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A mirror can be one of the most appealing additions to your home's decor. A mirror shows your reflection of you! Even the designs and styles you choose for your home would be reflected in the mirror.  Though bathroom mirrors have seemingly been around forever, they have seen major changes as a result of contemporary trend shifts in both forms and fashions. You can pick from a wide selection of bathroom mirrors at Fabuliv to suit your demands and the aesthetic of your decor.

Choosing the right bathroom mirror can be a difficult undertaking when taking into account many elements including design, style, and wall colour. With stylish interior design and coordinated bathroom mirrors, those selfies in the mirror can be made more interesting. Should the mirror have a round or rectangular shape? Don't worry; we're here to clear up any confusion.

How to Buy the Perfect Bathroom Mirror for Home? 

Choosing whether to get a new mirror is a key decision that will impact how you arrange your interiors. Since you won't be purchasing a mirror frequently, it is advised to consider a few important factors before selecting an ideal design. Now let's examine the list:

The Perfect Size

The right mirror size will depend on the bathroom's interior design. A small mirror will merely take up more room in your bathroom than is necessary and will detract from the appeal of other bathroom fixtures.

The size of your bathroom will also affect the type of mirror you should purchase. For small bathrooms with few storage options, pick a cabinet mirror to maximise storage capacity. For a bathroom with an unusual layout and no area for a mirror, pick a small round mirror that is compact and takes use of nooks.

Ideal Shape 

Bathroom mirrors are available in a range of sizes and forms. You may select the ideal bathroom mirror for your house, whether you want oval-shaped, round, rectangular, or square mirrors. The shape of your mirror can have a big impact on the vibe in your bathroom. 

The round and oval mirrors, which also have an immediate appeal and don't take up as much space as mirrors without curves, reflect the whole decor and style of your bathroom. Glossy tiles in the bathroom would be best suited with a rectangular bathroom mirror. 

Suitable Material

You can choose between metal, wooden, and other equivalent materials for your mirror depending on the aesthetics you wish to have in your bathroom.  Don't forget to consider the other elements of your home's design as you choose the material for your mirror.

A wooden mirror would be the best option for your bathroom if you like the historical appearance of the area. The mirror's wooden frame would have an antique beauty about it and add to its antiquity. Choose from the best wooden mirror designs at Fabuliv which are available in different sizes and shapes to suit your needs. 

Contemporary Styles

Tabletop mirrors, cabinet mirrors, and wall mirrors are available in a range of sizes and styles. It will be simple to select a different style depending on where you want to put your mirror.

Your ideas for the bathroom mirrors' decor should be clear to you. The most crucial thing to remember is that a bathroom mirror may either enhance or ruin the bathroom's design, so be sure to keep these elements in mind as you select the right mirror.

Available Space in the Bathroom

Based on the space you have available, choose the size of your mirror. Full-length mirrors are excellent for making small bathrooms appear larger. A small mirror, on the other hand, also makes a statement and clears some wall space for other decor accents and stylish bathroom shelves.

Looking to spruce up your roomy bathrooms? Large bathroom wall mirrors would be a great choice for you.   By reflecting the complete bathroom's style and decor, these mirrors will spice up the aesthetics of your bathroom. 

Different Styles of Bathroom Mirrors at Fabuliv: 

Fabuliv has got the most exquisite range of bathroom mirrors available in different sizes and designs. Here are the different styles of mirrors you can buy at Fabuliv: 

  • Hand Painted Bathroom Mirrors
  • Nothing beats the aesthetics and elegance of hand painted furniture and bathroom mirrors. Our solid wood mirrors with hand painted frames are made with fine craftsmanship and top-notch material. Choose from a wide selection of hand painted mirrors at Fabuliv. 

  • Handcrafted Bathroom Mirrors
  • Who said mirrors aren’t handcrafted? Fabuliv’s exquisite range of handcrafted bathroom mirrors says otherwise! The mango wood material coupled with dark shades and different designs would make the perfect addition to your bathroom decor! 

  • Vintage Wooden Mirrors
  • They say vintage is the new modern and it’s true! Fabuliv’s amazing range of vintage mirrors will add an antique charm to your bathroom space. Distressed bathroom mirrors and natural solid wood mirrors with weathered designs are some of the top-selling styles at Fabuliv! 

  • Bathroom Mirrors with Frames
  • Framed mirrors for your bathroom don't just add functionality to your space, but their unique styles and designs make them look like wall decor accents.  Select a hardwood frame to match the rest of your home's decor and uplift your bathroom's ambiance. Mirror frames help your mirror stand out and improve its appearance.

    Why Should You Buy Bathroom Mirrors from Fabuliv? 

    Fabuliv offers a huge selection of amazing bathroom mirror designs. There is a shape and style for everyone, from bathroom mirrors to wall mirrors with vintage frames. Bathroom mirrors come in a huge range at Fabuliv, along with a selection of other home design items, for the most affordable prices ever.

    Spice up your dull bathroom space with Fabuliv’s exquisite range of bathroom mirrors! You can be confident that Fabuliv will provide the best customer care, high-quality goods, and a warranty to protect your purchases. Additionally, you have the following advantages when you buy from Fabuliv:

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  • Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Which Mirror Types Are Ideal For Bathrooms?
  • Depending on the bathroom's design and use, a specific variety of mirrors is recommended. If there is room, a tall mirror in the bathroom is ideal for getting a complete reflection of ourselves. The best options for small bathrooms would be flexible arm mirrors and small round mirrors.

  • Where should I place my bathroom mirror? 
  • In the bathroom, the area above the sink is the perfect place to hang a mirror. While brushing their teeth, cleaning their faces, and putting on makeup, one can view themselves clearly. Make sure the mirror doesn't exceed the size of your bathroom sink. 

  • What things should be kept in mind when buying a bathroom mirror? 
  • When purchasing a bathroom mirror, consider the space that is available in the room as well as the mirror's size, style, design, and form. You can purchase the ideal bathroom mirror for your house by keeping all these factors in mind.

  • What Kind of Material Is used for framed mirrors? 
  • Solid wood, acrylic, metal, glass, and other materials can all be used to make bathroom mirror frames. You may select the best material for your bathroom mirror based on the design of your bathroom and your preferred styles.