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Buy Aesthetic Floor Lamps Online at Best Price in India

Floor lamps are the best way to bring life to dark places that exist in every home due to inadequate lighting. Stylish floor lamps do much more than just provide light for a space; they transform the dullest areas of your home's gloomy corners into the most attractive ones.

A very simple approach to adding a new aspect to your spaces is using floor lamps. They don't need special furniture or complicated installation, unlike ceiling or chandelier lights. Bring home a chic floor lamp, switch it on, and see how captivating it makes your home. 

Your choice of the lamp will mostly depend on how your room is designed. Depending on the colour scheme and available space, modern spaces can easily accommodate current floor lamp designs, but they can also look fantastic with rustic designs and shabby chic floor lamps. Browse through an extensive selection of floor lamps at Fabuliv and choose the one that you love.

How To Pick The Best Floor Lamp For Your Home

Choosing the right floor lamp for your home is a crucial task for your decor collection. Unlike table lamps, floor lamps take up more space and they need to be styled in corners without cluttering the surroundings. While taking care of these things, let’s see where you could style your aesthetic floor lamp in your home. 

Bedrooms & Floor Lamps 

The trick is to choose a floor lamp for the bedroom that goes with the overall design and mood you want to create. If you intend to use the lamp to add ambient lighting to the entire space, tall bedside floor lamps are a great choice. Tripod floor lamps can be an excellent design choice if you have plenty of space in the bedroom. 

The lamp should be more stylish but have a smaller area of lighting if it is only meant to supplement the overhead and wall lights. Additionally, the colour palette and decor in your bedroom should readily match the floor lights. If you want to go vintage style in your bedroom, Fabuliv has got the best vintage floor lamp collection designed to steal the hearts of vintage theme lovers like you. 

Living Room & Floor Lamps

Jute material for your floor lamp shade can be an excellent choice for your living room decor. The richness and beauty of jute shade floor lamps are unbeatable and are counted as one of the luxurious floor lamp designs. 

Torchiere corner lamps for the living room might be a terrific alternative for your home if you're looking for understated embellishments that serve to brighten the space and give focused lighting.

If you pay attention to some of these crucial factors when purchasing floor lights for your living room, you'll be able to make the finest choice and enhance the appearance of your home.

Dining Room & Floor Lamps

Enhancing your dining experience could be one of the best things you could do this year for your home. For large dining rooms, a down-bridge floor lamp will be a fine choice if you want the lighting to be focused directly on your dining table. A small dining table set can be illuminated with corner lamps and tripod floor lamps kept beside the table. 

What Are The Different Floor Lamp Designs Online? 

Solid Wood Floor Lamps

A wooden floor lamp will dazzle you with its refined and elegant design. In addition to being gorgeous, a wooden tripod lamp provides the essential service of evenly lighting your space. 

Sheesham and Mango wood floor lamps can provide your area with an aesthetically-pleasing vibe due to their appealing three-legged structure and placement behind wooden couches.

Standing Floor Lighting

The design of standing floor lights is ready to give the home a dramatic atmosphere. The lampshade rests on a base with three legs or possibly just one base, depending on how well-balanced the whole thing is. This floor lamp's attractive base and lampshade can help you make a focal point in your living space. 

Additionally, it may be raised to the desired height thanks to the tripod's capability. Standing tripod floor lights can be an excellent addition to your dining table. It can be extended to the desired height and positioned where it could focus its lighting on the centre of the table. 

Down Bridge Floor Lamps 

These floor lamps work best in living spaces and home offices. This lamp is upright, but the top curls just a little, reducing the height of the bulb. These lamps, which direct light downward, are great for studying and reading. Choose the proper size for the down bridge floor lamp to bring its beauty into your living room or home office.

Why Should You Buy Floor Lamps from Fabuliv? 

You have a myriad of floor lamp choices from Fabuliv for your living room and bedroom. When you're shopping from Fabuliv, you should expect a variety of forms, fine materials, attractive hues, excellent finishes, and captivating prices. 

Choose from a wide selection of our jute-shaded floor lamps at competitive prices for an extremely lavish ambiance in your home. As long as you're at Fabuliv, luxury living is easy. Any desired size floor light that works perfectly in your space is offered on our platform. Don’t forget to check out some of these floor lamp designs offered on Fabuliv.

  • Brunhild Floor Lamp

  • Celie Floor Lamp 

  • Madeline Floor Lamp

  • Shirley Floor Lamp

  • Hester Sky Floor Lamp

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    Frequently Asked Questions - Floor Lamps 

  • What kind of floor light should I choose for my home? 
  • Depending on the style of lighting you want in your home, choose the appropriate floor lamp. Decide the corners of your living room and bedroom where you wish to place them. Choose according to your needs, whether you want ambient lighting, a light for your reading nook, or lights to illuminate the area.

  • What is the height of a standard floor lamp? 
  • An average-sized floor lamp should be around 65-70 inches tall considering the standard height of the ceiling. Though the height of the lamp can be altered according to the available space in the living room or bedroom. 

  • How can I style my floor lamp? 
  • Floor lamps kept on either side of your sofa to bring ambient lighting can be one of the best ways to bring a sense of harmony to your home. Consider choosing lamps with creative shade designs for drab areas in the home. A single floor lamp could also be used to brighten lonesome nooks and corners. 

  • Where should I buy floor lamps online? 
  • No place other than Fabuliv if you want to browse through a collection of lamps that is genuinely outstanding and features a wide variety of designs, hues, and colours. To ensure that we deliver the finest furniture to your door, all of our products undergo stringent quality inspections as well.

  • What are the different shapes of floor lamps? 
  • Floor lamps come in a variety of shapes including oval, square, rectangular, drum, and conical. Pick out the shape that pleases your heart and matches the decor of your living room or bedroom.