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Beds and bedside tables have always been the go-to furniture for styling bedrooms. In fact, it is impossible to imagine a bedroom without these two pieces of furniture. Where would you sleep? Where would you keep your phone? How to fill those empty corners in the bedroom? Bedside tables and stylish beds are the answer to all these questions. 

You can also refer to bedside tables as a nightstand or day stands. They are incredibly practical and have numerous uses. It usually occupies a little space next to a bed. However, you can put them wherever you choose in the bedroom or other rooms. 

They can hold or store objects like an alarm clock, nightlight, eyeglasses, a phone, books, a drink, a desktop intercom, or medication that are handy at night. The designs of beds and bedside tables have improved with the development of trends and styles. 

But firstly, we need to talk about some of the important things that we need to consider before buying a bed and bedside table online. Let's move on! 

Things to Consider Before Buying Beds and Bedside Tables 

It's difficult to find the ideal bed and nightstand for your house. There are too many elements to take into account, and if you overlook some of them, you can choose the wrong ones. We've got you covered, so don't worry. The following is a list of considerations you should make before even thinking about buying that furniture. Prepare for this now.

  • Size of your Bedroom 
  • Simply purchasing a bed without taking into account the size of your bedroom would be foolish. The queen size bed may occupy a lot of space in a bedroom that isn't very big. It could make your bedroom appear cramped and restrict your freedom of movement. 

    The bed size should be ideal and should be a perfect fit for your bedroom since there should be enough space for your bedside table on each side.  You must therefore be aware of the bedroom's measurements before you can purchase a bed.  

  • Design is a Vital Decision 
  • Before purchasing a bed, one should make this important selection. You should get a bed that shouts your personality loud and clear to the visitors. You need to keep in mind both the requirement to preserve your bed as well as the guests you encounter. 

    An iron or vintage-designed bed is unquestionably the best option if you want a bed that is easier to maintain. It wouldn't require polishing and would last longer. A wooden bed would require painting and polishing after some years if you choose that option.  

  • The Material Choice 
  • Nothing can match the quality and visual appeal of solid wood when it comes to choosing the material for beds and tables. There are many different types of durable and traditional hardwood materials, to name a few: Sheesham, solid wood, and mango wood. 

    The wooden material is something that is in a class of its own, whether you want to go for wooden beds without storage or a solid wood bed with storage. Additionally, there are other benefits to purchasing a solid wood bed from Fabuliv. These are a few of them! 

    •  The wood can be carved into an infinite number of distinct styles and designs. You’re getting the best wooden beds and bedside table designs with great discounts at Fabuliv. 
    •  You can choose recycled wood to make your bed, which is eco-friendly. Additionally, even as the bed ages, you can simply have it polished for a refreshed appearance.
    •  Wood is simple to keep clean and maintain as compared to other materials. 

  • Matching with Room’s Decor 
  • Make sure the furniture you chose for your bed and tables complements the design of the space. The carpets, lights, wall clock, chandelier, and other room-decorating items should all coordinate with them. 

    Each element should harmonise with the others, making the overall area appear picture-perfect. Additionally, the bedsheet you select for the bed should complement the bed and not be overly opulent or sombre in contrast to the bed's style.  

  • Your Storage Requirements 
  • Greater storage space has been incorporated into bed designs over time. Modern beds, in contrast to conventional ones, provide more storage. Additionally, the additional storage and top surface of bedside tables allow you to quickly organise your phones, eyeglasses, and other small objects. 

    Moreover, we adore the concept of storing large and necessary items beneath the bed, where they may be kept securely hidden. Pack up all of your extra pillows, blankets, sheets, wool clothing, and anything else inside the storage area to spare yourself the added clutter. 

    You can choose between a king-size bed with storage space and a double bed with storage space, depending on the available space. For your bedside table, know your storage needs and a list of things you wish to keep on your table. As per the space available in your bedroom, choose the one that uplifts the aesthetics and improves the functionality of your bedroom at the same time. 

  • Budget Before Anything 
  • Before you purchase any furniture, your budget should always be a top priority. When purchasing a bed, it is never a good idea to break the bank because there are numerous designs and types available that fit every budget. So choose a bed that fits both your preferences and your budget. 

    You should only choose a king- or queen-size bed if you have the money to cover their exorbitant price. Choose a single bed without storage if money is tight. If you're someone looking for great quality and designs at affordable prices, check out Fabuliv's official website and start your dream shopping! 

    Different Beds and Bedside Table Designs Available at Fabuliv 

  • Felice Solid Wood Bed with Hand Painting 
  • Our Felice Hand painted Bed is a terrific addition to your bedroom if you have a keen eye for art. Three different storage options are available: box storage, drawer storage, and hydraulic storage. They effortlessly blend in with the majority of interior design aesthetics while raising the stylish factor of any room. 

  • Dravidian Hand Carved Solid Wood Bed 
  • Our Dravidian Hand Carved Solid Wood Bed, which is drenched in craftsmanship, will instantly improve the ambiance of your bedroom with its stylish design. You don't need to worry about the durability and strength of the bed because it is built of strong mango wood. 

    This bed was created by some of our team's best designers and when paired with one of our wonderful bedside table designs, it is sure to elevate your bedroom space.

  • Kolam Hand Painted Solid Wood Bed 
  • Everybody adores the Kolam beauty and so will you! This hand-painted Kolam solid wood bed comes with three storage and two color options including teak and walnut! Don’t worry about the durability of the bed since Fabuliv’s fine craftsmanship and the Sheesham wood material ensures that you get the best out of the best. 

  • Reina Solid Wood Bedside Table 
  • Bedrooms are always cluttered with books, laptops, phones, and many other accessories. There are some things that you just cannot slide under the bed but there’s always a bedside table that you could style with your bed. Fabuliv’s Reina Solid wood bedside table offers plenty of storage space with two compartments to store all your accessories. 

    Moreover, the decent countertop surface provides enough area to style your souvenirs, vases, and beautiful framed photographs. Already wanting to buy this bedside table? Head on to our website and take advantage of heavy discounts!! 

  • Margot Solid Wood Bedside Table with Drawers
  • Let me ask you one thing. Do you want a bedside table with sturdy material quality, plenty of storage space, and a fantastic design? If you said YES, then Margot Solid Wood Bedside Table is the one you need! 

    The durability of Sheesham wood coupled with teak and walnut colours makes it one of the best additions to a bedroom. Fabuliv has got the most trendy collection of such designs at great prices. If you’re looking to buy a bedside table at an affordable price, Fabuliv has got you covered! 

  • Felice Solid Wood Bedside Table 
  • Already in love with Felice Solid Wood Bed? Wait, there’s more! Felice Solid wood bedside table is missing from your bedroom collection. Sheesham Wood has always been known for its sturdiness and premium quality so it’s the perfect choice for your bedside table! The table comes with two drawers offering decent storage space for your daily essentials and novels. Choose your colour design and decide whether you’re a Teak person or a Hand-painted one! Don’t clutter your bedroom, style it with Fabuliv! 

    Why should you buy beds and bedside tables from Fabuliv?

    A wide variety of beds and bedside tables in modern, rustic, bohemian, country, and other styles are available from Fabuliv. We also provide a variety of sizes, storage, form, and design options while taking all of your needs into account! 

    Because we think that people and the environment come first, we use sustainable traditional handcraft techniques to create gorgeous beds and bedside tables out of sustainable mango wood and Sheesham wood. We go above and beyond to create distinctive designs that are difficult to obtain elsewhere in order to build items that satisfy the current needs of modern interiors. 

    What Other Services Do We Offer? 

    Customer Service

    To assist our consumers with their questions, we go above and beyond. Customer happiness is our first priority, thus our support team does everything within its power to ensure it. 

    Customization Options for your Furniture 

    Every customer is special and keeping that in mind, we grant our services to clients to create custom furniture. You can opt to alter the design, size, and colour of your bedside table to fit your taste and preferences. 

    Great Discounts

    With great furniture comes great discounts when you’re shopping for your furniture from Fabuliv. With exciting deals and festive discounts, we make sure to make luxury furniture available for all. Trust us, we’ll take care of your budget while you enjoy your shopping! 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is the Ideal Height for a Bedside Table? 
  • The ideal height for your bedside table should be the same as or just 2 or 3 inches above your bed for the best appearance and practical use. This guarantees convenience and comfort while in bed. 

  • What is the ideal colour for a Bedside Table? 
  • You can choose a bedside table in a colour that works with your particular style and room design. You may get a bedside table at Fabuliv in attractive designs, colours, and styles like brown, black, and white with various storage possibilities and material selections.

  • What is the standard size of a Queen Size Bed? 
  • The standard size of a Queen size bed is considered to be 60W x 80L. It is the most comfortable option for singles, couples, and anyone who might have kids or pets to share their bed. 

  • What is the standard height of a Bed or a Mattress? 
  • While the typical bed height ranges from 16 to 25 inches, it is very easy for individuals to determine which height is ideal for them. In essence, they should ensure that their legs are at nearly a 90-degree angle and sit down on the edge of the bed. The top of your bed should be level with your knees if you were to stand next to your bed. 

  • How do I elevate my Bedroom Space? 
  • Consider purchasing a bedside table with your king or queen-size bed. Bedside tables complete the look of your bedroom and also increases your storage space so you could organise your favourite novels, books, and beautiful photo frames in style. Check out Fabuliv’s most exquisite range of bedside tables at the most affordable prices.