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Buy Quirky Home Decor Items Online at Best Price in India

Home decor items are critical features in creating a well-designed home. In India, Fabuliv offers a selection of home decor items online that can adorn your space with charm. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the perfect home décor items could transform your boring space into a magnificent house. 

Items for home design can significantly improve the mood of the space. It aids you in every situation, whether you want to offer practicality to the home through fashionable utility boxes or add aesthetics through curtains and embroidered cushions. 

Put stylish home decor in your house and wait for the guests to roll their eyes while they fall in love with the designs. Decorate your entire home, from the floor to the walls and the ceiling, with the finest furniture and accessories available from Fabuliv.

Fabuliv features the most distinctive selection of home décor items meticulously chosen to suit every taste in furnishings, decor, and space design. Our uniqueness and elaborate designs are what set our home decor apart. We offer a wide variety of products for every room in your house, whether it's your living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Home Decor Online

Without some elegant & well-arranged home décor to embellish it, a house isn't complete. Home décor is the most important part of enhancing the design of your home, including elegant furniture, wall art, clocks, and mirrors. Durability is ensured by using the best wood, and the numerous finish options for these bedroom design items make them shine even more. Although there are many aspects to bear in mind when buying home decor goods, such as style, design, etc., the following are the main considerations: -

  • Ideal Size

  • Suitable Material

  • Variety of Shapes

  • Matching the other decor items

  • Coordination with the style and theme

  • Available Space

  • Types of Home Decor Available at Fabuliv

    At Fabuliv, there is a tonne of different decor options available for you to select from. You may add flair to your home by combining our one-of-a-kind collection of inexpensive home decoration products from India, which includes a vast range of wooden boxes, trinket boxes, organisers, jewellery boxes, and many other home decoration items. 

    You can choose things that will go well with your house whether you're setting up your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or bathroom. Here are some decorating suggestions you might want to consider: 

    Decor For Bedroom 

    Bedroom design can be a difficult task since, if done incorrectly, it might interfere with your ability to sleep and get dressed. A variety of bedroom furniture options and side table accents are available from Fabuliv to glam up your bedroom space. The home is greatly impacted by every bedroom décor item offered online in India at Fabuliv. 

    Decor for Living Room

    Luxurious décor, including organisers, wooden and trinket boxes, ornamental globes, as well as a range of cabinets and other living room decor items, can be used to liven up your living room. The most distinctive designs and home décor items are available from Fabuliv, which you can use to brighten the entire space by setting them on the console table in the living room or placing them in the centre of your coffee or centre table. 

    Decor for Kitchen

    To decorate your kitchen, peruse a sumptuous assortment of household items at Fabuliv. You can choose from products such as utility holders, wooden boxes, kitchen organisers, and decorative bottles that would spruce up your kitchen area.   To give your kitchen a stylish appearance, decorate it with soft lighting and straightforward wall hangings.

    Why Should You Buy Home Decor Items from Fabuliv? 

    Fabuliv offers a wide range of luxury curios accessories online at the best prices. While there are many retail stores and websites offering home decor products, you would certainly want to purchase luxury from trusted sources and at the best prices. Don’t worry, Fabuliv has got you covered! 

    From table decor to living room decor, Fabuliv has an extensive selection of quirky home decor items that would embellish your home. Home decor items make a house more lovely and appealing. When it comes to purchasing items for your home, Fabuliv has so many possibilities that you will be spoiled for choice. At Fabuliv, we strive to give your home the perfect look. Along with offering a plethora of options, we also provide a number of additional benefits.

    Supreme Quality 

    Fabuliv's online home décor store offers high-quality materials in every form, whether it be for wall decor or home furnishings. We guarantee the durability of our products using high-quality materials and supreme-quality of wood. 

    Numerous Discounts and Offers

    Fabuliv offers a wide range of discounts, deals, and promotions for every event and time of year. Our 25% discount coupons and 40% off on all of our home decor items will not burn a hole in your pocket and make your investment worthwhile. 


    Fabuliv also provides a personalised order service whereby products are built to your precise requirements. If you want extra hues, patterns, or anything else added to the furniture, we can personally customise your order! 

    Unique Home Decor Items Offered By Fabuliv 

  • Decorative Globes 
  • Trinket Boxes
  • Wooden Boxes with Mirrors
  • Unique Jewellery Organisers
  • Vintage Wood Table Clock
  • Antique Copper Decorative Bottle
  • Utility Boxes 

  • Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How Should I Choose Colors For My Home Decor?
  • Home décor is influenced by things like the wall paint, the patterns, and the colours used. The colour scheme and tones used to furnish your home must be taken into consideration while choosing home décor.

  • How to style my home on a low budget? 
  • Consider the type of decoration you desire. Do you want your property to have a modern or vintage theme? After that, think about your budget proposal. You may find anything you need for your kitchen, living room, or bedroom at Fabuliv. Curios furniture piques your interest in a piece of design, and our collection of unique home accents will draw all eyes to your home.

  • How Can I Choose the Right Interior Decor Items for My House?
  • Select the areas of your house that should stand out. Whether you're looking to style up your living room or the entire house, it's important to consider the decor theme of the surrounding area. The decor items should match the aesthetics of your home. Think about both your style and your budget. If you want your entire house to stand out, be sure to do so elegantly. For example, choose a table clock to put next to your sofa in the living room and avoid overcrowding it with other furniture.