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Buy the Best Wardrobe Designs Online in India

One of the most important bedroom furniture purchases is a wardrobe. Imagine the mess your bed would make with all your clothes spread out on it. An essential piece of furniture in a bedroom is a fashionable wardrobe with adequate storage. Choosing a modern bedroom cabinet with a mirror is typically one of the main issues when establishing a new home or renovating an old one.

Because they contain all the necessary items and occupy a significant amount of space in your bedroom, choosing a wardrobe that is appropriate for your home is essential. It is therefore important to choose or create something beautiful and useful that enhances or matches the décor of your home.

A new wardrobe is also a terrific solution to solve your capacity issues in the bedroom, and cabinet furniture can hold a lot of items if it is precisely organised. A cabinet in the bedroom can be used to store a wide variety of items, including clothing and accessories, books, purses, footwear, and other items. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wardrobe Online

Choosing the ideal bedroom cabinet design is, however, the most important aspect of this. Consequently, if you also intend to purchase a wardrobe online, we are here to assist you in making the best decision.

  • The Ideal Size
  • Amazingly crafted wardrobes are a terrific source of diversion. Check the size of your room and the wardrobe's specs. If you don't, you'll be wasting space or leaving no room for anything else. If you choose a fully fitted wardrobe, the installation will take place within the room, and you will be aware of the measurements.

    Check out the precise size and specifications to find the best wardrobe designs for a tiny bedroom to a large bedroom that meet your needs. The size of the bedroom will eventually determine the type of wardrobe, such as a small-standing wardrobe or a wall-mounted bedroom cabinet. 

  • Suitable Material 
  • The right material must be chosen for your bedroom cabinet design. The most often used materials include glass, chipboard, and hardwood. Though each bedroom almirah design style and material has benefits and cons, bear that in mind.

    People have always chosen solid wood cabinets for any piece of furniture. Fabuliv offers solid wood that is both long-lasting and beautifully crafted. Therefore, if you want your bedroom cabinet to be strong and durable, it is best to buy one made of durable material. 

  • Storage Requirements 
  • The bedroom should have enough space to keep your clothes, shoes, and other accessories. A frequent error is purchasing undersized cabinets in an effort to save space. The fact that it will make the bedroom look unpleasant and that they would no longer have a place to store their possessions escapes them, though.

    Make sure your closet has cabinet rods, drawers for shoes, drawers for apparel, safe locks, sliding shelves, a mirror, and multiple drawers. No matter how many items of clothing and footwear you own, your collection of accessories may grow, but your bedroom should always have a suitable-sized closet with enough space for storage.

  • Optimum Cabinet Height
  • An average-sized bedroom cabinet should have a normal height of 7-10 feet. Master bedrooms can have much bigger cabinets after considering the storage needs. Decide what you need to keep in the cabinet before you buy one. 

    Your ability to store things and the strength of your design may be compromised by small cabinets. Make sure your cupboard doesn't look too bulky if you have a smaller bedroom as it may overshadow the aesthetics of your bedroom. 

  • Design & Finish 
  • Your wardrobe's exterior finish and design are important factors to take into account. The proper design and style would complement the furnishings and spruce up the bedroom's appearance. Additionally, the outside appearance is quite important because it is one of the key pieces of furniture that draws attention to the room design. The beauty of the room design is transmitted and enhanced by adding your personal touch to the area.

    The placement, dimensions, colour, surface, texture, doors, and outside finishing of the wardrobe all work together to create a sophisticated overall impression. You won't need any further design components in the room if your wardrobe is appealing.

    What Are The Different Types of Wardrobes Online? 

    You can buy from a whole sea of designs and styles for wardrobes online. Check out some of the trending designs and types of wardrobes that are currently marking their presence in the furniture industry. 

    Modular Cabinets

    You could always customise the storage space of modular and flexible cabinets without jeopardising the existing layout. Given that it's always wonderful to have the option to increase storage when you acquire more items, this is especially helpful in case you need more storage space without spending a fortune on buying new wardrobes. 

    Sliding Wardrobes

    Sliding wardrobes are both functional and aesthetically modern. Sliding wardrobes exhibit great luxurious traits since the sliding feature of floor-to-ceiling cabinets make them look like large walk-in closets.  

    The wardrobe's hanging racks and drawers aid in organising your possessions, and its sliding doors make it simple to access everything at once. It's a great choice for smaller bedrooms as they wouldn't take up much space in the bedroom. 

    Door Wardrobes

    There are a few entirely modern and room-saving choices for compact bedrooms. Door closets can provide the appearance of more space in a small space. Your door wardrobe comes with several features and possibilities.

    For instance, depending on the size of your family and your storage needs, you might have wardrobes with two, three, or four doors. Families who share a closet should invest in four-door wardrobes to make organising everyone's clothes and other accessories simple and convenient.

    Mirrored Closets 

    A beautiful instance of a multipurpose storage solution is a mirrored wardrobe. You can avoid spending money on and taking up valuable floor space by attaching a full-length mirror to the wardrobe's door. 

    Additionally, having a mirror right on the closet door is really beneficial when choosing outfits. It's easier to click those aesthetic "outfit-of-the-day" selfies when you have a mirrored wardrobe installed in your bedroom.  

    Why Purchase Wooden Wardrobes from Fabuliv? 

    At Fabuliv, we specialise in providing high-quality, luxurious furniture, and we have every style of contemporary wardrobe to fit your home. You may purchase your luxury bedroom wardrobes from us without jeopardising your budget because our prices are reasonable and cost-effective.

    Solid wood wardrobes have always been the centre of attention in any bedroom space. Whether you’re looking for solid wood, handpainted, or hand-carved wardrobes, Fabuliv has got the most exquisite range of designs for the same. But, don’t just take our word on it. Check out the designs for yourself on our website and see if we were right. ;)

    We also provide our customers with a variety of stylish, cutting-edge, and fashionable fitted clothing options to give their homes a regal feel. You won't be let down by our excellent workmanship or chic wardrobe designs. We stand out from the crowd thanks to our meticulous attention to detail and the superior materials that make up our wardrobe. While you’ve scrolled this far, it’s time to treat you with some benefits of shopping for furniture at Fabuliv:

  • Shop at Your Convenience
  • Shopping effortlessly is one of the main benefits of buying a wardrobe online.  Browse through the latest designs and styles for your wardrobe at Fabuliv and shop while you relax in your bed. This winter, don't tire yourself out with store-to-store visits buying the perfect furniture for your home. Fabuliv has got you covered. 

  • Get Exciting Discounts & Offers
  • In the midst of cut-throat competition, Fabuliv strives to offer the most luxurious furniture at the most affordable rates! The festive season may be over for others but if you're a FABULICIOUS, the festive discounts are always open for you. The exciting deals and discounts on our furniture will treat your budget well. Don't wait then, take full advantage of such deals and open the mystery of Fabulous Living! 

  • Unmatchable Designs and Styles
  • Fabuliv offers the widest selection of wardrobe and closet designs and styles along with the most competitive prices. After a thorough quality verification, Fabuliv offers you the most trending designs that would undoubtedly make a great addition to your home. You can visit the Fabuliv website right now and see for yourself, so don't just take our word for it!


    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which wardrobe style is ideal for the bedroom?
  • A sliding wardrobe is an ideal option if you want to make your space appear more practical. You may keep more stuff in these wardrobes because they are available in a variety of materials. Mirrored wardrobes may be the best option for you if you prefer a small mirror within the wardrobe to a large mirror for your bedroom. 

  • What are the different types of closet designs? 
  • There are wardrobe designs available with sliding doors to make the most of the available space. They occupy less space than conventional doors. They come in a variety of materials as well, from exquisite wood to strong steel. 

    An L-shaped wardrobe is another option if you want to maximise the space in the room's corners. For spacious bedrooms, go for floor-to-ceiling wardrobes to spruce up the area.

  • What is the best material for my wardrobe? 
  • The market for wardrobes is dominated by wooden wardrobes, which are the ideal material for a wardrobe. The majority of people choose a wooden wardrobe, with options ranging from engineered wood to solid wood, including Sheesham, mango, and ply. Check out the modern solid wood wardrobe designs from Fabuliv for the most incredible offers and savings! 

  • How many doors does a typical wardrobe have?
  • Two doors are the usual number for a wardrobe design. Nevertheless, the number of doors can be increased based on the amount of storage and available space you need. For a fairly large family sharing the closet, three- and four-door wardrobes are the best options.

  • What Color Goes Best With My Wardrobe?
  • The most popular wardrobe colours are white, neutral tones, and light wood shades because they reflect light and give the impression that your space is larger. Grey shades can be an excellent colour choice for a modern-themed bedroom.