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Buy Wall Mirrors Online At Best Prices in India

Throughout the day, a mirror is a piece of decor item that is regularly used. One should give more thought to mirror considerations because a modern mirror not only makes it easier to handle daily maintenance but also adds style and originality to your space. 

With gorgeous circular mirrors in the bathroom or decorative mirrors on the walls of the living room, any area may look more attractive. Additionally, they can act as the focal point of your aesthetics or provide light in dim areas. Bathroom LED mirrors are currently dominating contemporary bathroom design. 

You can select from a variety of mirrors at Fabuliv to meet your needs and the design of your interiors. Everybody loves to get an aesthetic picture in front of the mirror to update their status. Well, if you do too, then you need a stylish mirror today and upscale your home! You can always rely on Fabuliv for bathroom and wall mirrors, whether you want a solid wood finish or a vintage design.

What to Consider When Buying Mirrors

Choosing whether to get a new mirror is a key decision that will impact how you arrange your interiors. Since you won't be purchasing a mirror frequently, it is advised to consider a few important factors before selecting an ideal design. Now let's examine the list:

Ideal Size 

The ideal mirror size will depend on your room's interior design. Depending upon the size of other pieces of furniture and available space in your bedroom or bathroom, the mirror shouldn't be too big for a space. 

For small bathrooms with few storage options, pick a cabinet mirror to maximise storage capacity. If you enjoy checking your fit before leaving the house, use a full-sized mirror for your bedroom or dressing area. 

Material Choice

For your mirror, you can choose from glass, wood, and other comparable materials according to the type of finish you want. The material should offer durability and should match the other elements of your home design. You can choose from a variety of material choices for your bathroom and wall mirror at Fabuliv with an exquisite range of designs.

A wooden mirror would be the best option for your bathroom if you like the antique appeal of the area. The mirror's wooden frame would have an antique beauty about it and add to its charm. 

Available Space

Check for the space you have available when choosing the size of your mirror. Full-length mirrors are excellent for small bathrooms or bedrooms and make them seem larger.  A small mirror, on the other hand, also makes a statement and clears some wall space so that shelves or other accents can be placed.

Looking to spruce up your bathroom space? Get large wall mirrors for your bathroom walls. These mirrors frequently have rectangular shapes. By reflecting the complete bathroom's tile and décor, these mirrors will give you a wonderful vision within the mirror. 


Mirrors are available in a range of sizes and forms. At Fabuliv, you may find the ideal mirror for your house whether you prefer oval, round, or rectangular-shaped mirrors. 

The design of your mirror can have a big impact on the ambiance of your home. The perfect shape for your mirror would both serve as a wonderful piece of décor and reflect the entire interior design of your living area. A bigger field of vision and more light reflection are provided by square and rectangular mirrors.


Whether you're redecorating an outdated bathroom, living room, or bedroom, you should have an idea of the style of design you want for the mirrors. The most crucial thing to remember is that a mirror, with its reflective nature, may either enhance or harm the décor of your home, so make sure you keep the style elements of your space in mind while picking the right mirror.

Placement of the Mirror

Making a decision about where to place each wall mirror is arguably the most crucial step. Naturally, everything else is naturally set off by this. Do you want a large mirror that ups the room's design factor or a cabinet mirror in your bedroom? The form, size, and style of these mirrors depend on where you intend to utilise them. When positioning the mirror in a specific location, think about what will be reflected in the mirror.

What Are The Different Mirror Designs Available at Fabuliv? 

Mirrors come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and frames to suit your preferences. You can pick from a wide range of designs and unique styles for your bedroom or living room. The various mirror kinds available at Fabuliv are listed below:

  • Hand-Carved Mirrors
  • If you’re bored of the same old designs for mirrors, why don’t you choose from the best range of hand-carved wall mirrors at Fabuliv? Our hand-carved have been made with fine craftsmanship and premium quality material. The hand-carved frame of wall mirrors offers a unique sense of style in your home and with your interior accents, it would become the highlight of your living space. 

  • Stylish Wall Mirrors
  • Wall mirrors are a great option among the various types of mirrors for both functional and decorative purposes in the home. As part of your vanity and dresser, they can be put in your bedroom, living room, dressing room, or any other room in your house for purely aesthetic and ornamental purposes. 

    A stylish wall mirror can also spruce up your bathroom space. Find all types of wall mirrors on Fabuliv, from fashionable mirrors for home styling to bathroom mirrors for enhancing the interiors of your place of daily rituals.

  • Solid Wood Mirrors
  • Nothing beats the beauty and elegance of solid wood furniture in the home. The durability and rich appearance of solid wood are unmatchable. With solid wood furniture, solid wood mirrors are becoming the focal point of the living room or bedroom. 

    You can choose from the best designs and style choices for solid wood mirrors from Fabuliv. Our solid wood mirrors are purely made of fine solid wood and glass material with assured craftsmanship. The solid wood frames of your mirrors would make a great addition to your bedrooms and bathrooms. 

  • Vintage Wall Mirrors
  • With the recent surge in demand for vintage furniture, it’s safe to say that VINTAGE IS THE NEW MODERN. Wall and bathroom mirrors with vintage finish could spice up your decor game. You could choose from Fabuliv’s wide selection of vintage wall mirrors with an exquisite range of colour and style choices to suit your home. 

    Why Should You Buy Mirrors From Fabuliv? 

    The most affordable mirrors ever are available at Fabuliv, along with a selection of other home design items. By using the best and most fashionable mirrors from Fabuliv, you may create priceless memories in your houses.

    There is something at Fabuliv for every area in your house, from elegant wall mirrors for the bedroom to contemporary wall mirrors for the living room. Go for the wide range of classic wall mirrors or the hand painted vintage mirrors at Fabuliv and reflect your luxury choice.

    Your interior design and style choice reflect your personality and creativity. Choose a mirror that would perfectly showcase it only from Fabuliv.

    You can be confident that the reputable furniture online store will provide the best customer care, high-quality goods, and a warranty to secure your investments. Shopping from Fabuliv doesn’t just give you furniture, it also treats you well with these things: 

  • Great discounts and deals to suit your budget ✔

  • Fast customer support staff to aid you in any query ✔

  • Unmatchable quality of furniture ✔

  • Luxury at Affordable Prices ✔

  • Unique Mirrors by Fabuliv 

    Well, it’s clear that you’re wanting to buy wall mirrors for your home from Fabuliv. Let us help you by suggesting some of our top-selling mirror designs that would spice up your home. Fasten your seatbelts, here’s the list:

    Havana Vintage Grey Mirror

    Emma Solid Wood Hand Carved Round Mirror 

    Savannah Vintage Orange Mirror 

    NewPort Pumpkin Mirror 

    Olivian Large Mirrors

    Hand Painted Wall Mirror

    Frequently Asked Questions - Mirrors

  • How Do I Select The Ideal Mirror Size For My Wall?
  • The ideal mirror size will depend on the amount of wall space you have. A large mirror can be used as a statement piece in living rooms, or you can create a lovely statement piece by decorating a wall with several little mirrors. If you have a small bathroom or bedroom, get a small-sized mirror to keep the style of other decor items alive. 

  • What are the different wall mirror designs available at Fabuliv? 
  • Wall mirrors from Fabuliv are offered online in a variety of styles. Choose from a wide variety of forms, including rectangles, squares, and circles. Alternately, select elaborate frames in a variety of hues and materials to go with the rest of your house's design.

  • What is the best material for mirror frames? 
  • Wall mirror frames can be made out of a variety of materials, including wood, metal, silica, glass, and plastic. The most common and desired frame materials are wood and metal since they offer durability and a unique sense of style. Try the hand-carved mirrors from Fabuliv for the lowest pricing on distinctive mirror frames.

  • What is the standard size of a small mirror? 
  • The standard size of a small mirror ranges from 22-25 inches. This is the ideal size if you want a mirror for a small bathroom or bedroom. 

  • Should I buy vintage mirrors for my home? 
  • Of course! Vintage mirrors are one of the most demanded choices today. With your vintage or modern decor accents, vintage mirrors reflect the richness and elegance of your interior design. The antique wooden frames of vintage mirrors would make a great focal point for your bathroom or living room.