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Discover the ideal coffee table or centre table to attract compliments.

When you enter a living room, whether it is your own or someone else's, what is it that immediately grabs your attention? It is the centre table, whether intentionally or accidentally. The centre table, sometimes referred to as the coffee table, is positioned in the middle of your living room. It can completely spoil the effect you're trying to achieve if it's out of character with the rest of the decor or is not aesthetically acceptable. The coffee table can serve a variety of functions in your living area, including a centre table for snacks, coffee, or reading. It also enhances the aesthetic and functionality of the space. It's crucial to pay attention to décor placement of your coffee table or center table to add some glitz to your space.

Points to Consider before buy Coffee table online or buy Centre table online 


Although the primary use of a solid wood coffee table is to provide a convenient tabletop for people sitting around the sofa, but is not restricted to the same. Some coffee tables have an option for storage in them, making them not just an aesthetic piece of furniture but a functional piece as well. Coffee tables with storage allow you to organise your otherwise messy corners in the living room where you can store stuff like books, electronic gadgets etc. Some coffee tables come with compartments or drawers beneath the tabletop, while others may include a simple shelf solution . 


Coffee table online today are available in many different shapes to suit different needs. One may choose from Rectangular coffee table, square coffee table, Round coffee table, oval coffee table or  abstract or organic coffee table. 

Rectangular coffee tables fit well with most of the sofas seen in our homes today. They provide more surface area for people sitting around the sofa.

For square coffee tables we recommend using two square coffee tables side-by-side rather than just one if the seating area is big. One square coffee table would look too small and awkward. 

If you want some style elevation in your space, then opt for a round coffee table. If you have kids in home is the best bet to opt for Round Coffee Tables as they are truly a kid friendly choice.

Another alternate option for homes with kids around is an oval-shaped coffee table. It’s obviously a better option for larger areas as it provides more surface area as compared to round coffee table.



 While considering the height of the coffee table one must consider not to exceed the limit of 2.5-3.5 inches below or above the seating height of the sofa. The closer, the better, it won’t be as functional to use if it’s too tall or too short and would not stand right aesthetically as well.


Price is an important factor for consideration while choosing a new furniture piece. Today a lot of options are available online to match everybody’s taste and budget. It’s not always necessary that you need to spend a fortune to match your taste. 

Different Types of Center Table & Coffee Table Available at Fabuliv

Solid Wood Coffee Table

One can bet on buying a solid wood coffee table in natural tones of wood without any doubt in mind. Not only does it add elegance to any space but would gracefully age with time bringing more and more charm. It’s timeless design would never go out of style. Mango wood coffee table is also a great choice for those who believe in believe in sustainable living as Mango wood is the most sustainable wood to be used for furniture.

Hand Painted Coffee Tables

For those of you who have a keen eye for art, our Hand painted Coffee tables are a must addition to your living rooms. They are sure to catch attention of your guests and promise to bring in compliments for a great taste. They effortlessly fit well with most of the interior styles while elevating the style quotient of any space.

Hand Carved Designer Centre Table

Soaked in Craftsmanship our hand carved wooden coffee table will not only add grace to your living area but would thank you for being conscious buyers of craft. Buying these will constantly make you feel proud for supporting the dyeing Indian Arts and the Artisans community. They come with excellent craftsmanship and in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Each of our hand carved coffee tables is unique with an amazing blend of vintage colors and wooden grains. Designed by some of the finest designers from our team these designer coffee tables are sure elevate the look of your living room.

Wooden Coffee Table

Nothing can beat the grace added by a simple sold wooden rectangular coffee table. They effortlessly fit well with almost any furniture or interior style. Simple yet strong they last for years and do not need any extra pampering when compared to delicate glass or stone tables.

Rectangular Coffee Table

With regular sofas or sofas with a chaise for additional length, rectangular coffee tables look best. Additionally, they are excellent space savers and give you enough clearance to easily move around the area. Additionally, they offer more surface area than square coffee tables, which is beneficial if your living area is limited in space for a floral arrangement or a place to set your beverages down.


Round Coffee Table

The greatest coffee tables for small living spaces are those that are round. When selected in accordance with the interiors, the wooden round centre table transforms into a spectacular focus point for the living. Therefore, Fabuliv is here with the gorgeous round coffee table designs online that are skilfully designed for a variety of interiors, putting an end to your quest. With the round wooden coffee tables, which are made of superior, long-lasting solid hardwood, you may improve the aesthetics of your living area and give it a focal point look.

Square coffee table

If you have a large sofa, an armchair, and a few ottomans, or if your living area is generally filled with a variety of furniture pieces. The benefits of square coffee tables in this situation include the fact that they are

  1. a) easily accessible from all sides and b) take up much less room than their larger, rectangular counterparts. A square coffee table will go very well with the "L form," especially if you have a sectional sofa. You can make their corners line up, and everything will appear organised

Storage Coffee Table

Most homes suffer from the annoying design killer of clutter. Thankfully, multifunctional pieces of furniture like coffee tables with storage are ideal for keeping remote controls away from couch cushions and freeing up tabletop space. Storage Coffee tables encourage order and conceal clutter so that your room seems tidy and organised and so that you have a better chance of finding things when you need them. Do these claims seem to be untrue? Things improve! A wide range of styles and pricing points are available for storage coffee tables, making them ideal for any home. You can only discover the greatest storage coffee table online at Fabuliv.

Why to consider Fabuliv for buy coffee table or buy centre table?

Fabuliv offers a vast collection of Artisan made coffee tables in various sizes, shapes, and colours. We believe in putting our people and planet first, hence we use sustainable traditional methods of handicraft for crafting beautiful wooden coffee tables made out of sustainable mango wood. In order to develop products that match the current modern interior needs we go an extra mile to produce unique designs that are hard to find elsewhere. We offer coffee tables in various colours and vintage finishes fused well with wooden textures for you to choose from. Apart from this vast range of coffee tables we also provide many other services such as


Being Manufacturers of all products seen on our website we extend our services to customise furniture products for our clients. You may choose to customise your coffee table to suit your style and preference in terms of shape, size and finish.

Fabuliv offers exciting discount offers for it’s customers to enjoy shopping.

Customer Support

We go an extra mile to help our customers with their queries. Our support staff makes sure to deliver the best to their capacity for customer satisfaction. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which wooden centre table would go best with a beige colored sofa?

Beige is a soft, neutral shade that blends well with a plethora of color schemes. A beige couch pairs effortlessly well with almost all interiors. For Most of the living rooms, solid wood coffee tables complement a beige sofa really well, but for modern homes, consider tables with a little color added on wood. A lot of hand painted wooden coffee tables are available at A mix of black metal and natural wood also goes great with a beige couch.

Which coffee table goes best with a grey couch?

Grey couches have been the in thing for ages as they easily blend well with modern or traditional interiors. Therefore it’s not a difficult task to choose a coffee table that goes best with with a grey couch. Grey being a neutral shade instantly lifts up any space while adding grace to it. When pooled with a solid wood coffee table in natural tones will create a soft ambience in your living room without hampering the harmony created by grey.

Which coffee table pairs best with a leather sofa?

 Wooden coffee tables pair exceptionally well with tan or brown leather sofa as blending wood and leather adds a vintage charm to any space. Additionally this combination is trending yet timeless.

What is the standard height of a coffee table?

Average standard height of a coffee table should be between 16 and 18 inches but may vary as per your requirements.

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