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A dressing table is a need for your bedroom for those stylish mirror selfies and doing a fit check after wearing your favourite clothing. The dressing table doubles as a storage area for all of your accessories, so there's no need to leave sunscreen, moisturisers, and cosmetics strewn around on the mattress or bedside stool.

A standing mirror can be replaced with a mirror affixed to a dressing table, saving you from having to buy another item. It also has the additional benefit of reducing floor space, which is wonderful for a smaller bedroom.

It is your sign to purchase a dressing table if you frequently find yourself searching for lost cosmetics or styling products and complaining that you have nowhere to check your clothing for the day. If you utilise this piece of furniture's several drawers and cabinets to store your possessions effectively, you'll never have to disturb the decor of the bedroom for your special cosmetics and go-to lipstick. 

It's one of those pieces of furniture that generally makes life easier. The styles you choose for your home will depend on the purpose of the dressing table and the amount of available space.  

Things to Consider Before Buying a Dressing Table

Well, it’s undeniable that a dressing table is an important piece of furniture for your bedroom. But buying any piece of furniture can be a little tricky if we are unaware of the things that we need to keep in mind. Let’s see what factors we have in the top drawer of our dressing table. 

  • Placement 
  • Undoubtedly, a dressing table's placement is equally as important as other factors. Thankfully, the dressing table is a generally straightforward, well-made item that, depending on your preferences, would look equally at home in a larger bathroom as it would in a bedroom or a separate dressing room.

    A family room, living room, or even a modest home office would look great with some designs because they are so understated! Since your dressing table is a substantial piece of furniture, it is important to think about where to place it in relation to the other furnishings and decorations in your house. 

  • Ideal Size
  • Any furniture that is the wrong size, no matter how big or small, can affect the appeal of your home. The size of your bedroom and the optimal spot for your dressing table should both be considered.

    We are confident that you will find a vanity that you not only admire but also fits into any room in your home if you are careful about the size. If you are purchasing a dressing table or any other furniture online, it is extremely important to carefully measure the space. 

  • Suitable Material 
  • Material is one of the most important factors to take into account when choosing a dressing table. Making a decision should take into account the material of the vanity dressing table in addition to its design. 

    Traditionally, the majority of dressing tables were constructed from hardwood and polished or coloured to provide a particular finish or appearance. The modern trends in furniture show that glass and metal dressing tables have also been the focal point of the bedroom. 

  • Matching with Interiors
  • When you view any piece of furniture, what design first captures your attention? Would a glass dressing table go with the bedroom's theme?  Would a wooden dressing table make a great addition to your bedroom?  Knowing the answers to these questions is essential since your dressing table is a key piece of furniture that should exactly complement the style and concept of your bedroom.

    There are a variety of dressing tables to choose from. Due to the variety of colours, finishes, and exterior decorations, there is a table to match your current decor. However, decorating is largely influenced by personal taste, so pick a style you enjoy and make it your own! 

  • Storage
  • A dressing table with drawers is a necessity if storage is your top priority. The mix of drawers and cabinets seen in bigger dressing tables also enables you to segregate delicate items from larger ones like handbags or wallets. There is nothing like a dressing table with shelves if you are an aficionado of cologne or cosmetics and would like to flaunt them in all their grandeur. 

    Create an eye-catching display by arranging rows of elegant perfumes, delicate makeup, and more. Additionally, these storage dressing tables can compensate for smaller wardrobes.

  • Seating
  • A dressing table with a stool is the best option for seating. However, a chair is a more comfortable choice if you want something with a supportive backrest. If there isn't room for an armchair to go around your vanity, you might utilise hardwood benches to provide a more sophisticated seating option.

  • Mirror
  • A medium-sized mirror will do if you're interested in cosmetics and require a mirror that can give you a close-up image of your face. Choose a full-length mirror if you want to do a fit check of your attire before leaving the house. To see everything, the mirror must be pristine and crystal clear.

    Why Do You Need a Dressing Table with a Mirror? 

  • It Blends Well With Other Furniture
  • A dressing table is essential if you are a skincare aficionado or someone who documents their outfits every day. Before leaving to go anywhere, we all do a self-check. The way we dress says a lot about our personalities whether we're going to a party or just out on the town. 

    Some people simply enjoy looking in the mirror at themselves because it gives them confidence each morning as they get dressed and get ready to face the day. Face-to-face interaction with our reflection in a mirror is one of the most significant ways we communicate with ourselves.

  • Focal Point of your Bedroom 
  • There’s no denying that every once in a while, we take a look at ourselves in the mirror. Dressing units are one of the most important pieces of furniture for a bedroom. With a vast collection of our contemporary and vintage solid wood designs, your dressing table may just become the focal point of your bedroom. 

  • Elevating the Interiors
  • Your bedroom or dressing area will be more cohesive and luxurious after the addition of a stunning dressing table. A chic dressing table in your bedroom or dressing room will improve the look of your plain and uninteresting décor. 

    How effective a dressing table can be is shown by the way a mirror on it reflects the entirety of your room. Without a doubt, a dressing table adds style to your house.

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    Popular Dressing Table Designs at Fabuliv

    Check out some of our top-selling dressing tables that may just be the perfect addition to your bedroom or dressing room. 

  • Felice Solid Wood Dressing Table 

  • Dravidian Hand Carved Solid Wood Dressing Table 

  • Athens Hand Painted Solid Wood Dressing Table 

  • Frediano Solid Wood Dressing Table 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Where should my dressing table be placed?
  • One of the most typical places for your dressing table is next to your bed. To minimise space in your bedroom, you may also install built-in dressing tables inside the wardrobe. 

  • What is the best material for a dressing table? 
  • Regarding materials for dressing tables, there are no restrictions. Though, solid wood is the most fashionable and durable material for a dressing table. 

  • How to style a dressing table? 
  • You can use anything that makes you happy to adorn your dressing tables, such as picture frames, candles, mirrors, and mementos. One of the most popular styling ideas for dressing tables is to place candelabras on either side of them, especially if you love the vintage style of your home.

  • How to select the best dressing table for your home? 
  • There are several things to think about when choosing a dressing table, including its design, size, material, and ideal location in the bedroom. You may choose the ideal dressing table for your bedroom by taking these factors into consideration.

  • What is the standard height of a dressing table? 
  • The standard height of a dressing table is usually in the range of 29-33 inches. You may pick a dressing table of this height so your dressing stool perfectly aligns with the dressing table in your bedroom.