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Buy Dining Tables Online in India at Best Prices 

The dining table has evolved into multipurpose household furniture. The dining area is not just limited to dining anymore. With work-from-home policies, the dining table has transformed into a business space, dining space, parties, gatherings, and even a place to have a moment of peace and happiness. 

Therefore, wooden dining table set designs are the talk of the house. Here at Fabuliv, we have a wide selection of stunning dining table designs online at the best prices. After a tough day at work, having dinner on your stylish dining table would take away all the stress of the work. A dining table is one of the most important elements of a dining set as it makes it whole! The wooden dining table is the focal point of any eating space and can give your ideal dining table set additional depth.

Just like you pick out the perfect bed for your bedroom, it’s equally important to pick the perfect dining table for your dining set. You should consider some of the factors that help you pick out the ideal furniture. Let’s see what factors would be served on this dining table. Let’s start our meal for today!

Things to do Before Purchasing a Dining Table

  • Know the Functionality 
  • The wooden dining table you select should not only be stylishly avant-garde but also meet all of your needs. The key decision here is whether you want to use the dining table set for formal gatherings or for regular uses like eating or your laptop space. 

    Your best bet is something durable and little upkeep if you plan to use it daily. It's a good idea to purchase a lightweight, foldable table if you are low on space for a dining table. 

  • Pick out the Ideal Size
  • Your dining table set's style and construction are important considerations because they complement your interior design. However, its size is also crucial. The size of your dining table should accommodate the number of family members in your house. 

    An eight-seater dining table would be the perfect choice if you have a big family or frequently host parties and gatherings in your home.  The wooden dining table must also have an adequate area to accommodate all the food and decorative components.

  • Match your Interiors 
  • Your dining table is the focal point of your dining area. It serves as one of the most important multifunctional pieces of furniture in your home. Choose the design and style that perfectly matches the interior of your home. If your dining area is closer to your living room, make sure it blends in well with the living room decor. 

  • The Perfect Material 
  • Your utilization will determine the material you choose for your dining table. Consider something durable and low maintenance if you intend to use the dining table every day. Durable materials are important for regular use as they would prevent the dining table from scratches and it would be easier to clean.   

    If you're looking for a stylish dining table set to make a statement for your home's decor, glass can be an option. Glass dining tables complement the majority of house decor. You could find a variety of materials for your dining tables at Fabuliv. We offer a vast range of luxury dining tables at pocket-friendly prices. 

  • Budget Planning
  • Buying a dining table can be expensive if you go for luxury designs and styles. Setting a budget for your dining table set would help you find the perfect furniture which suits your pocket! You’ll never regret buying a dining table that not only suits your home decor but also saves you money in your budget. 

    What are the Different Types of Dining Table Sets Available Online?

    You could choose from the best designs and shapes for dining table sets online at Fabuliv. The shape of your dining table determines the look of your dining room. Considering it to be an important element of your dining table, let’s see the different shapes of dining tables available online. 

  • Square tables 
  • A family of three or four people would be perfectly accommodated by a square dining table in their home.  By seating its guests within a cosy and close range of one another, it serves as a statement piece and gives a hint of intimacy. Additionally, it appears to fit a square-shaped dining room perfectly.

    Square dining tables are an ideal choice for small dining rooms. The equality of sides doesn't take up much space and brings a feeling of uniformity to your home. Check out some of the best square dining table designs at Fabuliv! 

  • Round Tables 
  • Any dining table set will look beautiful with a round table. Round dining tables would take up much less space in your home while serving as a statement piece in your home. If you're someone who works at their dining table or enjoys a glass of fine scotch on their dining table, the round ones provide the perfect aesthetics in your home. 

  • Rectangular Tables
  • Due to their straight form, rectangular dining table sets are portable and can accommodate a large number of guests. The greatest settings for a rectangular table are dining rooms with more space. At Fabuliv, you may find some of the best designs for rectangle dining tables. We do provide luxury furniture at reasonable prices, so don't be shocked by our prices. 

  • Oval Tables 
  • If you’d like to take an unconventional route for your dining table, oval-shaped dining tables would be a trendy choice for your dining set. A dining table set looks distinct with an oval table. Their snipped corners emanate a polished beauty that you won't find in square or rectangular table sets, despite having a similar structure. 

    Why Should you Buy Dining Tables Online at Fabuliv? 

    Due to the convenience of viewing dozens of styles and patterns from the warmth of your own home, purchasing a wooden dining table online might be a wise choice. You won't be able to examine such a large collection as Fabuliv gives even if you visit neighbourhood stores. 

    It is practical to check dining table prices on numerous websites while shopping online. Additionally, you frequently get greater offers and savings online. The top wooden dining table sets in India are offered by Fabuliv at affordable prices. Fabuliv is committed to offering high-end furniture at competitive pricing so that everyone can live luxuriously in their homes. 

    Fabuliv’s great discounts and festive coupons would save you a lot of money on dining tables. Wooden dining tables have always been the highlight of the dining room. With revolutionary designs and patterns, Fabuliv is changing the scenario of online furniture shopping.  

    Popular Wooden Dining Table Designs at Fabuliv for 2022

    Moving on, let’s show you some of the best wooden dining table designs available at Fabuliv that would melt your heart right away. Don’t miss out on such great pieces! 

    Gastone Solid Wood Six Seater Dining Table

    This dining table is crafted from genuine Sheesham wood and expertly hand-finished by artisans, providing the ideal balance of aesthetics and functionality. Choose the colour that best fits your theme from the two options for this dining table: Retro Blue and Teak. 

    Your dining space would benefit greatly from the addition of this six-person dining table. Check out Fabuliv's aesthetic selection of dining chairs and tables to enhance your dining area.

    Garance New Solid Wood Round Dining Table 

    Whether you live alone in your apartment or with your partner, this round dining table would be the perfect addition to your dining area. This Sheesham Wood beauty comes with the durability of solid wood and a design of perfection! Bring your romantic date home or plan a romantic evening with your partner and enjoy your fine wine at this beautiful dining table in style. 

    Enrico Solid Wood Four Seater Dining Table

    Square-shaped dining tables have always been the classic choice of people. This solid wood dining table offers a decent top storage surface to easily accommodate your dinnerware. Primarily made of Sheesham wood, this dining table comes with the strength and durability of solid wood while offering a beautiful sweet spot for a small family to dine and talk in peace and style. 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is the best dining table material for my home? 
  • Depending on how you use it, a dining table's suitable material will vary. If you use the table frequently, a strong wood table will be a fantastic choice. However, a glass-topped table can also be a wonderful choice for more formal parties.

  • Which dining table shape is best?
  • The size of the dining table set determines the ideal shape of the table. If your dining area is large, a rectangular dining set, for instance, is ideal. However, round or square dining tables are better choices for tiny spaces than rectangular ones because they take up much less room. At Fabuliv, you can buy a variety of dining table shapes.

  • What is a dining table's typical height?
  • When measured from the ground, the majority of regular dining tables are roughly 28- 30 inches tall. Make sure the height of your dining chairs is between 20-23 inches to perfectly blend in with your dining table. 

  • How much does a dining table set cost?
  • At Fabuliv, you may acquire exactly what you need for a price that's comfortable for you. Whether you want to go all-luxury experience or budget-friendly luxury, Fabuliv offers dining tables for all pockets! 

  • How do I pick the perfect dining table set? 
  • Measure the space you have available before choosing the ideal dining table set for your house. Then, decide on the seating capacity to meet your needs, and ensure that the style and colour finish must match the interior design concept.