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Small or large, it's crucial to carefully consider and then choose the right bathroom storage cabinet, including cabinet with mirror. Bathrooms may be the tiniest rooms in our homes, but that doesn't mean the cupboards within don't need regular cleaning and upkeep. The contents of our daily hygiene regimen—toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc.—can be neatly stashed away in the drawers of bathroom storage cabinet. Wooden bathroom cabinets purchased online not only help you neatly store your toiletries but also make them easy to find and retrieve whenever you need them. The storage potential of your bathroom is enhanced by the addition of these wooden cabinets with mirror. Your bathroom deserves just as much care and attention as your bedroom or living room. Bathroom storage cabinets come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and you can get them all online.

Learn About Your Choices For Bathroom Cabinets By Shopping Online

Fabuliv offers a variety of high-quality, online bathroom storage options made from solid wood to complement any design scheme. Wooden bathroom cabinets with mirrors are available in a variety of configurations, from modern to classic. They can also be purchased in a variety of styles to suit your bathroom's decor. The greatest bathroom cabinet design will make rapid cleaning, face washing, and brushing your teeth a breeze. There is a wide variety of bathroom mirror cabinets and bathroom shelves available in a wide range of widths and heights to suit your needs. You can keep your toiletries neatly arranged in order of how often you use each item thanks to the ample storage space provided by these cabinets and cupboards.

Mirror cabinet with extra storage space for the bathroom

Fabuliv guarantees it’s customers durable and expertly crafted items which are designed to suit all styles. To ensure the longevity of our bathroom shelves and bathroom cabinetry bought online, we exclusively utilise solid wood in the construction of each individual unit. For the first year after purchase, we'll fix any issues that arise at no cost to you. You can also give us a call at any time and speak with one of our furniture consultants about the design of the bathroom shelf or Bathroom wall cabinet that you want to get customised, and this includes all from a Bathroom Mirror Cabinet to a Bathroom Wall Cabinet to a Corner Bathroom Cabinet to a Wooden Bathroom Cabinet or even just a Bathroom shelf that you have pictured in your head. Their expertise will be invaluable as you create custom bathroom cabinets that are uniquely you. Call us if you're having trouble finding the right wooden bathroom cabinet with mirror for your bathroom among the solid wood bathroom cabinets designs available online, or if you're unsure whether a particular design is too little or too large for your bathroom. In addition, your bathroom mirror cabinet is delivered to your home within two weeks from the time you place your order with Fabuliv.

Customise your Wooden Bathroom Cabinet as per your taste and Requirement !

Put your personal stamp on your home's bathroom decor by designing your own custom cabinetry online.

In India, Fabuliv is the go-to online retailer for high-quality, custom-made, all-solid-wood bathroom cabinet. You have several options when it comes to solid wood bathroom cabinet or bathroom shelves, including the type of wood, the polish you'd like (to ensure it coordinates with the rest of your house furniture), and we just play with colours and on solid wood bathroom shelf to add a pop of colour and style to those boring walls. Gone are the days when you had limited options to choose from solid wood finishes. Here at Fabuliv we believe in adding finishing details with divine hand paintings and intricate carvings to give you a taste our rich hand-crafted sophistication and utility at the same time.

The bathroom is one of the most personal rooms in a house because it's where most people start and end their days. At the end of the day, you can relax and forget about your worries by taking a hot shower or a warm bath in your room. 

Extra storage space is always welcome, but it's especially useful in the bathroom. It can be challenging to find adequate storage space in a bathroom because of its layout and size. Bathroom mirror storage solutions are fantastic choices for addressing this issue. There are a number of efficient approaches of taking this on. A variety of bathroom mirror designs exist, some of which are suitable for this purpose.

So, if you want to add furniture to your bathroom, it's important to find a good balance between style, storage space, price, and how well the furniture fits your bathroom's size, shape, and design. Your bathroom furniture also needs to be strong and long-lasting so it can handle spills and water.

So, let's get right to it and talk about how to choose the right bathroom furniture for your space.


What are some good bathroom storage options?

If you need extra space in your bathroom, you can pick from a wide variety of storage solutions. You can select from a variety of fashionable bathroom vanities, cabinets, and shelves that are all suitable for the wall. In addition to traditional medicine cabinets and shelving, mirror-fronted storage furniture is a practical addition to any bathroom.


Before you start looking at different kinds of bathroom furniture, you need to know how much space you have to work with. Make a floor plan of your bathroom to figure out where things could go, and make sure to leave enough space for doors to open easily.

It is better to have accurate measurements of the length, width, and height of your bathroom, as well as the locations of any utilities, such as the main water and power supply. Plan your arrangement in your mind or on paper if you need to. Once you're done with this activity, Fabuliv can be your best friend when it comes to choosing the right bathroom cabinet for your walls. Once you know how big your bathroom shelf or bathroom cabinet needs to be, you can choose from Fabuliv's large catalogue.

Still if you feel you are unable to find the right fit as per your dimensions you may contact our customer care team for custom made bathroom cabinets or shelves. Our team will walk you through an easy process to get your bathroom shelf or bathroom cabinet customised as per your needs.


Because the bathroom is one of the smaller rooms in the house and is used a lot, it needs to be designed well. Make a plan of your bathroom's layout and take measurements to make sure your furniture will fit. Even if you have a beautiful wooden unit or a tall, double-width bathroom cabinet, it won't be useful if you can't close the door or move around easily.

You don't have to worry if your bathroom is small or has an odd shape. As you'll see, Fabuliv has a lot of designs that save space, like slim bathroom cabinets that don't take up much room but still have a lot of storage space. Sleek bathroom shelves are another good choice.


There are many different shapes and sizes of bathroom cabinets, including big, tall, wide, long, deep, and shallow. Your storage cabinet should be useful and hold everything you need to store. But because there are so many finishes, styles, and materials to choose from, your bathroom storage cabinet can also be a design feature.

Use a tall, thin cabinet to make the most of your vertical space, or a box-shaped square wall cabinet if you don't have much room on the floor.



Shelves are great bathroom furniture for small spaces because they take up little room. Because they are easy to use, work well, and can be changed. With Fabuliv, you can choose the best finish, style, material, and colour for your powder room because there are so many to choose from.

You can install open shelves on the wall or choose a bathroom storage unit with a mix of shelves and drawers. If you have a larger bathroom, we recommend our wall-mounted mirrored bathroom cabinets, which are both stylish and useful.

 It's one of the best ways to store things in a bathroom. This is usually in the form of a cabinet with a mirror, like a medicine cabinet or a bathroom cabinet. Bathroom cabinets are a great way to hold and store small items like medicine, toiletries, and even cleaning supplies. Also, medicine cabinets are usually very well made. For example, doors are the most common way to open them.

Fabuliv also has other kinds of mirrored cabinets besides medicine cabinets. A bathroom cabinet with a mirror is usually one of the best ways to store things in a bathroom vanity area. The storage will be very useful, and the mirror will look great in the bathroom. Most bathroom mirror storage units and medicine cabinets have extra features, like lights, that can be turned on and off.

How to Use a Bathroom Mirror with Shelves ?

If a medicine cabinet or bathroom mirror storage unit is too much for you, or if you just prefer a different style, bathroom mirrors with shelves are a great alternative. There are a few great ways to use shelves in bathroom mirrors to make the area more convenient and easy to get to. First, a shelf can be built into the bottom of a bathroom mirror. This is one of the simplest and most useful ways to add a shelf. All the things you need, like a tumbler, toothbrush holder, soap dish, toothpaste, or anything else, are easy to reach because they are right under the mirror.

On the sides of a bathroom mirror, you can also put shelves. They can be attached right to the side to make something that looks like a cabinet but is just a bunch of shelves. For example, a bathroom mirror like this with shelves will give you a lot more storage space than a mirror with just one shelf. Like a medicine cabinet, the mirror can also have shelves that stick out from the sides. This is very helpful, especially for bathrooms that don't have a lot of room. 

What if I already have a bathroom mirror but need external shelves?

If your bathroom mirror doesn't have any built-in storage, you might want to think about adding some shelves. In some cases, this might be even better than buying a mirror with built-in shelves because you can be more creative. If you choose to put one shelf under the mirror, it will be easy to find one that goes with the mirror and the rest of the room. You can also use the shelves on the side of the mirror. External shelves can add a lot of convenience to a bathroom vanity area as long as they are level and in the right places. 

Can I use small cabinets under the mirror ?

Small bathrooms can be hard to find storage for, especially if they don't have a bathroom vanity. For example, a wall-mounted sink doesn't need a vanity, which changes how you can store things. Small cabinets can be built into the bottom of bathroom mirrors to solve this problem. With a few small differences, these small cabinets can be used in the same way as a medicine cabinet. It will give you one of the most space-efficient ways to store things in your bathroom. . They are great for holding everyday bathroom vanity items so they are easy to get to.