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Soft furnishings are a crucial component of any home. The ambiance of the room can be spiced up by adding napkins, table runners, and cushion covers. Our soft furnishings are standouts that will enhance your home's beauty and give it a unique personality. To create the look of a warm and inviting home, mix and match cushions, table mats, coasters, table runners, and napkins from Fabuliv. 

The ideal combination of our soft furnishings will produce a welcoming ambiance while also being cosy to use and simple to maintain. A new set of cushion covers for the living room can completely change the way the space looks and feels.

We have a wide selection of cushion covers for you to choose from, including handwoven and embroidered ones. There are many choices available, with the relevant factors being textures, themes, colours, fabrics, and styles. By positioning the cushions in a particular way, one can liven up a plain sofa or floor seating space. 

Cushions can be decorative or seasonal and help in freshening up your space. You can easily switch them around depending on how you're feeling. The pillows will instantly liven up your home and not just enhance the space. A couple of extra cushions can be added for the much-needed back support and an opulent look. 

Different Types of Soft Furnishings Available at Fabuliv


Cushions are a great, affordable way to use soft furnishings to make your house come to life if you've finished decorating a space and are looking for something to add as the finishing touch. They are an excellent way to change the look and feel of your room as the seasons change because they may add texture and give the space a pleasant, lived-in appearance. Replace them with elaborate, decorated pillow coverings throughout this festive season to instantly glam up your interiors. You can find a variety of cushions and cushion covers including embroidered, handwoven, and elegant designs at Fabuliv. 

Table Mats

Table mats are one such dining and design item that is now a requirement for the dining table in every setting, including homes and restaurants. In addition to their original role of keeping the table clean while food is being served, placemats today have many other uses. As a result, placemats for dining tables today perform a number of tasks in addition to serving as artistic works and ornamental accents.


The ideal decorative item to place on your dining table, napkins give your dining area a timeless beauty and elegance. To avoid any spills ruining your entire outfit, table napkins are placed on your lap. With the use of a napkin, the mouth corners are cleaned. To clean perfectly, the fabric of the napkin should be suitably absorbent.

In four various colours to match your needs and preferences, Fabuliv provides the most attractive table linens. You can easily order stylish napkins from Fabuliv online for low prices and outstanding quality.

Table Covers

Tablecloths are a worthy addition to any dining table. A table cover gives your area practical value by protecting it from food spills and design value by adding colour, passion, and a dash of panache. Because it is simple to clean and only needs to be replaced occasionally, a dining table cover requires minimal upkeep. A table cover will help make the area more colourful and cheerful, providing a welcoming environment for friends and family gathered around the dining table. 

Table Runners

There is no denying the appeal of simple, elegant, and organic cotton table runners. To protect against the heat of the vessels kept on the dining table while maintaining the design of your dining table, use cotton table runners. Table runners are also a terrific accent to your table design and add class to any bland dining area.

How To Choose The Right Soft Furnishings for your Home? 

Let's go over some of the principles for soft furnishings that you should bear in mind when selecting the fabric for your home. 

Durability Check

It's crucial to consider the fabric's longevity before considering outward characteristics like patterns, colours, etc. for your soft furnishings. Your soft furnishings should be as strong and durable as your solid furniture. Of course, it would need regular cleanings and other types of maintenance, but it shouldn't deteriorate over time. You won't need to buy soft furnishings for a very long time thanks to Fabuliv's beautiful selection of cushions. table covers, and placemats that offer extreme durability. 

Colours that Compliment the Decor

One of the most crucial elements to consider when buying soft furnishings for your home is this one. You must pick colours that go well together and don't compete with the colours of the walls.

The ideal course of action would be to proceed while keeping in mind fundamental colour theory. However, if you're unsure, talking to an interior décor expert is always a wonderful idea.

Experiment With the Patterns

It's time to revel in the designs once you are certain of the fabric's durability and colour. It's mostly a choice of fashion. To prevent the pattern-on-pattern problem, choose simple fabrics if you choose faded and patterned walls. But if your walls are plainly textured, go ahead and experiment with patterns.

Our advice is to stick with one or two designs for your home, develop a theme, and keep the remaining soft furnishings drenched in that same colour. At Fabuliv, you can pick from a variety of embroidered, handwoven, and other patterns.

Why Choose Fabuliv For Soft Furnishings? 

Fabuliv has long been regarded as having unrivalled quality. From a gorgeous selection of table covers, napkins, cushions, and runners on our website, you can pick the best design and style for your home.  Fabuliv offers luxurious living at affordable pricing since we will never ask you to sacrifice your budget. Thanks to Fabuliv's wide range of styles, materials, colours, and combination options, anyone may choose the furniture of the finest calibre.

Check out our lovely selection of table and cushion coverings for your living room and sofa if you're wanting to add the perfect finishing touches to your house. With Fabuliv's huge selection of soft furnishings, you may enhance the style of your dining area or match the aesthetics of your home! Dont forget to fully benefit from our tremendous savings and offers on soft furnishings on our website! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How should I select the best cushion covers for my home?
  • The suitable approach to quickly renovate your room's décor is with cushion coverings. Choose cushion covers that contrast with the colour of the walls, sofa, or drapes to make the process simple. To fit every home, Fabuliv offers a selection of cushion covers in a wide variety of hues, designs, and sizes. Choose one of our solid-color cushion covers if your decor is simple. Check out our best-selling embroidered and handwoven cushion covers if you enjoy the look of patterns in your home; they would perfectly complement the decor of your home. 

  • What is the ideal size of a cushion cover? 
  • The usual dimensions of a cushion cover are 16 inches by 16 inches and 12 inches by 12 inches. Square cushion covers are the most popular form and size. Cushions are the final touches for any couch, chair, or bed. Cushions embellished with our exquisite cushion covers can provide some individual comfort, punctuate the colour scheme, and brighten the room.

  • How to choose the perfect table cover for my dining table? 
  • Considerations for selecting the right kind of table cover for different occasions include the material type, colour, design, form, and size of the cover. The occasion's theme and interior decor should both be taken into account while selecting a tablecloth. Fabuliv’s unique range of table covers is simple to clean and perfect for everyday usage or for laying out a lavish display for celebrations.

  • How to style the decorative cushions in my home?
  • Use a variety of sized cushions to provide a relaxed and curated look in your home. Try different textures and patterns instead of simply colours! If your living room is looking to match with patterns and textures, buy embroidered and striped cushion covers to match the aesthetics of your living room. Keep in mind that cushions aren't just for your mattresses and sofas. An elegant fashion statement can be made with a floor cushion!