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Buy Best Dining Table & Dining Sets Online in India & Elevate your Ambiance

Furniture is like the last piece of a puzzle that you’ve been working on for a long time. Your home is a puzzle from the beginning and as you keep working on joining the pieces, you start to see how it’s going to end. The last piece is the most important piece which completes the whole puzzle! 

Without furniture, any home would look homeless. Talking about furniture, a dining table set is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any home. Imagine having no place to eat in your home! Imagine your guests coming over for dinner and you have to shift them to bedrooms to have dinner. Unimaginable right?  

Dining room furniture conveys a lot about your house. It firstly provides you with a set eating location and fosters family interaction over meals. Your living space is given a luxurious touch by the dining table and seats. Choosing a dining table is just as significant as choosing the colours for the house because it serves as the family's gathering place. You can put it in the designated dining room or the room you've made into an addition to your living room. 

Why Should You Buy a Dining Table or Dining Sets for Your Home? 

Dining table sets are multipurpose; they can be used as an office desk for those who work from home, as a place for the family to eat meals together, and as a place for kids to do their studies. This is why you should buy a dining set for your home:

Usefulness and versatility

The dining set can be used in a variety of ways while planning a house party. Have wholesome talks with your family over dinner, celebrate gatherings and birthdays, let the kids finish their schoolwork, and let the office workers use it as a workspace. This centrepiece may accomplish much more than just changing the overall look of the house's décor. 

Elevating the Dining Space

No more boring meals when you have a breathtaking wooden dining table in your home. The ideal dining set doesn’t just offer a space to have your meal but also provides a comfortable seating area and a healthy posture. A healthy breakfast on your favourite dining set would keep you motivated for the rest of the day and uplift the ambiance of your home. 

Everlasting Impression on Guests

A dining set displays your way of life and creates a lasting impression on your visitors. Dining sets are typically positioned in a dining or living room, where you can cordially greet your visitors and engage them in useful conversation. Give them a reason to talk about your amazing dining set when they go back home. Therefore, spend money on a high-end dining table set that will improve the entire appearance of your dining area.

Healthy and Loving Relationship with Family 

Everyone in the modern world has a busy schedule, making it difficult for people to maintain relationships with their family members. You can improve communication with your family and keep a loving and wholesome relationship with them by dining together as a family. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Dining Set Online 

Dining sets is more than just a place to eat and sit, as was previously said. When buying a dining set online in India, there are a lot of things you should consider. 

  • Measure the Available Space
  • Your dining set needs to be the right size for your dining space. A dining table appears to be quite enormous, therefore you must also provide space around it. In addition to the area taken up by the table, you need at least two or three feet of clearance on all sides to sit comfortably in the dining room chair.

  • Seating Requirements 
  • The number of seats should be your priority when looking for a dining table set. However, a larger dining room does not necessarily require a larger dining table set. On our website, you may find excellent selections for dining table sets that seat two people as well as eight people. 

    A 4-seater dining table set is generally the best choice for a medium-sized family. A 6 seater dining table set would be the best option for you in this situation unless you have a large family or routinely hold parties and invite visitors over. Average size of a 6 seater dining table set is 58-68 inches Width and 35 inches depth. 

  • Select the most appropriate material.
  • You must strike a balance between aspects like cost, personal taste, and simplicity of maintenance when selecting the correct material for a dining set. With personal preference, always prioritise comfort when deciding the suitable material. 

    For someone, a wooden dining set may not be the right choice but a metal dining set would charm its way into their home and vice versa. Leatherette, metal, and wood are some of the most popular materials for a dining set. 

  • The Suitable Shape
  • Square and rectangular dining sets are the most commonly bought shapes. Round and oval dining tables are usually great for parties and couples living together. But if you're living with your family, decide your needs and preferences. The shape of the dining table and chairs should be a crucial element since it's going to decide the overall look of your dining room. Don't go for bulky rectangular dining sets if you're low on space. 

  • The Base of the Table
  • The base of the table also affects your whole dining set in certain areas. The number of persons who can sit at a table depends on the table base. It will be simpler to fit an additional chair around a table that has thin legs or legs that are at the corner. Just make sure the leg space is not encroached upon by the support system. 

  • Match the Interiors
  • If your dining set is set in the extended living room area, you need to match the design and style of the dining set with the living room decor. Your dining table set should match the decor theme of your home and make sure that it doesn’t clutter the living space. Pick your favourite contemporary or vintage design from Fabuliv’s luxurious range of dining sets. 

    Why Should You Buy Dining Sets from Fabuliv? 

    Buying a wooden dining set online may be a smart move due to the ease of browsing dozens of types and patterns from the comfort of your own home. Going from store to store looking for the perfect design for your dining set could be tiresome, but if you choose Fabuliv, you will receive guaranteed and unbeatable solid wood quality, meticulous details of every piece of furniture, and a constant stream of discounts!

    While shopping online, it is useful to compare dining table set prices on several websites. Furthermore, you can frequently get better deals and discounts online. Fabuliv offers the best wooden dining table sets in India at cost-effective pricing. Furthermore, Fabuliv will let you experience some of the most luxurious wooden dining set designs that would become the focal point of the entire house. 

    Benefits of Buying Dining Sets Online India at Fabuliv

  • The Unmatchable Quality of Solid Wood
  • The dining sets are made to last for many years due to the use of premium solid wood. These are made more durable by the Sheesham and Mango wood and Fabuliv believes in providing the most durable and premium dining sets at the most affordable prices. 

  • Heart-Melting Discounts
  • Buying furniture can be a little hard on your pocket especially if you don't buy from trusted sources. At Fabuliv, you will be spoiled with heavy discounts and offers for the most luxurious pieces of furniture. 

    Take full advantage of our discounts and additional festive coupon codes to avail more discounts and offers. Trust Fabuliv to lead yourself to the path of Fabulous Living!  

  • Variety of Designs and Other Features
  • Fabuliv’s solid wood designs of the dining set will surely take your breath away. Whether you want a four-seater or a six-seater dining set, you’re just a few clicks away from buying your favourite dining set at Fabuliv. Hand Carved or rustic beauty, you’ll be spoiled with tons of designs and features when you shop at Fabuliv. 

  • Fast Customer Service & Easy Exchange Policies
  • Our competent customer support and easy exchange policies will ease your furniture-buying journey. When you’re at Fabuliv, you’re offered more than just luxurious furniture and affordable prices so make sure to give Fabuliv a chance for your Fabulous Living Experience. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which wood works best for a dining table set in India?
  • In India, the best materials for dining table sets are mango and Sheesham wood. The strength and durability of these wood types are unmatchable.

  • What is a dining set? 
  • For a cosy meal experience, a dining set consists of dining seats and tables. At Fabuliv, you could purchase chic dining tables and chairs at great prices. 

  • What is the best dining set for a small space? 
  • Foldable dining tables and chairs are the best choices if you have a small dining room or living room. You could also buy square and round dining table sets and elevate your dining space. 

  • How to fit six chairs around my dining table? 
  • If you want to seat six people at your dining table, use a six-seater dining set. Check the table's base to ensure there is enough room for everyone to sit comfortably and extend their legs out.

  • How do I pick the perfect dining set? 
  • Firstly, go around checking the available space in your dining room or the extended living room space. Make sure you pick out the perfect design that matches the theme of your home decor. 

    Then, pick out the seating requirements according to your number of family members though it's always preferable to add two extra chairs in case of frequent parties and unexpected guests. Finally, take into account the needs and utilisation.