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Buy the Best Serveware Online in India & Serve Like a Pro

If you take great care in your entertaining, the proper serveware is essential to any gathering or party. What's the purpose of spending hours in the kitchen slogging away to prepare a delicious meal if you don't present it perfectly?  Serving is an art and with the right serveware, it makes you a great artist!  

Choose a serveware set from our extensive selection to make the most of your table. They are made for modern homes and come in a variety of sizes for your convenience. Their ease of maintenance will benefit you greatly! 

Even serveware makes a stylish aesthetic impression among your guests.  Elegant serveware demonstrates your taste is very polished and that your home is ready to accommodate any number of guests. No matter how delicious the cuisine may be, if it's not served appropriately, it may take away the charm and vibe of the food.  

Could you imagine eating food straight from the pot or cooker it was cooked in? Obviously no, right? our serveware collection will look gorgeous with Fabuliv's incredible selection of serving trays, plates, and bowls!

Different Types of Serveware Available at Fabuliv

When you are hosting a dinner party or enjoying a great meal with your partner or family, there are a few essential items of serveware that add charm and beauty to your meal.  An exceptional selection of serveware is available at Fabuliv for an affordable price. Let us serve our list to you in style:

Serving Trays

Our amazing collection of serving trays will make an everlasting impression in front of your guests. Serve your tasty meals on our stylish serving trays and showcase your fine taste in serveware. 

Serving Bowls

What better way to offer dal and vegetables, a cornerstone of Indian cuisine, than in one of Fabuliv's high-quality serving bowls? Use them to serve a range of meals, snacks, and dinner's main course. Our bowls come in various sizes to meet your demands if you wish to present food in style. A nice serving bowl set enhances the interior design of the space and goes well with the table setup.


Nobody likes those rings on their coffee or centre table while having a coffee or tea. Protect your furniture from such things with Fabuliv's amazing range of coasters and serve drinks in style. Our coasters are made with compressed Mango wood which ensures durability and an unbeatable finish to add charm to your serveware collection. 

Serving Plates

Whether it’s the homemade snacks or dinner’s main course, serving plates have got you covered. Fabuliv’s exquisite range of serving plates in several colours will bring the lost aesthetics back to your serveware. Gone are the days when food used to be served on steel plates. No need to plan a romantic date night with your partner in a restaurant when our amazing serveware collection will bring elegance to your home! 

Serving Platters

Brighten the dining space with our amazing collection of serving platters. Serve snacks to your guests in style with our quirky designs of serving platters. Our extensive selection of serveware will bring luxury to your homes at the most affordable prices. 

Why Buy Serveware from Fabuliv?

When it comes to presenting meals, the serveware options available from Fabuliv are comprehensive. Right here on Fabuliv, you can quickly get high-quality serveware that suits your needs both financially and aesthetically, including coasters, trays, serving bowls, and plates. Customers can purchase serveware online from Fabuliv at the best prices. 

Your needs will be met by the assortment of serving bowls and plates we have. Fabuliv offers everything, from breakfast in-bed tables to wooden serving trays! With our incredible selection of serveware, you can impress friends and family while also enhancing the aesthetics of your dining collection. 

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  • Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What does serveware mean? 
  • There are many different items known as serveware that help us in serving food on the table.  Some of the most important pieces in a serveware collection include serving bowls, platters, coasters, serving plates, and serving trays.

  • Should I use wooden serving bowls in my home? 
  • Yes, wooden bowls make wonderful serve ware. It works perfectly to hold the food. You can have your breakfast cereal or fruit while it's still cool and crisp. The wooden bowl is also excellent at retaining heat, particularly during the winter. 

  • How many serving plates should I buy? 
  • Even if you have a household of 5–6 people, it is a good idea to have eight to ten plates if you are hosting visitors or have a large family. To accommodate any number of guests, you should always have extra plates and bowls on hand. Both formal and informal situations might benefit from using a white dining set.