety of sizes and styles to suit all of your requirements.

    Round Cushions 

    Round cushions give a unique style to your comfortable space. Cushion coverings with a round form make a great addition to a bohemian-inspired interior design. Choose your favourite pattern for round pillows to enhance your space right now!

    Why Should You Buy Cushions from Fabuliv? 

    Let's put your mind at ease if you're afraid about buying pillows and believe you'll need to leave the house and stop by several shops before finding one. These days, practically everything can be purchased online, even cushion covers. On the Fabuliv website, you may choose the cushion cover of your choice and make a hassle-free purchase.

    You will be compelled to purchase cushion covers from Fabuliv due to our beautiful selection of luxurious designs, reasonable rates, and distinctive styles. You may be confident that Fabuliv offers the lowest price for a cushion cover online without sacrificing the product's quality. 

    Stylish Cushion Covers From Fabuliv

    While you scroll through our wide selection of cushion covers, make sure you go through some of our top-selling cushions that would make a great addition to your home decor. Consider this as a pre-shopping gift from us: 

  • Fabio Hand Woven Cushion Cover 

  • Cotton Cushion Covers with Bow Ties (Set of 2) 

  • Cotton Cushion Covers with Button Closure

  • Multicoloured Handwoven Cotton Cushion Covers

  • Handwoven Cushion Covers with Tassels

  • Cascade Embroidered Cushion Cover

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the ideal size of a couch cushion? 
  • You can select the size of your cushion cover based on your preference and what will look best in your home. The typical couch cushion size is between 18 and 25 inches.

  • What are the various materials used to make cushions? 
  • These cushions are made from a variety of fabrics, including cotton, velvet, taffeta, jute, silk, and even polyester. Select the ideal material for your design based on your preferences and taste.

  • How do I select the ideal cushion size for a sofa?
  • When choosing sofa cushions, the sofa's size must be taken into account. Perfect ones fit well to the sofa and are roughly the same size as the backrest. Cushions with perfect size should look visually balanced on the sofa while providing back support. 

  • What are the different designs available for cushion covers? 
  • You could find the most unique designs for cushion covers at Fabuliv. Choose from a wide range of cushions with tassels, chequered designs, bow ties, and pom-poms to accentuate your place.