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Benches and stools are some of the most versatile and practical pieces of furniture that fit in with any home design. A wooden stool or a bench can be used as additional sitting, a temporary coffee table, or simply as a place to relax with your feet up. The best aspect is that you can move it anywhere you want and offer extra seating space without cluttering the area. 

However, attractive wooden stools for the living room can improve the area's aesthetic appeal and serve as a superb seating option for your visitors. It's one of those furnishings that even a little house has to have. If you got some extra space in the living room or in your balcony, a wooden bench would fit in perfectly and elevate your aesthetics by matching the decor of your home. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Benches & Stools 

Isn't it nice when luxury can be found in compact spaces? A charming seating area for your living room might be created with wooden seats and soft pillows. A small stool or bench that doesn't take up much space might be very useful in your living room. 

The absence of this practical furniture would leave a room seeming unfinished. There are a few things to consider in order to get the most out of the wooden benches and stools you buy.

Storage Feature 

A crowded living space loses its allure and visual appeal. Benches and stools with storage space would be wonderful pieces of furniture for your home if you have a small living room. By placing magazines, papers, books, and other decor objects in the storage area of these benches, you may liven up the area.


Depending on the function you need a bench or stool for, you should choose one. If it will be used frequently for sitting, choose something pleasant, such as a padded bench from Fabuliv. A modern, wooden stool might be more appropriate in the dining room or kitchen. However, if you want a stool for your dressing room, think about elegant designs with the correct height to match the dressing mirror nicely.

Ideal Height

Before purchasing a wooden stool, you should first think about height. A stool's height can vary from 15 inches to 35 inches. You can choose one based on your comfort level and the available space. Your space will have an old-world feel thanks to a low stool. However, if you want a bench for your dining area, you need to make sure that it is tall enough to fit over the table.

The Perfect Material

Nothing comes close to the versatility and durability of wood. Stools and benches made of hardwood that are part of various current designs are supported by metal bases. Lightweight and transportable, these pieces can jazz up any space with their fancy designs and material. Make sure you choose the right material and make your furniture a valuable long-term investment.

Upholstery on Furniture

Options for upholstery on wooden stools and benches include leatherette, velvet, or linen. You should consider your comfort when choosing upholstery. The entire set would seem more cohesive if the furniture were made of a material that matched the other pieces. You can also use unusual materials and restore the lost elegance to your home to make your home stand out from the crowd.


The cost is still another crucial aspect that affects your choice. Finding a piece of furniture that is within your budget may be done easily online because there are so many different types of benches and stools to choose from. Browse the assortment of stools and benches Fabuliv has to offer. Use festive discount coupons to get great deals on expensive furnishings!

What are Different Types of Benches and Stools Available Online?

Be it simple stools or bar stools for your exquisite home bar, you could find plenty of options online. Every household has couches and sofas as standard seating options. 

However, a bench seat, which seats more people and creates a cosy seating area, is the most outstanding and trendy addition to your home's decor. Your home may be decorated with a variety of benches.

Types of Benches

Storage Benches

These are suitable for your living room, office, or study. Along with providing the perfect seating arrangement, it also provided more storage space with additional drawers and shelves. Additionally, it provides room for your books, magazines, and small pots or plants. 

Garden benches

Garden benches are ideal for your roomy balcony and are available in solid wood or metal, which can improve the ambiance for your morning workout. On these seats, you can also display your fashionable plants to spruce up your outdoor space. 

Benches for Bedroom 

At the base of your bed, it will provide you with a cosy, personalised lounging area, and when put against the wall, it will help you give your room a traditional feel with lovely light as the cherry on top. By placing it just beside your room window, you can enjoy waking up to a wonderful view. 

Benches with Unique Upholstery

These modern and traditional benches have a top that is plushly padded and made of soft fabric, making them ideal for lounging in comfort and style. Upholstered benches bring a unique sense of style and comfort to the living room. If you want to go off the traditional road, try designing your bedroom or living room with these contemporary benches. 

Types of Stools 

Traditional Wooden Stool

The ideal fusion of form and function is found in wooden stools. With their smooth finishes, straightforward colour schemes, and clean lines, they give off a cosy and unwinding vibe. They are perfect for a modest living room due to their simplicity and durability, which add to their charm.

Storage Stools

Stools that are capable of much more than just seating can increase the usability of your living space. For displaying cups, magazines, vases, and other home décor items, storage stools are ideal. Some even have drawers to keep extra items that take up room in your home. 

Portable Folding Stools

The modern design of the folding stool has various uses. First of all, they add style to your living area. Additionally, they are simple to store when not in use. As a result, they are indispensable for people who have limited living space. 

Bar Stools 

Your compact bar furniture may include your bar stools, which might be the ideal alternative to the big, bulky chairs at the bar counter. In addition to being portable, bar stools can be utilised to reach the upper shelves of bottles and more unusual beverages. Check out Fabuliv's amazing range of bar stools at great prices. Design your dream home bar with Fabuliv's stylish collection today! 


Why Should You Buy Benches & Stools from Fabuliv? 

Simple, sophisticated, hardwood, upholstered stools and benches in various sizes and colours are offered from Fabuliv. All styles of interior decor, from contemporary to classic, modern to mid-century, Fabuliv is a one-stop online store for all your furniture needs. 

Buying luxury furniture can be a little hard on your pockets but, Fabuliv is an exception. You could buy the most exotic range of bar stools and classy benches at great prices when you're at Fabuliv. We always think twice before buying furniture for home, we go from store to store comparing prices and buying the most affordable one even if it means compromising the quality and design. 

Fabuliv - One-Stop Destination to Fabulous Living

Fabuliv is without a doubt the ultimate one-stop store for buying home furnishings to your hearts desire. There are numerous advantages to purchasing from Fabuliv:

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    Well, you don’t need to sacrifice your budget and quality when you’re at Fabuliv! Let us tell you what you’ll be getting if you shop luxury stools and benches from Fabuliv: 

  • Upholstered Benches with Storage
  • Iron and Solid Wood Bar Stools
  • Hand Woven Benches 
  • Solid Wood Stools with Storage 
  • Distressed-Finish Stools & Benches 
  • Handpainted Stools in Mango Wood 

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Size Wooden Stool Should I Buy?
  • The height of a wooden stool can vary from 14 to 35 inches. The size depends on functionality and purpose of stools.  Bar stools should be tall enough to meet the height of bar tables but a stool for living room may be smaller in size. 

  • Can I use benches around my dining table? 
  • The seating option is provided fairly beautifully by benches. Dining benches add more sitting alternatives and compliment large dining tables.

  • Which Wooden Stool Design Is Most Popular?
  • The design of a wooden stool is a matter of personal preference. However, padded stools, bar stools, upholstered tiny wooden stools, and stools with storage are some common choices among the youth. 

  • Should I buy a wooden bench with storage? 
  • A wooden bench with storage capacity will let you keep your newspapers, magazines, books, and other items hidden at one place. It is the ideal choice if you have a small living room and don’t want to clutter the living space with your periodicals. 

  • What are the standard dimensions of a normal wooden bench? 
  • A regular bench seat for two people measures 42 to 53 inches wide; one for three people is roughly 54 to 80 inches wide; and benches wider than 80 inches can hold at least four people. 

  • Can I buy luxury bar stools at budget-friendly price? 
  • Fabuliv offers a great deal of bar stools at great prices. You could browse through a variety of options and take advantage of festive discount coupons and buy luxury bar stools at discounted prices.