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It can be exhausting to arrange the chaos of items that are scattered over the space. You cannot just stow anything under the table or in the cabinet. Wall shelves are a practical choice for storing items that are used frequently. You won't have to search the entire house for lost items this way. You can simply put them on a shelf and take them out as needed.

Fancy wall-mounted shelves not only offer storage but also elevate the look of your home. The time when wall racks were the only option is long gone. These days, wall shelves come in a wide variety of storage solution designs. Corner shelves can be used to beautify and utilise the empty spaces in your home. A wall that is empty can be decorated with floating shelves and wall-mounted shelves.

How to Buy the Perfect Wall Shelf for Home? 

They're perfect for holding things like books, decorative items, houseplants, photo frames, jars, and much more. To choose the ideal wall shelf for your home, you must take into account a few aspects before making your selection. Here is a list of the considerations that we must make:

Available Space

A wooden bookcase, as previously mentioned, needs space to bring tremendous aesthetics to your home. A bookshelf's primary function is to keep the living space clutter-free. Therefore, to ensure that a bookshelf doesn't take up a lot of space in your home, make sure you have enough space for one.  

Unfathomable Durability of the Material

A shelf may be constructed from several materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. It should be robust and strong enough to support your accessories if you want to convert a bookcase into a useful storage area. Your bookshelf may be made of solid wood, which is a great material option. 

Matching the colours of your wall

The colour of the walls and other interior accents should go well with the bookcases. To bring out the best of the beauty it holds, the two should coordinate similarly. We advise you to look through the incredible selection of wall shelves offered by Fabuliv if you value perfection in your home. Our outstanding quality and designs would complement your interior and improve the appearance of your house.

Things To Keep on Wall Shelves

This is a crucial element to consider since your wall shelf could handle so much of the weight of your things. A wall shelf can easily handle the weight of photo frames, jars, and other decor items. But if you intend to keep heavy items to prevent clutter in your living space, we suggest you buy wall-mounted cabinets to keep more things in order. Fabuliv’s range of stylish wall-mounted cabinets will assist you with your needs. 

Benefits of Buying Wall Shelves for Home

Elevates your Living Space

Nobody disputes the dullness of bare walls. They could make your home appear lifeless and dull. You can instantly breathe new life into the space by adding hanging wall shelves stocked with colourful items. It could be depressing to have small living rooms and bedrooms where you couldn't organise your possessions. 

Your books, plants, and keepsakes now have a place to be attractively organised thanks to wall shelves, though. When looking for hanging shelves online, consider the space you have available and the finest design and style for your house.

Stylish Storage Solution

The beautiful storage options provided by wall shelves will never cease to astound you, whether they are in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Don't you simply hate it when there is nowhere to put the TV remote, books, pens, and who knows what else that is laying around?

If your home's space doesn't allow for other types of shelving, corner shelves are a great alternative. You can store your belongings in style with as many open storage areas as you choose!

Prevents Cluttering in the Home

When you have additional storage space, you can assume that your area will appear more organised because each object in your house has a designated spot. Make space for other items in your home by using wall shelves to stylishly store everything. In addition to offering functional storage for your necessities and trinkets, hanging wall shelves may make your space appear tidy and roomy.

Wall Shelves that Spice up the Space

Now that you're aware that your house needs a wall shelf, why not look through some of our popular designs of living room-enhancing wall bookcases? Building or remodelling your home can be a difficult effort, but if you make the correct decisions, it could become a thrilling experience! Here are different types of shelves you could buy online: 

Floating Wall Shelves

Your issue with a small space is perfectly solved by floating bookshelves. They look cool and are also a great place to store things. Quite the mix, huh? Floating shelves look wonderful in modern, stylish rooms. 

Corner Wall Shelves

Corner shelves are a genius way to arrange your possessions in easily accessible locations and turn those underused corner spaces into a practical storage solution. Corner shelves can be constructed out of materials such as solid wood, metal, or plastic for increased durability and a longer lifespan.

Hanging Wall Shelves

Using hanging shelves is an additional inventive method of displaying and storing your belongings. It ought to be obvious saying that these sorts of shelves are suspended from a high area, such as a ceiling that has been adjusted to a particular height.

If your home has a hanging shelf, for instance, you can keep your favourite books, magazines, stationery, and other items in a handy spot.

Built-in Wall Shelves

Even though built-in shelves are simpler to install than other types of shelves, they are quite practical since they provide a tonne of storage without looking cluttered. Built-in shelves are those that are incorporated into your home's nooks or empty spaces. For a more sophisticated appearance, built-in storage can be added to various nooks throughout the house.

Why Should You Buy Decorative Wall Shelves from Fabuliv? 

Even your guests wouldn't be able to stop glancing at the amazing assortment of ornamental shelves that Fabuliv has to offer because of their striking patterns. Our extensive collection of wall shelves includes everything you're looking for, whether you prefer vintage or contemporary styles. Leading brands sell these shelves in a range of sizes and hues. 

You can choose from wall shelves with one to more than eight sections, depending on your needs. Choose a shelf that is built of a material that is appropriate for your house. Wall shelves come in glass, wood, and metal varieties. The installation of delicately crafted wooden wall shelves will enhance the elegance of your home's contemporary décor.

Frequently Asked Questions - Wall Shelves

  • What things should be kept in mind before buying wall shelves? When considering wall shelves, check to see if they are constructed of robust materials. Look at the shelf's weight capacity as well. The colour and texture of wall shelves must match the available space and your furnishings, which is another crucial consideration.

  • Is it Possible to Use Wall Shelves As Living Room Decor?
  • Yes, wall shelves have two purposes: storage and decoration. You might select decorative wall shelves to add some flair to your plain wall. Fill the shelves with your mementos, mugs, and other items to liven up your living space!

  • Where can I buy the best wooden wall shelves online? 
  • For the purpose of beautifying your storage area, Fabuliv has a beautiful selection of wooden wall shelves. Surprise your guests by selecting from our distinctive selection of designs and styles! Therefore, Fabuliv has you covered whether you want stylish wall shelves for your living room or one that is incredibly functional for your kitchen. 

  • How much weight should I keep on my wall shelf? 
  • The number of wall studs you use to support floating shelves will determine how much weight may be placed on each shelf. Typically, a wall shelf of ordinary size with one wall stud may support 15–23 kg of weight.