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A few drinks would lighten up the party, whether it was after a long day at the workplace or on Friday night when you decide to contact your pals and invite them over for the weekend. But out of all of these, bar furniture is one of the most beautiful pieces and adds the most to the atmosphere of your gathering. 

It is impossible to beat the pleasure of hosting friends who are party connoisseurs and having lavish bar furniture set up at home without the need to arrange a BYOB party. Set up your wine racks, flaunt your fine wine collection, and have wine-tasting parties with your office colleagues and friends in your luxurious bar setting.

Most of us have probably considered installing an opulent and pricey bar at home with exquisite décor, minibars, and bar counters. Did you give up on your concept because it cost more than you could afford, or were you sick of seeing the same-old furniture designs that would only take up the room rather than enhance it?

In any case, Fabuliv is here to fulfil your lifelong dream of setting up your home bar. We recommend you visit the Fabuliv website to find the best bar furniture at affordable prices.

Buy best high quality Home Bar Furniture Online In India
Our house is a safe haven from the pressures of the outside world. It makes sense that you would arrange the interior of your house to make it an ideal retreat for that purpose. Home is also where you celebrate life's milestones and achievements, both great and small. As such, it's no wonder that you'd like to have a lovely bar cabinet in your house to make the place feel more festive.

The atmosphere of any room can be completely transformed by the addition of a bar cabinet or bar console. While booze may not be the primary draw to your living room, bar cabinets are a stylish way to convey that you welcome a variety of activities there. Making your house look like it can be used for anything from unwinding to working to hosting a party.

Now that you know you need to set up a bar at your place, you should be aware of the most aesthetic home bar furniture that would just enlighten your living area. Be it a wooden bar cabinet, bar table and chairs, or a small bar cabinet, they exude sophistication. 

The difficulty of selecting the ideal furniture for your house by visiting several stores is removed because everything you need to know about purchasing high-quality home bar furniture is available online. To illuminate every nook and cranny of your home, you could easily create a little bar in the extra area surrounding the living room or, depending on your living space, a sizable bar counter. Here are some examples of top-notch bar furniture:

  • Bar Cabinet
  • Your drinks need to be preserved in a special place and opening the cabinet would spread the party vibe in the entire room. A mini bar cabinet for home would surely bring some appreciation from the guests at the party. 

    Get yourself a Solid Wood Cabinet Cum Trolley and add the charm while you roll it to the various corners of the party without any hustle. If your living area is small, a small bar cabinet would be the ideal way to style the ambiance of the living room.

  • Wine Racks
  • Do you know what would make it look more sophisticated? Yes, Wine Racks! Flaunt your classic and vintage wine collection in the wine racks to bring that elegance back into the room. Buy wine bar furniture that is specifically designed for wine enthusiasts to display vintage liquor and frequently host wine tasting and cocktail parties at home. 

  • Bar Table
  • Your bar furniture is undoubtedly ready for the party once you have everyone there, but with just a little modification, your living room may also serve as a pleasant setting to unwind with a drink. A bar table with high chairs and stools will brighten up the whole place. It is also the best place to catch up with old buddies over a bottle of the finest scotch. 

  • Bar Chairs
  • Imagine your date comes home and there’s no seating arrangement around your home bar. Well, stop imagining because bar chairs are one of the most important pieces of furniture for your home bar set. Whether you’re enjoying the outside view or having a show around, bar chairs bring the most amazing experience, especially the high bar chairs. 

  • Bar Stools
  • Your bar stools could be a part of your mini bar furniture and they could be the perfect replacement for big heavy chairs on the bar counter. Bar stools can also be used to climb up the top shelf of more exotic drinks and bottles plus they’re easy to carry around. 

    Where can I use bar furniture?

    You may pick the best bar furniture from an endless variety of models and styles. But there's still one more thing to consider: “What are the places where I could style my bar?” It doesn’t just go with the pubs and restaurants, but also around the extra space in the living room, in the well-furnished basement, and your home. 

    We've provided you with some pretty decent ideas so that your bar set will complement the size and style of your chosen room. Let us have a look at the designated areas: 

  • Bar furniture for home
  • If you're an alcohol enthusiast or know your poison, there's no better place than your own home to set up your bar. Bar table for home coupled with high bar stools and chairs are something every connoisseur dreams of! If you have extra space around your dining area, adding a bar cabinet and wine racks would make your home look luxurious and fashionable. 

  • Bar furniture for basement
  • Yes, you’re reading it correctly! You can design your basement bar with some sophisticated tweaking that would enlighten your basement. Open cabinets, wine racks, and a place to keep your beers cold would make the best basement bar. With a wide wall-mounted TV in your basement, catch up on Netflix and pour yourself some drinks while you enjoy the vibe of your basement bar. 

  • Bar furniture for living room
  • Make the most out of the living room by using up the space in the living room to set up the finest bar furniture. With a bar table, bar stools and chairs, bar cabinet, racks, minibars, or even bar trolleys, you could make your living room appear lavish and trendy and let the sophistication and elegance set the mood in for the guests at your party or your better-half. 

  • Bar furniture for pubs and restaurants
  • The bar furniture suits the best aesthetic and expensive pubs and restaurants. Whether it’s an office party or a Friday night, luxurious bar counters with modern bar designs and racks, bar tables, chairs, etc. are sure to lift the mood with their gorgeous setting and ambience. 

    Are you looking to open posh pubs and restaurants? Check out the exquisite range of our bar cabinets, bar tables, bar stools, and bar chairs on the Fabuliv website.  

    Look for a smaller bar if your space is limited. The benefits of storage, utility, design, and comfort are all yours because of how brilliantly modern small bar furniture combines appearance and structure. Last but not the least, you need comfort over style. 

    Where can I buy the best bar furniture? 

    Knowing the elegance and sophistication bar furniture can bring to your home, what are you waiting for? At Fabuliv, you can buy the most classic and state-of-the-art home bar furniture at the most affordable prices, and you don't even have to wander from store to store looking for the ideal bar furniture set! 

    With our festive sale, you can get huge discounts on your favourite piece of bar furniture and get it delivered to your doorstep. Using our coupon code, you don’t have to worry about bar cabinet or bar stool prices as you’re getting up to 40% off on your favourite furniture during these sale events. 

    You can browse through Fabuliv mobile sites and make secure credit/debit card transactions. You may also use Internet Banking to buy the best bar furniture from us. Buying your dream mini bar cabinet furniture set, bar dining table, wooden bar cabinet, bar table and chairs, etc. for your home is just a few clicks away now. 


    Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What are the materials used to make Bar Furniture?
  • A wide variety of exquisite bar furniture is available at Fabuliv, and since the majority of it is constructed of wood, we assure durability while still looking fantastic in your small space. 

  • What is the most popular Living room mini bar furniture design?
  • At Fabuliv, you have a variety of alternatives for mini bar furniture to pick from, including mini bar furniture, bar chairs, bar stools, bar stands, bar tables, and bar counters for your living room. 

  • Do you have bar furniture under Rs. 10,000?
  • Yes, we do offer a wide range of bar furniture under Rs. 10,000. Malbec Wooden Mini Bar, Grenache Wooden Beer Tray, Walker’s Classic Wooden Beer Tray, etc. are some of our finest bar furniture under Rs. 10,000. 

  • What's the best mini bar furniture set for small spaces?
  • Malbec Wooden Mini Bar, Merlot Wooden Mini Bar, Jacob’s Wooden Mini Bar Tray, and Jacob’s Classic Wooden Mini Bar Tray are some of the best mini bar sets for small spaces, exclusively available at Fabuliv. 

  • What is home bar furniture?
  • Home bar furniture includes all the types of furniture used to store bar accessories such as drinks and glassware, and design your home with bar chairs and stools, bar cabinets, bar tables, etc. for your sophistication. 

  • What is the standard bar dining table height?
  • The standard height of a bar dining table sits around 40 inches and it is advised to use them with stools and chairs with a standard height of around 28-30 inches.