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Your home's interior design reveals a lot about your sense of taste and style. You may use your ideas and ingenuity to add a new depth to the vacant areas in your apartment or house by using the many racks that are offered on our website.  Elevate the walls and nooks of your space into elegant vignettes for displaying flower vases, artwork, and antiques.

Wall shelves are the best way to decorate the plain walls in your house. Wall-mounted shelves not only improve the look of your house but also provide a tonne of storage space. On these racks, you can show off your collections, decorations, pictures, and other works of art. 

Fabuliv’s exquisite collection of wall racks and floor shelves is ready to uplift any theme of decor. Whether you’re wanting a hanging rack or shelf for your vintage or modern-themed decor, we’ve got the best designs at the best prices. Choose from a variety of decorative wall shelves and racks and elevate your kitchen space! 

Things to Consider Before Buying Racks & Shelves Online

Wall shelves and racks might be your greatest investment if your collections and other knickknacks frequently overload your tabletops. However, there are a few things you should think about before making your decision:

Available Space

Whether you're buying a shelf or a rack for your home, make sure you have available space to accommodate them. Kitchen racks and shelves are helpful in organising the kitchen storage in style but make sure you have enough space available in the kitchen. If you're looking to buy hanging racks for decorative purposes in your living room, make sure to buy the perfect size according to the available space in your room. 

Coordination with the Walls

Whichever design and style you choose for your wall racks and shelves, remember to match those designs with the colour of the wall. A white background would perfectly match the iron-black coloured wall racks. The colour coordination would highlight your kitchen or living room and stand out as one of the best additions to your home. 


Whether you’re buying wall shelves and racks for storage or decorative purposes, the durability of the material can’t be disregarded. Fabuliv’s collection of racks and wooden ledges are made with iron and solid wood material that offers long-lasting durability and strength. Our products are meant to last for years without any degradation so that they may be passed on to generations to come. 

Affordable Weight

Don’t overload your wall racks and shelves with heavy items. Hanging shelves and racks are meant to uplift your decor space while offering decent storage space for your books, trinkets, and other kitchen items. Make sure to put the weight it can afford so there’s no room for any damage or breakage. Though, you could always consider purchasing them from Fabuliv and rule out the possibility of weak material and damage. ;)

Different Types of Racks and Shelves Online

Floating Wall Shelves 

Floating wall shelves lean up against the wall and are supported by hidden wall studs. These simple shelves provide several alternatives for accessorising without taking up much wall space. If you want to keep fruits, glasses, bowls, and other food goods in a tiny kitchen, floating wall shelves are a great option.

Kitchen Wall Hangers

Wall hangers or racks offer plenty of storage space for your kitchen essentials and other items. You could easily store your jars, pickles, glasses, and fruits in these racks. These wall hangers also come with various hooks to hang various things. Fabuliv’s amazing collection of iron wall hangers will elevate your kitchen space and make a great addition to your decor game. 

Floor Shelves

Floor shelves are undoubtedly one of the best shelves when it comes to decorative purposes. With Fabuliv’s unique range of floor shelves, you could store your collectibles, kitchen essentials, fruits, and glasses without worrying about the durability of the product. Fabuliv’s metal baskets and shelves made of iron solid wood material are meant to elevate your kitchen space! 

Why Should You Buy Racks & Shelves From Fabuliv? 

Fabuliv houses an exquisite collection of shelf items like wall shelves, hangers, and racks. So whether you want creative wall shelves for your living room or a stylish metal rack for your kitchen, Fabuliv has you covered. Get the best deals and discounts on our shelves and prevent yourself from burning a hole in your pocket! 

The best thing about shopping from Fabuliv is the ease of access to all the unique products online. With our user-friendly website, you're just a few clicks away from welcoming luxury into your homes at the best prices. With our fast customer service and delivery at your doorstep, our guarantee of luxury is not just limited to our products and designs. 

People's Choice: Fabuliv's Unique Range of Wall Shelves

Though our products are unique and the choice of the people in 2022, we’d like to show you some of our top-selling wall shelf products that would make a great addition to your home too: 

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  • Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can Wall Shelves Be Used As Living Room Decor?
  • Yes, wall shelves have two purposes: storage and decoration. Many people use stylish wall shelves as eye-catching living room decor. Make an everlasting impression in your living space by matching those wall shelves to the colour of your walls.

  • How much weight should I put on my floating shelf? 
  • The weight capacity of floating shelves can go up to 100 pounds or more with two wall studs. Generally speaking, depending on the material's durability, floating shelves can support up to 50 pounds of weight.

  • What things should I consider before buying wall shelves and racks online? 
  • Consider the space you have available, purpose, durability, material, and weight it can hold. They could be an excellent addition to your home decor so make sure you consider all these factors before buying wall racks and shelves online.