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Buy Napkins Online at the Best Price in India

Nobody likes to have their dinner or lunch in an unhealthy environment. Having dinner under beautiful lights and stylish napkins on the table could elevate anyone's dinner time. You must have pondered the superior quality of napkins used in posh restaurants or during a dinner party. Well, stop pondering and start perusing Fabuliv's exquisite selection of napkins online.

Benefits of Buying Linen Napkins for your Home

Total Sustainability

Linen is a 100% natural material, products created from it are reusable and biodegradable, so they continue to benefit the environment long after their useful lifetime.

Although there are alternatives like paper napkins on the market, linen napkins are usually the more environmentally friendly choice because they are reusable and don't produce as much trash. Choosing a cloth napkin is akin to choosing quality over waste in specific ways.

The Cloth of Aesthetics

Like any well-chosen home accessory, linen napkins may be used to showcase your individual style. The premium selection of table napkins from Fabuliv will style your dining table in the most intriguing way. Table linens provide you the chance to emphasise your preferred look.


Even though cloth napkins exude richness and elegance, their main function must always be kept in mind. While you enjoy your dinner, let the table napkins take all the spillage in your lap and clean the corners of your mouth. It's a part of our basic hygiene and promotes a peaceful dinner time. 

So it's important to choose a fabric that can be cleaned easily. Fabuliv’s linen napkins are machine washable, taking care of them is practically straightforward and will actually make them softer and more absorbent over time so don’t worry about the degradation of quality. We care for your investments. 

Elegance & Beauty

Nothing satisfies the soul more than quality time spent around the table with friends and family. Use our patterned hand-woven table napkins to accentuate the mood.

Even though our hand-woven linen tablecloths are very useful, they also stand out in terms of attractiveness because of their outstanding aesthetic quality.


Linen is an incredibly durable fabric that will maintain its quality for years to come. It is substantially stronger than cotton yet is delightfully soft. In addition to not falling apart in the middle of your meal like paper napkins do, linen napkins are robust and simple to clean. Knowing this, you can surely buy some of the top-notch quality table napkins at Fabuliv. 

Why Choose Fabuliv for Stylish Table Napkins? 

Fabuliv has always been at the top when it comes to luxurious furniture and decor items at affordable prices. Our premium range of napkins will beautify your dining space with its aesthetics and top-notch quality. You can choose from Dusty Green, Dusty Pink, Dusty Cream, and Dusty Brown colours and all these napkins come in a set of 6! 

Next time your guests come home, surprise them with the finest table napkins at your home. Nobody likes the spillage of little food crumbs and drinks but with our machine-washable napkins, don’t worry about that. Our pure cotton napkins are long-lasting and the patterned beauty on our napkins will always fancify your dinner time. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is the purpose of using a table napkin? 
  • Napkins are the ultimate aesthetic item placed on your dining table that beautifies your dining space with everlasting grace and elegance. 

    Table napkins are placed on your lap to prevent any spillage from spoiling all your clothes. The mouth corners are cleaned using a napkin. The napkin fabric should be sufficiently absorbent to clean perfectly. 

  • Where can I buy stylish napkins online? 
  • Fabuliv offers the most aesthetic table napkins in four different colours to suit your style and needs. With affordable prices and high-end quality, you could easily buy stylish napkins online from Fabuliv. 

  • How many napkins should I buy? 
  • It’s always preferable to keep a stash of 5-6 napkins at home. While having guests over for a dinner party, there should be enough napkins to accommodate everyone and provide them with a comfortable and luxurious dining space. 

    You could buy an elegant range of napkins online at Fabuliv. Our set of 6 napkins in a variety of colours will accentuate the mood around the dining area.