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Every home has to have serving trays as standard serveware. They are adaptable practical items that add purpose and style to your home. Trays can be used as a serving tray for dinner, a stylish glass holder, and even serve as a chic centre table centrepiece for your home.  Trays are perfect for use as food trays because of their exquisite style and lovely designs.

Trays can be used to serve desserts, snacks, and drinks. Set it up as a decor element on the coffee table and dining table with a glass vase, utensils, and other useful items to make a lovely arrangement. Browse through Fabuliv’s exquisite collection of serving trays and serve in style! 

You need to portray yourself well for your love of organising family events and dinner parties.  Almost everything can be presented on a tray. They can accommodate a variety of foods and beverages. Serving food is an art and with Fabuliv's amazing collection of wooden serving trays, light up the artist in you and serve food like a PRO!  These trays are a need for the modern home and eating area thanks to features like simple usage and cleaning. 

Fabuliv’s Exquisite Collection of Trays 

The serving trays for dining tables are made to meet the demands of every person, regardless of size, shape, or the number of pieces in the set. In order to serve your dinner correctly, Fabuliv provides you with the most extensive selection of these tableware pieces.

View the various serving trays that Fabuliv offers:

  • Decorative Serving Trays 
  • For the love of decorative elements in your home, Fabuliv's collection of decorative serving trays has got you covered. Our serving trays are available in different sizes and designs to suit all your preferences and taste. FABULIV Jardin Decorative Tray and Teal Serving Tray would be some of the fine choices for your decorative demands! 

  • Printed Serving Trays
  • People favour wooden serving trays with printed designs because of their elegance and charm.  You can then serve the cuisine in the trendiest manner. Your decor collection is made charming by the printed designs on the trays' bases and in their centres! Some of the most popular printed serving trays available online are Fabuliv's Paris Serving Trays and Bear-patterned serving trays. 

  • Serving Trays with Various Shapes
  • Choose from the trays that are offered on our website in a variety of shapes if you want a wooden serving tray to welcome guests in a special way. Fabuliv has every style and shape that suits your tastes and requirements.

    Why Should You Buy Trays from Fabuliv? 

    Customers always receive something extra from Fabuliv, which simplifies the purchasing process. Fabuliv serves its customers with additional benefits on its serving trays.  One of the key benefits is the robust and enduring nature of our extensive line of furniture products.

    Made from high-quality hardwoods like Mango and Sheesham, it will last you many years and have a beautiful appearance. We give you the option to customise your furniture in accordance with your tastes. In addition, you may add luxury to your house at reasonable prices thanks to our significant and attractive discounts. 

    Unique Serving Trays By Fabuliv: People’s Choice in 2022

  • Paris Turquoise Distress Tray 

  • Simple Distress White/Green Tray

  • Paris White Distress Tray 

  • FABULIV Jardin Decorative Tray Vintage Red

  • Set of 3 Wooden Serving Trays 

  • Teal Serving Tray 

  • Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Why are serving trays important? 
  • Serving trays are crucial since you can quickly and gracefully move multiple dishes from the kitchen to the table with their support. You may also use modern serving trays as decorative stands for various trinkets and other decorative items because they are so attractive and vivid.

  • How to clean a serving tray? 
  • With a soft damp cloth, prefer using a lemon dishwashing liquid to gently clean your hardwood serving tray. After you're done, leave it somewhere where it can dry out and then store it back in your kitchen cabinet. 

  • How to buy the perfect serving tray? 
  • Keep in mind the various factors such as design, style, purpose, and size of the serving tray. The intended purpose of your serving tray will help you decide the ideal size for your tray. Get elegant designs that match the decor style of your home and host parties like a pro! 

  • Should I buy platter trays for my home? 
  • Yes, you should! A platter tray is just a sizable serving tray that is used to serve food and appetisers. You could keep your food warm for hours in these large trays. Platters may be used for both practical and adornment purposes. They can be used to serve desserts, bread, chapatis, and a variety of other foods.