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But Kitchen Crates & Baskets Online at Best Price in India

Organising a kitchen can be a daunting task especially when you don’t have enough space to accommodate all the furniture. Where would you keep your fruits? Where would you store all the spices and vegetables? These questions would never stop haunting you unless you take the first step of buying the ideal kitchen organisers for your home. 

Wooden crates and metal wire baskets are changing the current scenario of modular kitchens. With the ideal boxes and baskets, you could easily store all the fruits and vegetables without cluttering the kitchen area. Additionally, modular kitchens offer a wide array of layouts that could easily fit these wooden crates and baskets in your home. 

Kitchen baskets are a constant on the list of things needed in the kitchen because they assist in decluttering and organising the space. Baskets come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on their intended use. Kitchen crates and baskets are available from Fabuliv in a large variety of styles and dimensions, which could completely change the ambiance of your room. What are you still holding out for? Buy the top kitchen organisers from Fabuliv today for the lowest prices!

Benefits of Buying Kitchen Crates and Baskets 

Organising Space

You can organise every square inch of the kitchen with the aid of baskets and wooden crates, which may be put according to your needs and make it simple for you to reach fruits, vegetables, spices, or everyday items. For the finest kitchen organiser designs and prices, always turn to Fabuliv! 

Utilise Every Nook of the Kitchen

With the help of baskets and boxes, the entire kitchen can be used. The wired baskets and wooden crates designed by Fabuliv allow you to utilise every space in your kitchen and organise the way you manage all of the kitchenware! The furniture's design maximises available space in the kitchen.

A Clean Kitchen is a Pleasant Kitchen

Modern kitchens are made to make it easier for you to keep everything organised and pleasant. Considering that your kitchen is where food is prepared, using wooden boxes and baskets helps to keep it clean and hygienic. Check out Fabuliv's special kitchen organisers with tiers that help you store fruits and vegetables in one piece of furniture. Already excited? Well, don't wait for those huge discounts to slip from your hands! 


Buying stylish wooden crates and baskets for your kitchen won't burn a hole in your pocket when you purchase from the best websites online. Fabuliv is your one-stop destination for all your kitchen organisers and luxury furniture. Our huge discounts and seasonal offers will keep you and your wallet happy. 

Why Choose Fabuliv for Wooden Crates and Baskets? 

Fabuliv has a reputation for offering premium products at the lowest prices. The gorgeous patterns and distinctive styles of Fabuliv are here to transform the way your home decor is done right now. It's time to get rid of outdated plastic crates and baskets because our stunning selection of kitchen organisers is ready to spruce up your kitchen space.

Our wooden boxes and baskets come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and hues that would flawlessly complement the decor of your home. When it comes to quality and distinctiveness, Fabuliv goes above and beyond. You won't ever be dissatisfied with our exquisite craftsmanship and artistically designed items! 

Exquisite Range Crates and Baskets Offered by Fabuliv

Now that you know why Fabuliv is your one-stop shop for all the luxury furniture at the best prices, why don’t you take our word on some of the best kitchen organisers offered by Fabuliv online? Here’s the list of some of the top-selling kitchen baskets and crates offered by Fabuliv: 

  • Stella 2 Tier Organiser

  • Roso White Wooden Crates (set of 2) 

  • Ashley 2 Tiered Persian Yellow Basket 

  • Aqua 3 Tier Organiser

  • Roso Coffee Set of 4 Wooden Crates

  • Catthy Black Metal Basket

  • Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What items could I keep in my kitchen organisers? 
  • Kitchen organisers help you store fruits, vegetables, spices, ketchup and honey bottles, and various small jars that constitute an important element for the cooking process. Kitchen organisers with tiers are an ideal choice if you want to store many items in one piece of furniture. 

  • What is the ideal size of a kitchen basket? 
  • The size of a kitchen basket depends upon the purpose and available space in your kitchen. Generally, the width of a kitchen basket ranges from 15-21 inches and the ideal height of a kitchen could range between 4-10 inches. 

  • What is the best material for a kitchen basket? 
  • Ideally, metal is the best material for a kitchen basket for two reasons. Firstly, metal offers extreme sustainability and durability so you could easily store plenty of kitchen items in these baskets without worrying much about the weight that it could handle. Secondly, metal baskets exude richness and sophistication that other materials don’t. Metal kitchen baskets would further compliment the decor of your modular kitchen.