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Upgrade Your Home Decor With the latest Sofa Set designs

A sofa set is a living room necessity that must be included. You must take into account a variety of factors when selecting a sofa set for your living room, including the available space, the sofa set's placement, your current design style, and others.

For a sports fan, coffee addict, or bibliophile, there’s nothing better than relaxing on a sofa and doing all those things. If you like to host parties or small gatherings, let your guests and friends feel special when they come home because there’s nothing better than relaxing on a modern and luxury sofa. 

The incredible collection of inexpensive and best couch sets available online from Fabuliv comes in a wide selection of styles, patterns, and textures to up the style factor in your living area. We provide a wide range of high-quality material options for our couch collection, including solid hardwood, leatherette, fabrics, and many more. 

We guarantee that your investment will last a longer period thanks to the gorgeous sofa set designs. As a result, all types of sofa sets available online in India are approved for durability and offer sturdiness even under demanding conditions.

Additionally, our sofa set price is quite competitive and fantastic value for our consumers. Who are you waiting for, then? Choose the ideal sofa set from our inventory, and take advantage of our amazing deals. Shop fabulous furniture today from Fabuliv! 

Before Buying a sofa set online, You must know these

Sofa sets aren’t something that you buy every day. Your investment in comfort and style shouldn’t go in vain and to take care of that, some factors should be taken into account before buying a sofa set online. Let’s take a look at them: 

  • How to select your sofa size?
  • The measurement of your living room should be your number 1 priority. The size of your sofa should be according to the space in your living room. Don’t go for a large-size sofa for the living room if you have a compact space since it may block certain visuals of your living room, taking away its charm and beauty. 

  • How to Select Your Sofa Set Material?
  • Fabrics like linen, velvet, and leather are available for sofas. There are plenty of alternatives available but bear in mind that each material requires a particular method of cleaning and upkeep. A leather sofa may be stain-resistant but it cannot resist the hard cracks in a humid climate. 

  • Are your Sofa Set Models Comfortable?
  • Before buying a sofa set online, look for sofas with extra cushion layers and foam providing extreme comfort. After a long day at the office, you will be so happy to have bought a comfortable couch for yourself. You deserve to relax on the best quality and most comfortable sofa sets! 

    Where Can You Use Sofa Set Models

    Comfortable seating is what everyone desires. Be it your guests, your clients, and even yourself. Ask yourself, would you like to sit on a chair that isn’t comfortable after a long day at the office? Nobody likes that! 

    As there are designs, patterns, and styles for a sofa, so are the places where they would light up every corner of it. Let’s peek into those corners, shall we? 

  • Sofa Set for Drawing Room
  • The drawing room is a formal space that is mainly used for entertaining visitors. Therefore, sofa sets ought to combine luxury and attractiveness. A compact sofa set like the Rubik Three Seater Sofa will likely fit in wonderfully in homes with small living spaces. 

    Aside from being comfy, these sofas also have modern sofa designs which further lighten up the ambience of the space. Our range of exquisite sofas will embellish any dull room with its pure elegance. Next time your guests come home, tell them how you bought luxury sofas at affordable prices from Fabuliv. ;)

  • Sofa Set for Living Room
  • The living room is where the whole family gathers to watch television or just relax. Therefore, the living room sofa set design must be a comprehensive package of style and comfort. The sofa set should blend nicely with the other furnishings in the living room. 

    Modern sofa design, living room sofa, sofa cum bed, and modern sofa sets are some of the contemporary options available on our website. Your living room deserves a fabulous and modern sofa with state-of-the-art designs. Let us take care of your needs. 

  • Sofa Set for Restaurant
  • Every posh restaurant needs a sofa set that makes the seating comfortable for their customers. You need to make an impression in the first minute and if the sofa is comfy, you just added a customer to your list. 

    With the right music and perfect placement of the sofa, it would just add more beauty to the decor of the restaurant. Opening up a new restaurant in your town or neighbourhood? Our sofa sets will accompany you on your journey. 

  • Sofa Set for Office 
  • A significant component of any office is the furniture, which not only makes employees and clients more comfortable but also promotes professionalism. Never undervalue the significance of office furniture because it has a direct impact on how productive your workplace is. 

    Choose different types of sofa sets available at Fabuliv

    A sofa can be used for a variety of things. It can be used as a useful piece of furniture where you can sit and work on your laptop, take a comfy nap, or just binge-watch your favourite movies and shows. When choosing a sofa, make sure the design checks the criteria for uniqueness, appeal, and usability. 

    Fabuliv has got a whole package of exotic and fascinating sofa sets online for every family and taste. For every space, we bring you sofas available in all sizes. Take a look at types of sofas online: 

  • Large Sofas - Sectional Couches 
  • Sectional sofas exude luxury and comfort. Regardless of the decor, they always give the overall image a regal air. Since they come in at least 5-7 seating, sectional sofas fall within the category of large sofas. You can relax, take a little nap, and binge-watch your preferred films and television shows on your couch. 

    Sectional sofas come in a variety of sizes and provide a cozy area to unwind and enjoy yourself. These sofas are a great option for luxurious space-saving. A sectional sofa is a perfect option to brighten the atmosphere in smaller rooms.

    Due to their L-shaped design and the fact that they don't take up much space in your living room or bedroom, sectional sofas are also known as L-shape sofas. 

  • Mid-Sized Sofas - Two-seater Sofa Sets
  • They generally come under the mid-sized range of sofas. These types of sofas are perfect for a small family of 2. Couples moving in together should prefer buying a two-seater couch since many of the apartments in the city have compact space so it is rather difficult to manage space around the house. 

    With tons of design, material, and sizes, you can get the best mid-sized sofas at the best prices at Fabuliv. The festive season comes with huge discounts. Take advantage and bring home the finest furniture in this festive season. 

  • Small Sofas - One-Seater Sofa Sets and Armchairs
  • Armchairs and one-seater sofas come under the category of small sofas since they do not take up much space and provide seating for one person. These small sofas will help you lift the ambience of any corner of the house. 

    Be it your home office, living room, drawing room, or even your balcony. Are you looking to decorate your house with luxury furniture at the most affordable prices? Voila! You’re in luck. Fabuliv has an exciting range of small sofas in every material and size at affordable prices. 

    Don’t wait, bring the luxury to your home in this festive season and flaunt your furniture! 

    Buy sofa set online in India, Check the best deals at Fabuliv

    Everyone wants to purchase a sturdy sofa set for the living room from a reputable retailer, but buying such opulent sofa furniture without first reviewing the company's warranty, return policy, and other relevant details would be a mistake. 

    At Fabuliv, we strive to win our clients' complete trust so they may put their hard-earned money into investments with confidence. Check out Fabuliv’s price range of different sofa sets online and bring that luxury lifestyle into your home at prices you’ve never seen before.

    Category Name Starting price
    Sectional Sofas ₹57,999
    One-Seater Sofa Sets ₹14,802
    Two-Seater Sofa Sets ₹23,684
    Three-Seater Sofa Sets ₹32,249
    Upholstered Chaise Loungers ₹57,999
    Solid Wood Sofa ₹14,802

    Why choose Fabuliv for buying sofas?

    Let’s simplify this question. Do you want the guests to come to your home and talk about how alluring your furniture is? Do you want luxury furniture at affordable prices with easy refundable policies? Do you want your hard-earned money to be invested in the finest furniture available online?

    If you got three Yes, then you are in for a treat. Fabuliv brings you a range of magnificent sofa sets made by the finest artisans in the country. You can easily choose from tons of designs, upholstery, colors, and sizes so you can bring the lost elegance back into your home. 

    Our sofa sets exhibit the quality of modernity and excellence. It would make you feel like you’re sitting in the lap of luxury. While you’re already amazed by our pricing, let’s get you a little bit more amazed by some of our top-selling sofa sets. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which is the best sofa to buy in India?
  • The ideal option would be to purchase an L-shaped or a 3 to 5-seater sofa combo constructed of wood and cloth because most homes in India can facilitate a combined family.

  • Which type of sofa set is best?
  • Hardwood can be regarded as the greatest material for sofas, including Sheesham wood, rubberwood, teak wood, oak wood, as well as other engineered hardwood. 

  • What is the cost of making a sofa set?
  • The cost of making a sofa set depends upon a lot of factors including size, the material used, and other extra features. Higher the material quality and size, the higher the production cost. 

  • What is a sofa set? 
  • A sofa set is an important piece of furniture consisting of sofas and armchairs or wooden sofa set designs which make up a beautiful living space in your home. 

  • How do you buy a good sofa set? 
  • It is crucial to evaluate the size and shape of the sofa set design while keeping the room's dimensions in mind. Moving forward, the sofa set design must coordinate with the room's interior design. 

  • Which type of sofa is durable? 
  • For a small family, a three to four-seater sofa set is most durable with hardwood material. For a large joint family, sectional sofas with five-seven seating are durable and preferred for them. 

  • Which type of sofa is good for the living room?
  • Examining every aspect of your room—such as its size, style, color combinations, placement, etc.—will help you choose the best sofa set for your living room and create harmony. Consider using L-shaped couch sets if your space is limited. 

  • How much does a good quality sofa cost? 
  • Beautiful sofa sets can cost from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 especially if you’re setting up your new home depending upon the material you go for. 

  • How long should a sofa last? 
  • A sofa should typically last between 8 and 14 years, however, use, care, the sofa's quality, and even the style of sofa you purchase, such as reclining sofas, can affect how long it lasts. 

  • What is the best month to buy furniture? 
  • The end of winter and summer are the best time to buy furniture since many retailers will be selling the old stock at discounted prices to make space for the new stock. 

  • Should I buy a cheap sofa?
  • No. While you may be thinking of buying a cheap sofa, you may disregard the comfort, modern design, and certain other features. While they may last for a few years, it’s not practical to leave out comfort for a cheap sofa. 

  • How can you tell the quality of a sofa?
  • Check the back, railing, legs, and arms of the sofa set for the structure. Notice how plush the padding is. Know the sofa's fabric and support materials inside and out.