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Buy luxury Sectional Sofas in India At The Lowest Prices

Sectional Sofas exude richness and relaxation. They consistently give the whole appearance a regal air, regardless of the decor. On your couch, you can unwind, take a quick nap, and binge-watch your favourite movies and shows. 

Sectional sofas are available in different sizes and offer comfortable space to relax and have a good time. These sofas are an excellent approach to space-saving luxury. For smaller rooms, a sectional sofa is an ideal choice to liven up the ambience. 

Sectional Sofas are also called L-shape Sofas as they are designed in an L shape and do not take up much space in your living room or bedroom. Our exquisite range of sectional sofas come in different fabrics, styles, and designs. 

Our sectional couches are exquisitely made with a variety of patterns, and each piece is expertly upholstered in various materials. Our wide choice of sectional sofa sets includes modular sofas that range from one-seater to L-shaped corner sofas to better suit the little space and special requirements of the clients. Sectional sofas/L-shaped sofas are available in a variety of sizes, designs, patterns, materials, and colours.

We understand how exciting it is to move into a new home or replace the old furniture with the new exotic range in the market. That is why Fabuliv takes care of your home and your pocket by bringing you the most fascinating l-shaped sofas at the most affordable prices and upholstered with modern fabric. 

Things To Consider Before Buying An L Shape Sofa online?

Before buying a sectional sofa/L-shaped Sofa, there are a few things that you need to take into account. Sofas are one of the most crucial pieces of furniture and with their presence, they spice up every corner of the living room and bedroom. Let’s take a look at them: 

  • Look for fine Material
  • You can choose the material based on its appearance, feel, and ease of upkeep. You can choose leather or fabric like cotton, wool, or linen. Leather is more resilient and is available in a variety of textures and finishes. There are numerous prints and patterns available for fabric upholstery. 

    The material should match the interior and if you’re a pet family, we recommend that you go for the leather sofa to avoid any tears or any other damage. 

  • Space Available 
  • Buy an L-shape sofa according to the space available in your living room. If your home has a small living room or bedroom, go for a sectional sofa with fewer seats. You could go for more seats in the sofa set if you have a spacious living room. 

    Keep in mind the size and height of the sofa set. Sometimes, your room may be spacious but the large size of your sectional sofa would block the pleasing corners of the room and make your room appear smaller and cluttered. 

  • L-Shape Sofa Storage
  • If you don't have enough room or storage in your home, your sofa can serve as extra space because some sets have storage built into the bottom. Look for a sofa with a size enough to fill the extra space and also act as a storage space. 

  • Maintenance   
  • Maintenance can be a little tricky and you should carefully examine the choices before purchasing. Your taste, interior, and available space should be taken into account since it’s not easy to maintain such sofas. 

    If you can go a little deep in your pocket, go for leather sofas as they’re not prone to wrinkles and tears and they’re invulnerable to stains. Fabric sofas can get wrinkled or torn out after some time and are not stain-resistant. 

    What are the different types of material for Sectional Sofas?

    The material of the sofa is one of many things to be taken care of. There would be many reasons to buy a leather l-shape sofa and the same goes for the fabric one. 

    Whether you’re a fan of upholstery fabric or fine leather, your interior should match and a sofa is a piece of furniture that you don’t buy every day. So you make sure that you get the finest material that perfectly syncs with your taste. 

  • Fabric L-Shape Sofa Set
  • Your fabric L-shaped sofa comes in selections like linen, cotton, and wool. When used in vibrant colours or striking prints and patterns, linen provides your furniture with a more upscale feel and improves the entire atmosphere of your home decor. 

    However, because linen isn't especially stain- or wrinkle-resistant, it might not be the best choice for your fabric sofas. The same is true of cotton. Several fine prints and patterns are available for fabric upholstery. If it suits your taste, go for it! 

    You should choose an L shape wooden sofa if you enjoy the wooden finish on the furniture. The texture and style would certainly make the space brighter and go with your decor.

  • Leather L-Shape Sofa Set
  • Leather sofas are a delight and a very interesting piece of furniture for your living room. Leather sofas are easy to clean as they’re stain-resistant and not prone to wrinkles. People having pets at their home should go for a leather l sofa set. There are tons of sectional sofa designs available for this type of sofa. 

    What are the Different Sizes of l-shaped sofas available online?

    As much as the material is crucial for an l-shaped sofa, the size of the sofa does matter too. It should be as per the space available in your living room or your bedroom. Let’s look at the different sizes of l sofa set available online: 

  • Three-Seater L-shape Sofa
  • A three-seater L-shaped sofa is ideal for households with two persons or one person. A 3-seater l-shaped sofa set would be the best option if you don't have much room.

    Simple yet elegant living room furniture includes a little three-seater, a gorgeous rug, and a pot plant. Check out the living room l shape sofa design and light up the ambiance in your compact room. 

  • Four-Seater L-shape Sofa
  • A four-seater sectional sofa is perfect for a family of three people. For couples with pets, leather sofas with four seats are great. This sofa is ideal for relaxing with family and friends or hosting visitors. You’re just one step away from “Fabulous Living” at Fabuliv. 

  • Five-Seater L-shape Sofa
  • Are you a family of 3-4 people? Do you often have guests and friends over to your house? Buy an l-shaped sofa! This is an ideal choice for your spacious living room as you have enough space to place your sofa as well as keep other show pieces, living room table, etc. in one place without cluttering the room. 

    Choose a sectional sofa in blue or a hardwood sofa in an l-shape. Due to its aesthetically pleasant colour, an exotic and contemporary range of these sofas is presently dominating the sales of the sofa industry. 

  • Seven-Seater L-shape Sofa
  • Are you a fan of cricket? Do you often have friends over for a game night or movie night? If your answer’s yes, then you’re in for a treat. Seven-seater L-shape sofa is perfect for people who have a big family or a busy social life. 

    Surprise your guests with your luxurious seven-seater sofa and get ready for some appreciation from them. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between a sectional couch and a sectional sofa?
  • A sectional sofa is just an l-shaped sofa made up of two or three parts that may be arranged differently to meet the size and layout of a room, whereas a couch is one huge piece of furniture. 

  • What is a sectional sofa? 
  • A sectional sofa, also known as an l-shaped sofa, is designed in sections with a chaise attached. The chaise and the sections can be used separately as single sofa chairs. Sectionals are renowned for being adaptable since they can accommodate various room setups.

  • Why are sectional sofas so popular?
  • The best option for adding extra seating in a small space is a sectional sofa. They are warm and inviting, and they foster a more casual and informal attitude than a typical sofa. Modular sectionals can be set up in any room thanks to their adaptability.

  • Does a sectional sofa make a room look small?
  • Although sectional sofas are an ideal choice for a smaller room, large size l-shaped sofas may trick you into believing that your room appears rather small. Since the height of large sectional sofas is high, they block the view of the room, thus confirming the above statement. 

  • What is the most popular sofa colour?
  • Grey is the most popular sofa colour. Grey is calm and simple to style, and it goes with any colour theme. Because of its versatility and luxury-looking vibe, grey colour sofas have been the top-selling sofas for many companies around the globe.