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There is a significant role for lighting in each home because of its practical importance to daily life. Lighting is crucial for performing any task at any time of day, but it is especially important for a number of activities like reading, relaxing, and performing other routines. However, illumination can be used for a variety of other purposes.

The lighting in a room is just as important as the furniture and the wall hangings. Pendant lamps can be utilised to set a relaxing environment, draw attention to particular features, or both. Changing the lighting in a room may have a dramatic effect on the atmosphere. The way we feel could be affected by the lighting in a room. Light has the ability to evoke a pleasant emotional response and stimulate the senses. Lack of proper or adequate lighting can also have a depressing effect. Having poor lighting can even have an effect on your eyes. As a result, it's important to give thought to the lighting in your home and make deliberate choices based on function, necessity, and aesthetics. 

Without ceiling led lights, pendant lamps and other forms of decorative lighting, your home would look drab and uninviting. A beautiful home is one that is well-lit. Whether you choose to light them all at once or spread them out over the day, you should have both general and mood lighting in every room of your house. 

Browse through our vast selection of pendant lamps to suit your choice and needs. Here at Fabuliv, we stock a wide array of different types, sizes, colours, and designs of led ceiling lights for the home, each with its own unique purpose. 



Chandeliers, typically made of glass, are luxurious overhead lights ideal for grand rooms. These lighting options are meant to be purely ornamental, serving to either set the mood or serve as a focal point in their own right. They are perfect for the ceiling of the hall in which your visitors will be gathered. 

Charming chandeliers by Fabuliv will elevate the look of any room. Look no further than our dazzling selection of stylish options, ranging from simple and contemporary to ornate and classic styles.


Pendant lamps 

As its name implies, pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling or a false ceiling. Mood lighting and ornamental purposes are only two of the many uses for pendant lights. Because of this, not only do they work well as ceiling lights for bedrooms, but they can also be used as statement decor lighting in living rooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms and vanities. Pendant lights and lamps that provide light everywhere from brilliant to calm will instantly transform the ambiance of your home. If you're looking for more lighting solutions, check out Fabuliv's selection of lamps and lamp shades.


Hanging Lights / Lanterns 

If you're a traditionalist at heart, you'll adore having lanterns strung throughout your house. Lanterns were a common form of illumination in the past, and they continue to hold a certain amount of antique allure in today's society. Lanterns that are hung from the ceiling can be found in a wide variety of traditional forms and styles; some of these lanterns have glass patterns and elaborately carved designs that reflect light in lovely patterns. Beautifully patterned filtered lighting can add a dramatic touch to otherwise subdued environments. They can be included for the special ambience they provide when the sun goes down. You can use them as decoration during the day. Fabuliv is the place to go if you have a penchant for the traditional and retro.


Frequently Asked Questions About Ceiling Lights / Pendant Lamps 

What is the difference between a pendant light and a chandelier?
This is one of the questions we get asked most often. There are a few key differences between these two things, but they are mostly the same. Most chandeliers have more than one light bulb, and the bulbs usually point up. Most chandeliers don't have shades, so the light is direct. Usually, there is only one chandelier in a room. Chains are also often used to hang chandeliers.

Pendant lights are usually smaller, and many of them only have one bulb. Even though you can use more for bigger pendants! Pendants usually have shades that direct the light, and you'll often see more than one small pendant in a room, like a kitchen. Pendants often hang from the ceiling with down rods instead of chains. 

When it comes to lighting, what options do you have for pendants? 

Pendant lights, in contrast to many other types of lighting fixtures, vary mostly in terms of appearance and installation location. Pedant lights can be roughly sorted into two types based on their style and function.

 You may find pendant lights in a wide variety of designs, including modern, vintage, industrial, coastal, and more. Pendant lighting's practicality is unaffected by its aesthetic. Instead, this is meant to assist you in locating a pendant that will look great in your house.

 The pendant light's "use" refers to its intended setting. A pendant light's design may wind up looking extremely different depending on how it will be used. The design and use of an indoor island pendant light vs an outdoor pendant light, for instance, are completely different. 

Check out an extensive variety of pendant lights here at Fabuliv. 

What are some typical designs for pendant lamps? 

Pendant light shapes are just as crucial as the design and installation of the fixtures themselves. This largely pertains to the shape of the shade itself, as that actually defines the overall profile of the fixture. 

"Globe" is one of the most common, and its meaning is obvious. The light source(s) of such a pendant is enclosed in a glass globe. Bell-shaped shades, which are open at the bottom like a traditional bell, are another popular option. 

Then there are the “square“ and “rectangle“ pendant lights, which are usually on the larger side. Pendant lights with geometrical profiles from the mid-century modern era are also common. 

So many diverse forms are available! You should select a form that both pleases your aesthetic sensibilities and works well with the existing furnishings in the room.

 Can I replace the bulbs in my pendant light with LEDs? 

LED bulbs are a great option for pendant lights. The usage of energy-efficient LED bulbs rather than traditional incandescent bulbs is on the rise for all sorts of lighting applications. Older pendant lights may often be retrofitted with LED bulbs without much trouble and Fabuliv also provides a wide selection of newer pendant lights designed to work specifically with LED bulbs. 

When it comes to lighting an island, what size pendant should I get? 

It can be challenging to settle on the best pendant light with which to illuminate your kitchen island. The first thing to consider when choosing a pendant size is if you plan to install a single pendant or multiple pendants. For maximum illumination from a single pendant, use one that is significantly larger than necessary. 

The standard height for the pendant's bottom to hang from the ground is 28–34 inches. Be sure to mount this fixture high enough so that no one's head will accidentally bump into it. You should also aim for one pendant per 2-3 feet of countertop if you plan on using multiple pendant lights, and much more so if you choose for wide pendants. 

Aside from these principles, the pendant's size and shape are up to you; choose one that complements your interior design while still producing adequate illumination. 

May I hang more than one pendant light in a given space? 

It is not only acceptable, but frequently recommended, to employ multiple pendant lights in a single space. Mini-pendant lights or single-bulb pendant lights are ideal for this. This design option will not only improve the aesthetics of your space, but it will also allow for more natural light to enter the room. Pendant lights and recessed lighting can be used together to increase and direct the amount of light in a room. 

However, the room size and the size of the pendants should be taken into account before installation. The pendants shouldn't be too close together, yet adequate lighting must be guaranteed. 

Any advice on hanging a pendant light fixture? 

Since pendant lights are one type of hardwired light fixture, installing them can be a do-it-yourself project for certain people. Pendant lamp installation can be done on your own, but hiring a professional is recommended if you have any doubts about working with electricity. If you need help hanging pendant lights in your home, look for a certified electrician near you. 

Which pendant light finishes are the most well-liked? 

Today, you may choose from a plethora of finishes that complement today's most popular interior design trends. Black pendant light designs, for instance, work beautifully in both contemporary and industrial settings. Also on-trend is the combination of different metals. Pendant lights in this style often use many metallic and vintage finishes, such as antique brass and bronze with a hint of turquoise, to create visual interest and depth. Last but not least, the inner gold lining in pendant lamp designs are often favoured because of their inviting and sophisticated look.