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Buy two Seater Sofa Online and make your home stylish

Read these words carefully: relaxing, movie night, watching cricket or football, long day at the office. Let us read your mind. You’re thinking of a comfy two seater sofa and you want to relax and read a book while taking a sip of coffee. 

We read your mind and now, it’s time to turn such dreams into reality. Do you want to know the secret? FABULIV! Yes, you can buy a 2 seater sofa at affordable prices, and with that, you’re getting the luxury and level of sophistication you always wanted! A pretty good deal, right? 

From durability to modern designs and textures, we’ve got the whole package. A sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture that make up the warming ambiance of the place. Couples who buy furniture together, stay together. Why not take advantage of great deals online at Fabuliv and shop luxury at amazing prices? 

Your eyes will be dazzled by the variety of our patterns. You can choose Sheesham wood to give your sofa a refined appearance or choose a bold colour to make your living area sparkle. Our beautifully crafted wooden couch designs provide you with comfy seating and please you with their aesthetic appearance. 

You can simply match the sofa with the decor of your living room thanks to the vast array of colours offered. We know the value of your hard-earned money and that’s why we’re here to make your investments worthwhile. With our variety of sofas, designs, and textures, you will not be disappointed. 

Things you should know before Buying a 2-seater sofa set online

Buying a couch is no fluke task. Thousands of rupees are invested for your comfort and luxurious lifestyle dream. That is why some crucial matters need to be considered before buying a sofa for your living room. Let’s take a look at them: 

  • Two Seater Sofa Set Material
  • Material can be chosen based on appearance and ease of maintenance. You can choose leather or textiles made from cotton, wool, or linen. A variety of textures and finishes are available with leather, making it a more durable material. Fabric upholstery is available in a variety of prints and patterns. 

    If you own a pet, we advise you to buy a leather 2 seater sofa set so there’s no chance of wear & tear and leather is stain-resistant so it requires little maintenance which would be an optimum long-term investment. 

  • Two Seater Sofa Design 
  • When it comes to furnishing a living room or bedroom, a sofa is a necessary piece of furniture. They have a regal appeal, add a dash of refinement and elegance, and influence how at ease you and your guests will be in your living room.

    Your two seater sofa will complement the entire room, adding to the living space's vibrancy and aesthetic appeal. You can choose from tons of designs available on our website keeping in mind that the design should match the interiors. Browse through the best two seater sofa designs from Fabuliv at great prices for your home. Happy Fabulous Living Day!

    Get Ready for 2 seaters wooden sofa set shopping in India.

    Are you ready to buy the most luxurious furniture at affordable prices? Sofas are one of the most typical pieces of furniture in an Indian household where everyone dreams of living that luxurious lifestyle but prices shatter those dreams. Well, Fabuliv has come like a “Knight in the shining” to keep your luxurious hopes up. 

    You can choose the best 2 seater couch for your home available in every size and taste on our website. Fabuliv has the most unique selection of sofas in every taste and size for small families of three or couples who share a home. 

    Whether it’s a 2 seater wooden sofa or a hardwood fabric sofa, it should brighten up your living space. While you decide on the designs and patterns of the sofa, it is important to be aware of different places where your sofa would bring warmth to the ambiance of your home. Let’s see the list: 

  • 2 seater sofa for Office
  • Your clients, colleagues, and employees are visitors to your office. Whether it is to impress a client or maintain productivity in your office, a sofa is an integral part of your office/home office. Plus, professionalism in the workplace makes an office look more elegant and sophisticated. 

    Long hours and high pressure lead to overnight working in your office. Don’t let back problems set in because poor work posture means poor productivity. Buy a two seater office sofa with great deals at Fabuliv! 

  • Two seater Sofa for Bedroom
  • For sleepyheads, two-seater sofas are a perfect choice. Starting your morning ritual on a sofa in your bedroom feels like heaven. A productive day begins with a cup of coffee in the morning and a book on the couch. Don't let anticipation prevent you from purchasing a comfortable couch and kicking off a productive and healthy morning. 

    Hurry up, great deals don’t last long! Browse through some of the best two seater sofas for bedrooms and bring home the modernity you always craved for. 

  • 2 seater Sofa for Living Room
  • A living room is the most welcoming place for your guests, visitors, and even your family. Whether it’s spending quality time with your other half or chit-chatting with your family, a sofa accommodates everyone. Sofas bring a majestic appeal to the living room especially 2 seater sofas if you have a small family.

    At Fabuliv, we bring you the most exquisite range of two-seater couches at great prices. We believe in providing quality at affordable pricing and keeping our customers happy. What are you waiting for? Hop on to our website for exciting festive deals. 

  • 2 seater Sofa for Small Spaces
  • If there’s not enough space in the living room, don’t compromise your luxury lifestyle. A small two seater sofa can be placed in various corners of your house. Think about placing a two seater sofa set on the balcony. Coffee, birds chirping, and breathing in the fresh air in the morning. 

    Already got goosebumps? We did too! Illuminate those small spaces in your home with 2 seater fabric sofas and bring the lost elegance back into your homes at cheap prices. Cheers to Fabulous Living! 

    Why Choose Fabuliv for 2 Seater Sofas? 

    Select from the most elegant and exotic selection of sofas at Fabuliv online. Choose the best one-seater sofa for your living room, workplace, bedroom, and balcony to add style to each space in your home. Select the most fashionable sofa designs and colours to banish the drabness of your house.

    With Fabuliv, you can live a luxurious lifestyle for an inexpensive price thanks to significant discounts and seasonal specials. Find all of the sectional couches, sofa sets, one-, two-, and three-seater sofas on The quality of our service won't let you down.

    Unique Designs for 2 Seater Sofas at Fabuliv

    Fabuliv specialises in two-seater couches, and we put a lot of effort into providing you with wonderful options. We make sure to provide the most opulent and fashionable single-seat couches for you. Here are a few of our top-selling two-seater sofa sets that will enhance your home's appearance:

  • Romane Two Seater Sofa
  • One of our top-selling fabric sofas is specially designed to jazz up the living room. This two-seater sofa comes with a foam density of 40 and a webbing support seat which means the comfort is placed right in your pocket. 

    With a Martindale value of more than 80,000, you don’t have to worry about the durability of this upholstery fabric. You thought it was impossible to buy luxury at cheap prices? Fabuliv spoils you with great deals on sofas and wants you to live the luxurious lifestyle you deserve.

  • Alfeo Large Two Seater Sofa with Hand Printed Upholstery 
  • From our classic range of fabric sofas, Alfeo large two seater sofa blends well with your large living room area and matching interiors. The premium fabric material brings comfort and style to your home. The hand printed upholstery is sure to bring some appreciation to the dinner party when your friends are over.

    The store-to-store hustle stops now. Our quality and prices will leave you stunned! Buy the best two seater fabric sofas at amazing prices from Fabuliv and show off your luxurious lifestyle. It’s time to shop fabulous furniture exclusively from Fabuliv. 

  • Chelsea Two Seater Sofa
  • Grey is the king of colors when we talk about sofas. Chelsea Two Seater Sofa comes in grey and fabric material designed for people who love comfort and style simultaneously. Well, who doesn’t? 

    You shouldn’t compromise comfort on a sofa and we took care of that by providing dense foam in this sofa. Two seater grey sofas exude sophistication and elegance. Fabuliv offers luxury sofas at a reasonable price, so make your investment worthwhile. 

  • Windsor Solid Wood Two Seater Sofa
  • If your living room is relatively small, this handcrafted beauty is the best option. For a flawless and opulent living room, pick a color palette, create a set, and match the interiors. This sturdy and comfortable Windsor sofa is made of solid wood and dense foam.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are 2 seater sofas called?
  • Two-seater sofas are also called loveseats in the sofa industry. A loveseat typically means a chair or a couch with two upholstered seats. 

  • What is the cost of 2 seater sofa?
  • The price of a 2 seater sofa depends upon the size and quality you’re preferring. An average-sized 2 seater sofa typically costs around 25-30k INR. The prices go up with the increase in material and designs. 

  • How wide is a standard 2 seater sofa?
  • The size of the sofa will vary greatly depending on its design and style, but a double-seater sofa typically measures around 65 inches in width, and 34 inches in depth. 

  • Why is it called a loveseat?
  • The name loveseat comes from the idea that a two-seater sofa is ideal for couples sitting closely together and having quality time. 

  • How long is a 2 seater? 
  • Though it greatly depends upon the size and style of the sofa, a standard 2 seater couch/sofa measures around 35-36 inches in height for an average-sized living room.