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Buy Attractive Wooden Crates Online in India at the Best Price

Where do you think these objects should be stored - glass vases, tableware, and other glass decor elements? If you thought of wooden boxes, you're in for a treat! There aren't always enough rooms and cabinets in a home to accommodate everyone's belongings.

People frequently experience anxiety when packing delicate or non-fragile items because if they are not packed properly, they may break. One of the most amazing items for transportation that may offer you crucial safety and security is the wooden crate. One of the most important duties is selecting the proper container for your items to be packaged in, and the most widely used option is a wooden box.

Fabuliv offers an exquisite range of wooden buckets and crates in different designs and styles that would uplift your storage collection! The best part about our wooden crates is that they’re multifunctional! If you’re organising a party at your house, you could place all your favourite alcohol in those wooden crates and serve it in style! 

Benefits of Buying Wooden Crates for Home

  • A wooden crate will always come in handy for all your belongings, whether you're packing your excess crockery and fragile objects or sending an expensive gift to your closest relatives and friends.
  • The majority of the wood used to construct the wooden crates is Sheesham and Mango wood, which gives them the strength to be shipped and stored in a variety of locations. When you have ideal wooden crates at home, all your books, newspapers, and other things have an amazing place to be stored in. 
  • Wooden crates are a reusable treasure because you won't have to worry about selecting another wooden crate for fragile objects if you choose the best quality wood. At Fabuliv, you can choose from a huge selection of wooden boxes to increase your storage space and uplift your decor game. 
  • Wooden buckets are available in different sizes and designs that help accommodate any number of items in your home. You could browse through Fabuliv's amazing collection of wooden buckets and spice up your home with the best wooden furniture. 
  • One of the best things about wood crates is that they can be completely customised. Crates constructed of wood can be created in a limitless number of sizes and with a wide range of finishes. Your goods can be packaged perfectly for optimum safety in custom-made wood crates. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Wooden Crates Online

Ideal Size

You should be aware of whatever you plan to store in those wooden containers. Choosing the right size wooden crate is crucial since it should precisely fit all of your belongings and not be either too tiny or too huge.

As two wooden crates would take up more space in your home than one large wooden crate, if you plan to store more items in the future, get a large wooden box for your home to ensure you have enough space.


You need to know why you're purchasing a wooden container before making a purchase. Because wooden crates would provide the space you require or need, unlike wooden cabinets, which would not.

List all of the fragile and non-fragile goods, then decide how much room is available. This is a crucial consideration when purchasing a wooden crate for your home. Whether you're buying it for storage or decorative purposes, Fabuliv offers a wide range of wooden boxes at the best prices at our online store. 

Appropriate Material

Even if wooden boxes would provide durability and safety for your belongings, it's still vital to consider the wood's composition. Mango and Sheesham wood material should be your top choices for your container if you're moving fragile items somewhere or want to keep your books and newspapers. 

Why Should You Buy Wooden Crates from Fabuliv? 

Fabuliv is your one-stop destination for luxurious living at the best prices. Undoubtedly, Fabuliv offers a wide range of wooden crates and buckets that would serve as a decor element in your home while offering decent storage for your books, magazines, and other trinkets. 

Our classic range of printed, patterned, and other types of wooden crates would make a great addition to your home decor. On our user-friendly website, you may easily and without fuss browse through all of our items. The best materials and craftsmanship are used in the production of our wooden crates and boxes to ensure the greatest quality.

The most advantageous aspect of ordering from Fabuliv online is our pricing. With our reasonable rates, you may buy wonderful items for the interior of your home without worrying about going over your budget.

Unique Wooden Crates Offered By Fabuliv: People’s Choice

  • Paris Turquoise Distress Wooden Bucket

  • Ewen Dark Wooden Crate

  • Paris Natural Wooden Bucket

  • Ewen White Wooden Crate No. 11

  • FABULIV Paris Walnut Distress Wooden Bucket

  • Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What things should I keep in my wooden crate? 
  • Store your books, magazines, newspapers, and other trinkets in a wooden crate. You could even store glass vases in those crates to prevent them from breaking. If you’re organising a party, keep those bottles of alcohol and other beverages in wooden crates and serve in style! 

  • What is the best material for a wooden crate? 
  • Mango and Sheesham wood are the topmost material choices for best-quality wooden crates. Not only do they offer extreme durability, but the design and finish of these materials are unmatchable. 

  • How to buy the perfect wooden box for your home? 
  • Keep in mind the various factors including the size, material, purpose, and design. All these factors contribute to buying the ideal wooden crate for your home.