About Us

Back in the glorious days when Steve Jobs was around, he was once asked the difference between Apple and Microsoft, to which he said – “It comes down to trying to expose yourself to the best things that humans have done and then try to bring those things into what you’re doing.”

At Fabuliv, we strive for the same passion, the same zeal and the same hunger for creativity. Shaped by masterminds who have seen the decor industry grow from the roots of paraphernalia to a wild flourishing business it is today, Fabuliv’s intent can be summarised in extensive madness for diversity and tastefulness.

The brand doesn’t believe in serving with the ordinary, the mediocre, things that are easy to create or find. Fabuliv endeavours to achieve high standards of design, production and creativity on regular basis. Every day our factories create omnichannel furniture and decor items based on aesthetic sensibilities of what’s in vogue.

In order to turn the otherwise encumbering experience of decorating a house into a beauteous one, Fabuliv collates ingenious ideas, material, inspirations and artistry from around the country. Working with over 100+ local artisans from India, Fabuliv is constantly trying to ameliorate the options in the decor industry and working on fabricating the parameters of premier furnishing.

So, if you have an empty space that you call your house and want to change it your ‘home’, then you have come to the right place. Away from the tumult created by the market, at Fabuliv you will get the access to an undisputed uniqueness and individuality – we are marked by our commitment to excellence and our endless desire to merge classic with contemporary.

We use quality materials sourced from different parts of the world that vouch for longevity and novelty; all of this while keeping our business absolutely environmentally friendly. Our fervid team spends day and night to look out for the high-grade, top-notch designs to suit your need.

That said, everything that you buy from us won’t hurt your pocket or the environment.