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Buy Stylish Table Lamps Online at Best Price in India

Your home's appearance can be completely transformed by a table lamp. Any corner of your home will seem aesthetically pleasing when it is lit up with stylish table lamps. You could buy the best quality table lamps online at Fabuliv at the best prices. Our exquisite range of table lamp designs will melt your heart right away and brighten up every corner of your space. 

For bookworms who spend a lot of time reading and studying, a table lamp is one of the best solutions for minimal and aesthetic lighting. Night lamps are one of the most useful and cost-effective replacements for traditional light bulbs when you're reading your favourite book in bed. You don't even need to get out of bed to turn it on and off.

To prevent eye strain, a table lamp is made to provide light for your work area. A decent table lamp can improve your mood and boost productivity. You may improve the appearance of your rooms and make them work with virtually any contemporary design by selecting minimalist table lamps.

The Benefits of Table Lamps You Didn’t Know

  • Suitable Size 
  • You may put it on your bedside table without taking up a lot of room because of its simple design and handy size. You can choose an appropriate table lamp size & structure from a selection of lamps offered at Fabuliv for your bedrooms, such as study lamps, office lamps, and more! 

  • Brilliance of Designs 
  • The bedside table lamp is an easy way to add a sense of distinction and refinement to your design. These lights may provide a statement of elegance and elevate interior design even in a plain room. 

    There are several such table lamps at Fabuliv that provide beauty to the home with its gentle and tranquil forging. Designs of table lamps add brilliance with their presence, whether it's for tucking in at night or having a snack in the evening.

  • Read and Work in Style
  • For frequent readers and late-night workers, a table lamp is the finest lighting option. Without turning on a massive tubelight that can wake you up from your deep sleep or disturb your roommate or lover, you are free to read and work as long as you want.  A table lamp guarantees a clear view and minimal strain on your eyes by providing an adeptly light flow.

    How to Buy the Perfect Table Lamp? 

    The ideal table lamp must be chosen because it will contribute significantly to the interior design of your home and offer adequate lighting. There are a few things to consider before purchasing every piece of decor. Let's see what factors are hidden inside this table lamp.  

    Placement of the Table Lamp

    Clarify the purpose of the table lamp. Your table lamp will enhance the mood of the room with its lovely lighting, therefore it's crucial to find the right location for it. Locating your table lamps in different parts of the house is always ideal.

    The nightstand in your bedroom is the perfect place to position your table lamp. Similarly, the study table needs ample lighting to study and work effectively without straining our eyes. 

    Ideal Height and Measurements

    When it comes to interior design, the height of the table lamp is a crucial element to consider.  You should always abide by the eye level rule when buying a table lamp for your home to stop the light from shining directly into your eyes.

     An unattractive table lamp at the wrong height would only add to the clutter in the living room. For instance, if you're styling your table lamp on a bedside table, make sure you get a table lamp that doesn't overshadow the size and design of the table. Therefore, always take a measurement from the surface before making a purchase to make sure the bulb is in the line of sight.

    Colors Should Complement the Interiors

    Colors do have a big influence. A dark table lamp will unquestionably look bad on a dark background. A contrast of bright and dark would be great for your living space. For instance, the dark hue of your lamp would complement a background with a light theme.

    You can experiment with unusual combos as well. Since it should match the colour of your space and the other furniture in the room, the base colour of the table lamp is also crucial. 

    The Perfect Shape 

    The shape of your table lamp could also play a major role in defining your interiors and the illumination of your space.  For instance, shades with large top and bottom openings will reflect the most light from their light source both up and down.

    These table lamps are great for your home because they control the overall illumination in the area. A study table lamp would have a specific shape and lighting potential which couldn't be used to illuminate the living room and vice-versa. Cylindrical table lamps are currently one of the trending designs in 2022 which can be a great addition to your living room beside your TV unit! 

    Various Styles and Designs 

    Determine the decor and theme for each area and corner. We don't want table lamps in the same style in the majority of the rooms in your house. Based on how it is decorated, every space has specific needs. Your bedroom's design can improve general illumination and provide a cosy glow for studying.

    The structure of the table lamp also has a major impact. There are numerous styles to choose from. A table lamp is just as important as any other piece of furniture and if you intend to bring one into your home, make sure it marks its presence around every corner of your home.  If the design and style are carefully considered, the entire appearance of the house will be substantially improved.

    What Are The Types of Table Lamps Available Online?

    Purchasing furniture online means purchasing the best design and style from a sea full of furniture. You could buy the ultimate and personal favourite table lamps online. Fabuliv offers great deals and discounts on never-seen-before designs of table lamps. Let’s see the different types of table lamps that you could purchase online. 

  • Wooden Table Lamps

  • Metal Table Lamps 

  • Fabric Table Lamps

  • Ceramic Table Lamps 

  • Bamboo Table Lamps

  • Plastic Table Lamps

  • Torchiere Table Lamps 

  • Study Table Lamps 

  • Why Choose Fabuliv for Buying Stylish Table Lamps? 

    In the times of cut-throat competition, Fabuliv has been striving to provide the best luxury furniture at competitive prices. Fabuliv is changing the current scenario of luxurious furniture by offering luxurious designs at the most affordable rates. Our exquisite range of table lamps are made to steal your heart away and set the luxurious mood in your home. 

    It's important to get the finest furniture and home décor for your bedroom if you want it to make you feel comfortable and last for a long time. In light of this, the following justifies choosing Fabuliv while looking for table lamps for your bedroom: 

  • Designs for All 
  • To ensure that no customer leaves our store empty-handed, we offer an extensive and exclusive selection of table tops, other décor items, and furniture pieces. There's a perfect design for everyone and the ideal table lamp that you're looking for, Fabuliv will always strive to provide you with the best deals. 

  • Budget-Friendly Fabuliv
  • You could always expect huge discounts and great deals from Fabuliv on the finest of furniture but you could never see us compromising the quality of the furniture. Fabuliv focuses on providing the finest of furniture at budget-friendly prices so there’s one perfect furniture for all at our website. 

  • Fine Material for Table Lamps
  • We create the most distinctive and cutting-edge table lamps on the market by utilising long-lasting lighting and robust materials. Our products are built to last and keep their allure for a long time. 

  • Exceptional Discounts & Offers
  • Huge discounts on luxurious furniture are always a complimentary gift when you shop from Fabuliv. At such prices, it is hard to find furniture of finest quality but it's a piece of cake when you're just a few clicks away from Fabuliv!

    Frequently Asked Questions - Table Lamps 

  • Where could I style my table lamp at home? 
  • An electric table lamp is a small lamp that is used to light up a table or other piece of furniture. A table lamp may enhance your eating experience by being placed next to your dining table. 

    It can also be a great addition to your bedside table in the bedroom, study table in your home office or study area, and end tables next to your sofas.

  • What is the standard height of a table lamp?
  • Keep in mind the dimensions of your table where you wish to place it. The standard height of a table lamp is considered to be in the range of 30-36 inches. A table lamp for your bedside table should not be more than 30-32 inches but it could also vary depending upon the size of the table. Whereas, the size could also increase up to 36 inches if you intend to place them in the living room. 

  • What kind of table lamp should I purchase?
  • Take into account the reasons behind your purchase of the table lamp. The most crucial thing is to spend money on a lamp that looks good in your house and benefits your wellbeing. For example, an excessively bright table light may not be appropriate for your bedside table but may brighten your study table for effective working and reading. 

  • Where can I buy the best designs for table lamps? 
  • Fabuliv is your one-stop destination for all your furniture needs. You could buy from an extensive selection of exquisite table lamp designs at the most affordable prices. We design our products with care and fine craftsmanship. Fabuliv’s discount offers and deals will make your furniture buying a lovely journey!