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Buy End Tables Online to Uplift your Living Room

End tables are one of the most underrated pieces of furniture for the living room. Whenever it comes to buying furniture for your living room, we don’t go beyond sofas and centre tables. End tables are often regarded as decorative tables that you could simply place beside your sofa. 

They are typically compact and can serve as lovely tables to create a cosy feeling of home, extra storage, or a table to hold dishes, plants, and other goods. They are useful and considerably raise the allure and beauty of our surroundings.

Any boring space can feel more comfortable with the addition of a side table. Those photo frames should have a special spot because they contain all those priceless moments you shared with your family, friends, and spouse. Any living space in a house is made charming by them.

These tables offer more than just a pretty smooth surface; they also have sliding compartments and drawers for storing your daily necessities. As your guests get drawn to the new end table you acquired for your living area, create an everlasting display to them. 

Things to Do Before Buying End Tables Online

End tables are available in a large range of colours, materials, styles, and sizes. If the end tables are identical on both sides of the sofa, the space will appear more organised and symmetrical.

However, side tables do not have to match. Introducing a few slightly distinctive tables can give a room some much-needed variety and excitement. We'll go over some considerations to make before getting the best end table for your home right now. Keep on till the end; it might be useful later.

  • Pick out the Perfect Shape 
  • We have a variety of possibilities for end tables because they come in a variety of shapes, from the traditional rectangle or square-shaped ones to the modern unique ones. Depending on how much space you have in your living room or bedroom, decide what shape would be best for your home.

    For compact living rooms, we prefer going for round end tables since square ones can be edgy and take up more space than round ones. Looking for the perfect shape for your end table? Head on to Fabuliv and find what you’re looking for!

  • Keep in Mind The Right Dimensions 
  • Adding end tables to your living room and bedroom may be quite beneficial, but first, you must select the right size table. End tables are smaller than console and coffee tables and are typically used to hold small items.

    When selecting an end table, height should be given more consideration. From where you are sitting, it should be high enough for you to easily reach the items. 

  • Space Available in the Living Room 
  • The amount of space you have in your living room or bedroom is one of the most crucial aspects to take into account. Make sure there is enough space between the closet and the end table if you're installing the bedside table in a tiny bedroom.

    To prevent the end table from clogging up your living room area, if you're considering putting it in the living room, be aware of the space that is accessible next to the living room. 

  • Good Material Selection
  • Metal, glass, and hardwood are just a few of the materials that may be used to construct end tables. Various materials will also provide a range of visual sensations. Be mindful of the designated area theme while decorating your accent table so that it blends in with the decor. If your living room is done in a light theme, glass and metal make fantastic end tables.

    The materials are combined by the furniture builders to produce furniture with different textures. It's acceptable to occasionally try matching your style to the surroundings. Consider bringing a metal end table if, for example, you have a wooden coffee table. At Fabuliv, you can find an exquisite range of end tables with fine material selections at affordable prices! 

  • Budget-Friendly 
  • Never ignore your budget while purchasing any type of furniture for your home. Make sure you are aware of your financial capabilities before purchasing an end table for your bedroom because some of the material quality and styles that you admire might be a little out of your price range.

    Fabuliv makes sure that you get the best quality end tables at great prices. Shop fabulous furniture from Fabuliv and embrace your ambiance. 

  • Storage Options
  • The majority of people purchase a night table or an end table for their home due to the availability of adequate storage options. Due to their extreme practicality, side tables with drawers are among the most popular items of furniture for living rooms or study rooms. 

    A frequently disregarded extra feature of a table is the inclusion of drawers. An end table with storage not only offers a convenient location to store debris, but the straightforward addition of a fruit bowl or flower arrangement to the top also gives the space a very calm appeal.

    What are the Different Types of End Tables Available Online? 

    Now that we know how to buy the perfect end table for our bedroom or living room, it’s time to move on to some styles and designs for end tables online. Fabuliv offers a variety of designs and styles for end tables and makes sure that you get the best quality at great prices. Let’s see some of the designs available online: 

  • Solid Wood End Table 
  • A wooden side table is fantastic since it can accept such a wide range of styles. The plethora of wooden tables that are offered online includes lightweight, flexible end tables for a living room, a large bedroom cabinet with shelving, and plant racks. 

    We're confident that when you purchase at Fabuliv, you can't go wrong with wooden furniture, whether your taste tends toward clean lines or a more vintage design.

  • Glass Top End tables
  • Glass top tables are classically attractive pieces of furniture that add a touch of stylish richness to any household. Glass-topped end tables can appear magnificent when placed next to a plush, deep-hued sofa set with quilted upholstery and lots of cushions in a living room decorated in the retro style. A glass side table can also add elegance to a study or bedroom corner if it is placed in a well-lit area. 

  • Vintage Designed End Tables 
  • Wooden has always been the topmost choice when it comes to living room furniture. Vintage furniture inspired by bungalows and mansions has now made its way into modern homes. Rustic end tables with vintage designs and styles are currently ruling the furniture of modern homes. You can find an exquisite range of vintage end tables at affordable prices at Fabuliv. Shop Fabulous furniture from Fabuliv for Fabulous Living! 

  • Metal End Tables 
  • A metal accent table frequently has a functional form with few storage choices and portability. Metal tables are excellent for use both inside and outside since they are rust- and corrosion-resistant when exposed to the environment. Common materials used to make furniture include aluminium and stainless steel. A metallic side table looks fantastic in a modern living room. 

    Where to Place End Tables in your Home? 

    Though you’ve decided to buy an end table for your home, it’s important to understand the right placement position. Just like you can’t put the dining table in the bedroom and sofas in the kitchen, there are correct places to style your end table too. Let’s open the mystery!

  • End Table for Bedrooms 
  • One of those essential pieces of home furniture that more than speaks for itself is a nightstand or side table for the bedroom. Your end table will work as a bedside table for your bedroom and can improve your experience going to sleep by providing space for necessities like lamp bulbs, a glass of water, phones, and reading material. 

  • End table for Living Room
  • For good reason, side tables are frequently positioned in living rooms. An end table serves as the ideal surface to keep a variety of design items, such as planters or figurines, that give your living room its personality and charm. 

    It's a sensible approach to make the most of the available floor space. Like a coffee table or a low-to-the-ground shelf, a side table for the living room is not only a wise investment but also a decorative item that serves a practical purpose.

  • End Table for Dining Room and Kitchen
  • The practicality of a dining table set can be enhanced by placing an end table close to your kitchen, just like you have end tables for the living room. A smaller table in the dining room can appear to be a matching piece from the same set if you hunt for one with the same material as the dining table's top. A lovely crockery cabinet that serves as a side table for the dining area has glass doors and may store extra serving ware. 

    Why Should You Buy End Tables from Fabuliv? 

    What are you waiting for now that you are aware of the elegance and refinement end tables can bring to your home? You may purchase the most traditional and cutting-edge end tables at Fabuliv for the most reasonable prices, and you don't even need to saunter from store to store seeking the perfect side table!

    With our holiday sale, you may receive delivery of your preferred end table style at a significant discount. With our coupon code, you can buy luxury furniture at great deals during festive sale events without having to worry about the quality and customer support because they come with the furniture!

    Well, we thought simple words wouldn’t make their way to your heart so why don’t we go through some of the top best-selling end table designs at Fabuliv and let you decide for yourself? 

  • Ashley Barrel End Table 
  • Who doesn’t love the perfect combination of Mango Wood material and vintage designed end table? Ashley Barrel End Table is the perfect blend of mango wood durability, beautiful vintage design, and decent storage space for your newspapers, magazines, and tv remote. Style your favourite pot or keep your beautiful photo frames on this end table and uplift every corner of your living room! 

  • Ashley Chocolate End Table
  • The rich chocolate finish in an end table would look fabulous in your living room when you buy Ashley Chocolate End Table from Fabuliv. Not just the rich chocolate finish, but the strength of this end table is ensured because of the fine craftsmanship and hand finishing of our artisans. 

  • Richard Square End Table 
  • Are you the one looking for a stylish end table at an affordable price? Well, we have got just the perfect match for you. While you relax on your comfy sofa, place this end table beside your bed and rest your drink on the end table while you unwind and enjoy your movie night. 

    Don’t worry about durability, mango wood has got you covered. Our efficient customer support and exchange policies will make your online furniture shopping a seamless process. Shop Fabulous Furniture only from Fabuliv!  

    Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What height is ideal for end tables?
  • Your end table should be no more than two inches higher than the arm of your sofa. You'll need a shorter end table if your couch's arm is only 18 inches high (between 15-20 inches). Therefore, bigger couches need taller end tables. 

  • What characteristics should you consider when buying end tables?
  • What you want to put on your end table can help you decide what kind of end table you need.  As many end tables come with drawers, baskets, nooks, magazine trays, or racks for fast storage, they might be a useful addition. We adore decorating an end table with books, plants, lights, and photo frames!

  • What end table size do I require?
  • A good end table can range in height from 17 to 21 inches if the sofa arm is 20 inches tall. The optimal depth of an end table is typically considered to be equal to the depth of the sofa or chair it is positioned next to. At Fabuliv, end tables come in a variety of sizes. Sort your necessities, and place your order now! 

  • How may end tables be blended and matched?
  • Often, people are perplexed as to why mixing and matching are quickly becoming popular decorating styles. The traditional method for buying end tables is to have a matching set, ideally with a coffee or centre table to match. 

    This strategy is a straightforward design option that promotes harmony, tranquillity, and symmetry and doesn't complicate the decision-making process. 

  • How can I choose the best design for an end table? 
  • You could browse through a variety of designs and styles available at Fabuliv. Know your living room or bedroom and choose the design for your end table accordingly.