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Buy Three seater sofa online in India at an affordable price

The most typical piece of furniture in a living room is a three seater sofa set. They are adaptable and offer enough room for the entire family to sit down. By adding some fresh cushions and show pieces set alongside the sofa, you may modify them and make them look more appealing. 

There are many different varieties of sofas, including single, double, and three-seaters as well as wooden sofa sets, sofa beds, futons, and more. We have a large selection of wooden sofas at Fabuliv, available in a variety of styles and forms. 

Choose any that go with your home's interior design to get your ideal house's distinctive style. Three-Seater Leatherette couch designs are popular since they highlight your living room's visual charm. Being an important piece of furniture, a sofa set should match your interior to bring out its charming appeal in the entire house. 

A gorgeously crafted wooden three-seat sofa set is a great alternative that is reasonably priced for any home. You'll enjoy spending your leisure time on a cosy three-seater fabric sofa. You will get a wide selection of stunning 3-seater hardwood and fabric couch designs at Fabuliv for the lowest prices. 

The spacious 3-seater sofa has room for the entire family to sit together. Therefore, the contemporary three-seater sofa set with a luxury design must be a part of your living room. The wait is over; take advantage of fantastic savings to bring home plush sofas and master fabulous living only from Fabuliv!

Things you should know before choosing a 3 seater sofa

Buying a large 3 seater sofa may be a huge investment for you and it should be worthwhile. Certain things are to be considered before buying a three seater sofa online so that there’s no room left for disappointment. Let’s dive into those crucial matters: 

  • Three Seater Sofa Design
  • Sofa is an essential piece of furniture in a living room or a bedroom. They have a majestic appeal, provide a touch of sophistication and elegance, and determine how comfy you and your visitors will feel in your living room. 

    Your three seater sofa design will make the living area more lively and aesthetically pleasant by complementing the entire room. Bring the best sofa designs for your home at exciting deals from Fabuliv. Cheers to Fabulous Living! 

  • 3 Seater Sofa Material
  • The material can be chosen based on its appearance and requires minimal maintenance. Leather or fabrics made of cotton, wool, or linen are options. Leather comes in a range of textures and finishes and is more durable. For fabric upholstery, a wide variety of prints and patterns are available.

  • Three Seater Sofa Price
  • Fabuliv wants to be the most credible furniture company in India, and in order to do that, we give our customers furniture of the highest calibre at reasonable costs. In order to normalise luxurious living, Fabuliv offers 3 seater sofas at affordable pricing. 

    Check the out the best sofas you can get in the price range 30,000-50,000 INR at Fabuliv: 

  • Moroccan Blue Three Seater Sofa ( Less than 39,999 INR) 
  • This premium blue moroccan collection is primarily made with Mango Wood and Hand Woven Cotton Fabric to give you the comfort you crave for. This handcrafted beauty has a white wash finish for a relaxed and comfy vibe. 

  • Noor Solid Wood Three Seater Sofa ( Less than 34,999 INR)
  • Ready to bring sophistication to your pleasurable ambiance? This three-seater solid wood sofa is sure to bring some appreciation from your visitors and a welcoming vibe for the people. Made with Mango Wood and Fabric, the cosy cushions and comfy seats are perfect for a small family to relax and have a good time. 

  • David Solid Wood Hand Carved Three Seater Sofa (Less than 49,999 INR) 
  • With the finest Solid Wood, you don’t need to worry about the durability of the sofa. This fabric handcrafted sofa comes with a webbing support seat and a foam density of 40 which solely fills its purpose of providing you with comfort you deserve. 

  • Florence Three Seater Sofa (Less than 49,999 INR)
  • One of our top-selling sofas and the quality speaks for itself. With a foam density of 40, this sofa is going to give you heavenly vibes after a long day at the office. The fabric material is going to brighten the living room and bring sophistication and elegance in your beautiful home. 

  • Best Three Seater Sofas
  • Select from the exquisite range of sofas at affordable prices from Fabuliv online. After taking care of material, design, and price, the size of your three-seater sofa is important for your living space. Buy a large three seater couch that is optimal for your living room/drawing room. 

    The size is crucial since, if your living area is limited, the sofa shouldn't obstruct the aesthetic appeal of the room. Create a warm atmosphere for your visitors while keeping in mind the size of your living room and the proportions of a three-seater sofa.

    What are the different 3 seater sofas available online?

    Everything has its own charm and beauty. Each and every corner of your home would offer some kind of sophistication and elegance in itself. Sofas are not just for living rooms or big pubs and restaurants, but also for your home office, bar space, and more. 

    You can choose the best three seater wooden sofa for your home. For couples who live together or have a small family of three, Fabuliv has got the most exotic range of sofas in every taste and size just for your comfort. Check out different types of sofas available online: 

  • 3 seater Sofa for living room
  • The family gathers in the living room to spend time together. It is also a location where hosts frequently host guests. A three-seater sofa for the living room is a common choice, whether your living room is small or you need more sitting. 

    A 3 seater fabric sofa with vibrant colour covers and contoured pillows is a terrific option if you're a luxuriant wishing to fulfil the long-lost dream of a luxury living. 

  • 3 seater Corner Sofa
  • The cosiness of corner sofas is one of its best qualities. Everyone enjoys finding a seat in the corner where they can kick their feet up and unwind. Whether it’s a movie night with your friends or family just spending quality time together, a corner sofa accommodates everyone. 

    Don’t be confused about left hand and right hand corner sofas. It totally depends upon the direction of your doors, or the wall at which the TV is placed. Analyse the placement of your other furniture and interior and see which side would be preferable for your corner sofa. 

  • 3 seater Wooden Sofa
  • One of the all-time classics is a wooden sofa. They are incredibly adaptable because they work with each and every style to complement the decor. The three-seater wooden sofa can resist severe wear and tear and is also incredibly simple to clean. 

    The convenience of the wooden sofa is also valued, as is its capacity to support the back and ensure proper posture when sitting. A brown hardwood 3 seater sofa set will provide an earthy tone to your luxurious living space. 

  • 3 seater Metal Sofa
  • Metal sofas complement the elegant space in your bedroom. Three seater metal sofas are perfect for a large bedroom offering extra space around the balcony-attached bedroom. Have a cup of coffee, a novel for that bibliophile in you, and wait for the sunshine to start your day on your classic 3 seater metal sofa.

  • 3 seater Office Sofa
  • Office sofas should take the place of the plastic chairs and stools in your workspace. Customers and employees will feel comfortable sitting on 3-seater sofas. Buy a sleek, three-seater office sofa made of light-colored leather, and pair it with contemporary lighting.

    One more reason to buy a 3 seater office sofa is because you need to maintain productivity in your office to work for long hours. Especially when you have to work late, uncomfortable office seating will only set the procrastination in. Treat your professional workspace with stylish professional office sofas. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a couch with 3 seats called? 
  • A couch with 3 seats is called a three-seater sofa which can fit three people. They are also called Chesterfield Couch because of their design and back support and the ability to fit more than one person on the couch. 

  • What is the price of a three-seater sofa?
  • The three seater sofa price begins from 20,000 and can reach upto 50,000 to 1,00,000 INR. It depends upon the quality of the sofa and the size you're buying for your living room/drawing room. 

  • How long is a couch that seats 3 people? 
  • The length of a sofa depends upon the number of adjoint seats. The typical length of a three-seater sofa is approximately 212cm which comforts almost all spaces in an average-sized living room. 

  • Which sofa is best for a small living room? 
  • A typical loveseat accommodating two people on the couch is the ideal choice for a small living room. Even sectional sofas under 100 inches would surprisingly match the interiors and create a warming ambience in the living room. 

  • How do I choose the right sofa? 
  • Know your taste, design, patterns, and size of the living room. Don’t buy large sofas if you have a compact space in the living room as it would take away the charm of your interior. While design is important, comfort should be your priority. Go for a comfy sofa with optimum height and vibrant colours to match your aesthetic interiors. 

  • What size is a standard 3 seater sofa?
  • The size of a three-seater sofa is determined by its width, depth, and height. Such a sofa typically has a height of 34 inches, a width of 76 inches, and a depth of 32 inches. 

  • Why do 3 seater sofas only have 2 cushions?
  • Because you don’t want to clutter your sofa and living room with just cushions. Too many cushions on a 2-seater or a 3-seater sofa will make it less comfy and unwelcoming for guests and visitors.