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If you're the type of person who frequently gets up in the middle of the night to get anything, you definitely need a bedside table in your bedroom. A side table near your bed can give you decent storage space for things like your water bottle, phone, medications, and chargers. 

Imagine having to walk to the kitchen for a glass of water in the middle of the night and stub your toe against the wall. Exactly, that’s how painful it can be if you don’t have a bedside table in your bedroom. A charging point beside your bed is an amazing feature in your bedroom only if you have a bedside table to place the phone on. 

It is an incredibly adaptable feature that serves as a spot for a reading lamp and even provides space for your potted plants. To keep all of your necessities in one place, a bedside table with a drawer is ideal. There are several bedside tables available online that you can select from when it comes to making your selection. 

Remember that you have many choices. Feel free to experiment and pick something that you are actually likely to use and love. Get a bedside table that comes with plenty of storage space and makes a great addition to your bedroom. You do not necessarily need to match your furniture perfectly to your bed. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Bedside Table Online

A bedside table is the best piece of furniture to include in your bedroom because it is among the most practical and easily accessible pieces. A bedside table conveniently stores all of your everyday necessities and more while being easy to access. Here are some important aspects to think about when purchasing a bedside table:- 

The Ideal Size

Would you choose two contemporary bedside tables or just one? What measurements might there be for the same? Depending on how the room is set up, two tables can make a lovely symmetry. You can choose two slender bedside table pieces for a medium-sized room. 

Two huge bedside tables can fit in large rooms and will match the size of the space as a whole. The height of the bedside table should allow you to readily access the items placed on the table.

Fine Material Choice

When it comes to selecting the material for bedside tables, nothing compares to the quality and aesthetic appeal of real wood. To name a few of the numerous varieties of sturdy and conventional hardwood materials: Sheesham, solid wood, and mango wood.

Whether you want a nightstand in a classic design or a modern design, the wooden material is something that is in a class by itself. When you shop at Fabuliv, you'll always receive the best materials that are durable, regardless of the design you select. We also provide discounts and fantastic deals as an added bonus. 

Aesthetic Colours and Finishing

Colour and finish are two of the most crucial factors when deciding how to finish your model. When purchasing bedside tables from Fabuliv, you have access to a wide range of colours and finishes. White gives off an airy, modern, minimalist vibe and helps a space feel bigger and brighter. 

If you want to make your bedside table look vintage, choose a somewhat brown colour. Keep in mind that as long as the colours are from the same family, the table's shade does not have to exactly match the other colours in the space.

Style Matters

There isn't always the luxury of space in homes. A little bedside table will do in a limited space. A tiny bedside table can have a fashionable, minimalist appearance and still be functional enough. 

Bedside tables shouldn't be the focal point of your bedroom if you're low on space as a rather bigger table with some matching design wouldn't make a very great addition to your bedroom. Upholstered nightstands would bring a lighter feel and make a great addition to your bedroom decor. 

Storage Needs

What items are you planning to keep and store on your bedside table? Additionally, bedside tables' top surface and extra storage space make it easy to organise your phones, eyewear, and other small items. It is therefore preferable to have a nightstand with adequate storage space so that you can swiftly store all of your necessities while having easy access to them. 

Why Choose Fabuliv for Bedside Tables and Nightstands? 

We keep all of our private and personal belongings in our bedrooms, from heirloom trinkets to something as simple as our clothes. As you read this, allow me to assure you that your quest for the ideal bedside table has led you here. The wonderful selection of nightstands and bedside tables from Fabuliv will give your bedroom a unique look. 

Fantastic designs are accompanied by great offers and discounts. We also provide discount coupons on top of the lower price as an added bonus. The benefits of shopping at Fabuliv include excellent customer service and unmatched quality. You are not required to constantly rummage through your bedroom hunting for items and charging your phones. 

The following benefits will tell you why you should choose Fabuliv for all your furniture needs: 

  • A bedside table is a terrific way to organise your space with our updated & stylish designs. At Fabuliv, you can get bedside tables with all storage needs and sizes.
  • A bedside table allows you to store a variety of everyday necessities, such as medicines, chargers, books, spectacles, stationery, etc., hidden away in your room without creating chaos or mess.
  • Our online store offers a variety of bedside tables in different sizes, modern styles, and fitted models for you to pick from. Suit yourself with a design that speaks to your heart and adds to the aesthetics of your bedroom. 
  • You can put a vase, picture frames, trinkets, and much more on the bedside table and with our aesthetically-pleasing designs, you can instantly improve the decor and aesthetics of the space. 

Our bedside tables are expertly crafted, the result of careful planning, and created in accordance with popular demand! Looking to purchase or renovate a home? Don't forget to look at Fabuliv if you're looking for expensive furnishings at a bargain.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is the standard height of a Bedside Table? 
  • The ideal height for your bedside table should be the same as or just 2 to 4 inches above your bed for the best appearance and practical use. This guarantees convenience and comfort while in bed.

  • What colour should I choose for my bedside table? 
  • You can choose a bedside table in a colour that works with your particular style and room design. You may get a bedside table at Fabuliv in classy shapes, hues, and designs that go with the aesthetic and design of your room.

  • Can I buy a bedside table for a small bedroom? 
  • You need not worry if your bedroom is quite small and cramped and you lack the space needed to install and utilise a large set. Choose just one little bedside table for either side of your bed if you don't have room for further furniture. Choose a style that complements your decor and provides lots of storage for all of your necessities.

  • How should my bedside table be styled or embellished?
  • The best way to express your particular style is through the design of your bedside table and the way you decorate your bedroom and its components. Bring your favourite picture frames, travel mementos, and elegant pots and vases, and arrange them on your nightstand.

  • Why should I buy my bedside table online?
  • You can make decisions for your home quickly when you buy furniture online, assuring that everything blends in and complements everything else! You'll have access to some of the most amazing designs and fashions that no other neighbourhood shop would carry. View some of the bedside table designs at Fabuliv, your one-stop shop for luxurious living.