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Home decor relates to the interior design of your house and includes the objects you use to adorn and personalise it. If you enjoy flowers, for instance, you can purchase carpets or couch covers with floral motifs. Or, if your home's interior design is more inspired by vintage and rustic beauty, you can get the right home furnishings and accessories.

Talking about home decor, utility trays and boxes are important elements of decor that contribute to the charm and beauty of a home. Serving trays are an important item of serveware that adds charm to any dinner party! Serve your guests in style with these serving trays and let them know your fine taste in home decor. 

These trinket boxes are more than just a box in your home. If you wish to store jewellery in trinket boxes, they would not only offer a safe storage space for your jewellery, but they would also make a great addition to your dressing table area. Fabuliv offers a wide selection of designer trays and boxes that would ultimately spice up your decor game. 

The best part about our trays and boxes is that their artistic design and style make a great home decor element in themselves. Even if you place them on the centre table of your home, they would suddenly catch the attention of people sitting around due to their rich designs and great craftsmanship! 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Trays and Boxes Online

Without attractive and well-arranged home decor, a house isn't complete. The most important component of enhancing the decorating of your home is home decor, which can range from chic serving trays to wooden trinket boxes. While there are many things to take in mind when buying home decor accessories, such as aesthetics, design, etc., here are the main things to think about when buying boxes and serving trays for your home.

  • Appropriate Size 

  • Long-lasting and strong materials

  • Usage and Functionality

  • Affordable prices

  • Coordinating with other items of home decor

  • The Beautiful Trays & Boxes Collection of Fabuliv

    No matter the size, shape, or number of components in the set, the serving trays and chic storage boxes on Fabuliv are designed to fulfill the needs of every customer. Fabuliv offers you the widest variety of these dinnerware items so you can liven up your home design.

    Check out the different serving trays and decorative boxes Fabuliv has to offer:

    Stylish Serving Trays

    Fabuliv's selection of ornamental serving trays has you covered if you love decorative accents in your house. For all of your preferences and tastes, our serving trays come in a variety of sizes and patterns. Some excellent options for your house include the Teal Serving Tray and the FABULIV Jardin Decorative Tray!

    Handpainted Boxes

    Fabuliv offers a wide range of handpainted boxes that would give you beautiful storage space for your trinkets and other items. Our handpainted boxes are specially designed with great care and fine craftsmanship mixed with the fine wood and MDF material that offers undeniable durability and sustainability. 

    Trinket Boxes

    Trinkets are of some value and they enhance one’s personality which is why they deserve to be kept in stylish trinket boxes. Fabuliv has got an extensive selection of trinket boxes that provides decent storage space for all your little ornaments and jewellery items while keeping them in a safe place. Our unique range of designs for trinket boxes would make a great addition to your home decor. Check out our range of trinket boxes with mirrors and upscale your decor game. 

    Serving Trays with Patterns

    Because of their beauty and elegance, hardwood serving trays with printed patterns are popular. The food can then be served in the most fashionable way. The printed patterns on the bases and in the centres of the trays add character to your decor collection.

    Serving trays in a range of designs and shapes

    If you're looking for a wooden serving tray to welcome guests in a distinctive way, choose from the trays that are available on our website in a range of shapes. Fabuliv offers every design and shape that will satisfy your preferences and needs.

    Why Should you Buy Trays & Boxes from Fabuliv? 

    Fabuliv constantly gives its customers an incentive, which streamlines their shopping experience. With regard to its home design products, Fabuliv offers its consumers additional perks. The strength and durability of our wide range of furniture products are one of the main advantages.

    It is made from premium hardwoods like Mango and Sheesham, which are long-lasting and have a lovely aesthetic. You have the opportunity to design your own furniture with us to suit your preferences. Additionally, you may affordably add luxury to your home with the help of our sizeable and alluring discounts. Here’s a list of additional benefits you’ll enjoy when you shop from Fabuliv:

    Finest Quality

    One of the best things you can buy to make your purchases worthwhile is high-quality kitchen organisers. You should also choose high-quality furniture and decor accessories. All the designs for trays and wooden boxes are made with only the highest-quality components to ensure a long lifespan.

    Numerous Discounts and Offers

    Fabuliv offers a wide range of discounts, deals, and promotions for every event and time of year. Our 25% discount coupons and 40% off on all of our products will make shopping for luxury products interesting and simple for you.


    Fabuliv also provides a personalised order service whereby products are built to your precise requirements. If you want extra hues, patterns, or anything else added to the furniture, we can personally customise your order! 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What are the best materials storage and trinket boxes?
  • Wood and metal are two of the best materials for storage boxes. Storage boxes made of wood and metal are not only long-lasting but also match the current theme of decor in your home. Fabuliv has got an extensive selection of wood and metal storage boxes with unique designs and various styles at the best prices. 

  • What are trinket boxes? 
  • Trinket means pieces of jewellery or ornaments that are of little value. For instance, cheap ornamental rings come under the category of trinkets but they need to be stored in a safe place. This is where trinket boxes come and save the day. You could even store some makeup items in these trinket boxes especially if you purchase trinket boxes with mirrors. They would make a great addition to your dressing table area. 

  • What is the purpose of buying serving trays for home? 
  • In essence, serving trays and platters are flat dishes or trays used to present and serve a range of delicacies. They are functionally constructed with the ability to carry and present numerous food items at once.  Because of their relatively straightforward shapes, the design is crucial in making them a distinguished item of decor in your home.