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Every home needs furniture because it makes living simpler and more comfortable while also keeping you warm. It keeps your mind calm and at rest because of its practicality and elegance. Talking about furniture, study tables can help you increase your productivity by 2 times. Study tables are essential pieces of furniture in a student’s room. 

It helps in increasing the concentration of the children and inculcates the habit of sitting and studying for long hours without any discomfort. It can be used for a variety of things, including reading books, working on a laptop, and storing stationery items like books and notebooks. 

Before buying any furniture, it is important to consider all the aspects such as the material, design, length, and comfort. A study table is an essential element for your home office and your child’s room for an effective learning drive. Let’s just dive into it. 

Things to Know Before Selecting and buying study table online 

  • Bigger Desks for Bigger Dreams
  • Buy a study table that should be wide and spacious enough so that you have enough to store your laptop, books, and important materials on it conveniently. Moreover, it should include storage space in the form of cupboards and drawers to keep the table uncluttered and the books and writing materials properly arranged.

    For your dream gaming setup, comfortable desks for your test preparations, or working for your dream job, pick out the best study table having all the features! 

  • Convenient Size
  • A study table for students should cater to all their needs. For instance, to keep your books, notebooks, pens, and a study lamp for the night, the length of your table should be at least twice the width. Furthermore, study-related items like stationery, books, notes, and other materials can all be kept well-organised and easier to access.

    A study table should also alleviate any back discomfort or other problems brought on by poor body postures when studying or working from home. An appropriate size for a study table helps in maintaining productivity for the day and a productive day leads to a healthy mind.

  • Appropriate Material
  • Furniture like a study table is something you don’t buy every day. These things should last long and for that, the durability, the design, and the material are to be taken into consideration before purchasing. Study tables should be sturdy and durable.

    Wood is a good option for material, and for pure wood, veneers are your best bet for a sturdy study table. Additionally, there is a tonne of color and designs available.

  • Comfort Over Everything
  • A study table should be comfortable for children in terms of height, back support of a chair, cabinets and drawers with enough capacity to keep your necessary material close to you. It should be strongly built so that it is user-friendly and children can focus on their school work and other projects without any discomfort.

    The ideal study table also aids in reducing back pain and keeping proper posture, allowing you to work and study comfortably without worrying about harming your back or developing other health issues.

    How to choose the latest study table design for your home or office?

  • Available Space
  • Remember to check the space constraints in your home before choosing the type of study table you should purchase. You don't want to make a purchase that would appear cluttered in your room or home. Consider a foldable study table if your room is just big enough for a bed and cupboards.

    You can use a folding study table in the living room or on a bed. Making a designated space for your study table is not anything you need to worry about. You can fold it and keep the table in your wardrobe and take it out the next time you need it. 

  • Work & Health Should Go Simultaneously
  • Having a chair and table set up for studying has several benefits outside merely enhancing focus. It simulates the feeling of being in an office with a designated workspace. When choosing a chair, choose one with a backrest that will support you as you sit straight and prevent neck and back pain. 

    Go for chairs with lumbar support to prevent any back issues. We want you to work freely without any worries. Check out the Fabuliv website for your dream study table and work for your passion!

  • Ask Yourself 
  • Your productivity is increased by the distraction-free environment a study table generates. As a result, before making an online study table purchase, you must consider a few factors. It is generally best to purchase a modern study table that offers more storage and complements the room. Before purchasing a study table online, think about the following issues: 

    1. What are your plans for the study table?
    2. What should be the adequate height of the chair and the size of the table?
    3. Do you require more storage and cabinets for your material?
    4. What kind of study table would be appropriate considering the material used and its durability? 

    What are the Different Types of Study Tables?

    Whether you’re an office person, a gamer, or someone who is studying for their dream job, you deserve the best study table according to your needs. A study table is an important piece of furniture that doesn’t just support your studies and other projects but also amalgamates with the other furniture to make the entire living room or bedroom look more attractive. Let’s take a look at different types of study tables:

    For Office Use 

  • Computer Desk
  • You don’t need multiple places to keep your computer peripherals when you’re using a computer desk. The computer desk has extra space for hardware components and is also designed for simplicity and efficiency. Work is worship and there shouldn’t be any hurdles while you work. 

  • Executive Desk
  • The executive desk is the perfect study table for home office use. With its inspired design, executive desks usually have a lot of surface area and despite its massive appearance and structure, this table is designed for your professional home office work.

  • Writing Desk
  • Tired of writing at the same old place? Well, the writing desk has got you covered. They usually have more work surfaces but are small in length to support your laptop and other decor items. Your new writing experience awaits you! 

    For Home Use

  • Wall-Mounted Study Table 
  • Less space in your bedroom? No issues! Wall-mounted study tables are specifically designed for bedrooms with less space so you have the floor area all cleared out and focus on your work and studies without worrying about bumping into the corner of the table! 

  • Folding Study Table
  • When you need to save room, you might choose a foldable study table. A beautiful piece of furniture that saves space makes your living area extraordinary. In addition to being simple to store, it is lightweight and convenient for transportation which means it can be comfortably carried from one room to another.

    Intriguingly, such a type of table is not just great in terms of its functionality, but it also seems aesthetically pleasing to the eyes in the living room or your bedroom. 

  • Credenza Desk
  • This all-in-one study table is perfect for your spacious living room.  Besides serving as a workspace, this desk is packed with cabinets to store your showpieces, novels, and books. Normally found in living rooms, a credenza desk is suitable for your work needs and at the same time, brings that lost elegance and modernity back into your living room. 

    Why Buy a study table online India at Fabuliv?

    Looking to buy a solid wooden study table? Fabuliv is your go-to for all your furniture needs. Handcrafted by the finest artisans in the country, Fabuliv offers a wide range of study tables to choose from. This is why you should buy your furniture online from Fabuliv:

    • Thousands of designs are available under one roof and you’re just a few clicks away from buying the most exotic study table at Fabuliv.
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    Unique Study Table Designs at Fabuliv

    Have a look at some of the best study table designs available on our platform: 

  • Hank Solid Wood Study Table
  • This particular study table is perfect for people who have little extra space in their bedroom or living room. The table acts as a space-saving solution while offering decent surface area for your work elements. Made with Sheesham Wood, the table comes with contrast wood finishes and 3 drawers in the front with ample storage which makes it a perfect study table at an affordable price. 

  • Dravidian Hand Carved Study Table
  • Do you want your Laptop, phone, charger, and notepad all in one place? With six drawers, this table has ample storage to meet all your storage needs. The Sheesham Wood material provides a more sturdy design and durability which makes it a perfect piece of furniture in your living room. 

  • Amy Floating Study Table
  • Productivity should not suffer even if there’s less space in your bedroom and Amy Floating Study table will take care of this. The table comes with two drawers offering the abundant capacity to keep your stuff in it. Made primarily with Wood, this piece of furniture promises durability and its design is perfect for studying and working while saving a lot of space. 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Which study table is best for study?
  • The study table includes a perfect study station for children and students, providing them with not only an ideal comfortable position to sit in but also durability and fantastic design. 

  • How much will a study table cost?
  • The cost of study tables depends on various factors such as material, design, and size. Depending upon these factors, the cost may begin from around 4000-5000 and go up to 27-30k. At Fabuliv, you can find the most exquisite range of study tables at affordable prices. 

  • Which is the best foldable study table?
  • The best foldable study table is one that doesn’t take up a lot of space, offers more surface area, and can be used for school work and office projects. The best part is that you can carry it anywhere with you and keep it in the cupboard when not in use. 

  • Can we use the dining table as a study table?
  • You shouldn't use your dining table as a study table since you might end up spilling water on your laptop and other important documents, putting those at risk. We recommend using durable study tables which you could easily find at Fabuliv at affordable prices

  • How can I study smart?
  • Do not let any difficulties come in the way of your intelligence. The only way to study smartly is by organising your study space. Buy a study table for yourself where you could easily manage your books, notebooks, and other necessary stationery items all in one place. Study smart with Fabuliv! 

  • Which Colour is best for the study table?
  • White and wooden finish are the best colours for a study table. These colours usually generate a positive vibe and create a healthy work and study environment. As per your needs, Fabuliv offers a wide range of study tables in multiple colours. 

  • What is the standard study table size?
  • A student study table should be roughly 26 to 30 inches long for a comfortable seating arrangement.  However, you can have it designed to your preferences depending on the interior style of your home and the utility of the space. 

  • What is the minimum price of a study table?
  • Based on the size and functionality of the study table, the minimum price of a study table averages between Rs. 4000-6000. 

  • What is a good height for a study table?
  • Ideally, 26-30 inches is a good height for a study table for a comfortable seating position. You can customise your study table as per your preferences and space in your bedroom or living room. 

  • What is the best desk size?
  • The best desk size is the one that caters to all your needs in a single place. Ideally, it should support keeping your laptop, books, and other necessary stuff on that desk without creating any mess. Lastly, the best desk size for a study table depends upon individual preferences.