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Tablecloths are an essential dining table adornment. A tablecloth provides both usefulness by serving as a shield against food spills and design value by bringing colour, passion, and a touch of flair into your space. A dining tablecloth is a simple piece to maintain because it is easy to clean and only has to be changed once in a while. 

A tablecloth will help brighten and add colour to the space, creating a comfortable setting for friends and family to socialise and, of course, enjoy food. But before you purchase a tablecloth for your dining table, considering these factors would help you determine your needs and narrow down the available choices. 

Buying a Tablecloth? Consider These: 

  • The ideal size of the tablecloth for your dining set

  • The suitable material for your tablecloth

  • Is your dining table 4 seater or 6 seater?

  • Budget-friendly design and style 

  • Matching the Dining space

  • Various types 

  • What Are the Various Materials Used to Make Table Clothes? 

    No matter the design, it’s crucial to select a suitable material for the tablecloth. Table runners and clothes are important adornment items for the dining table so buying material that is durable and machine washable is a necessary thing to consider. Let’s see the following material list: 

    Cotton Tablecloth and Runners

    The charm of plain, classy, and organic cotton tablecloth and runners is undeniable. You can use cotton tablecloth covers on a regular basis and for special events, so these small affordable items could make a long-term investment for you. 

    Plastic Tablecloths and Runners

    Because they are incredibly simple to clean and maintain, plastic tablecloth coverings are the most popular type of tablecloth. Don't worry if the children spoil the food sometimes or if the drink ruins the tablecloth because you'll be able to wipe all the spoils with just one wash. 

    The majority of individuals purchase plastic tablecloth covers primarily for this reason. Due to their ease of cleaning, plastic tablecloth covers are typically chosen by families with children.

    Different Types of Tablecloths Available Online

    Although you may not find variations in styles in tablecloths and runners, you may discover plenty of designs and patterns on the Fabuliv website. In addition, the tablecloth's shape is what determines the variety. Select one of the tablecloth types listed below based on the size and form of your dining table.

    Tablecloth for Round Dining Tables 

    For the perfect fit on the table, a round tablecloth is designed for use with round dining tables. Don't let your dining table get spoiled or look lonely, style it with the best embroidered and hand-woven tablecloths exclusively found on Fabuliv. However, if you want the illusion of different shapes, you may also place a round tablecloth on any other table. 

    Tablecloth for Centre Tables

    This is the most common style of tablecloth that is chosen and used by all. Any dining table can employ a centre tablecloth, which is typically rectangular or square in shape. Place a centre tablecloth in the middle of the table and preserve the beauty of the wooden centre table while styling it with embroidered tablecloths. 

    Tablecloth for Coffee Tables

    A coffee table cover will save your life. Coffee is very staining, and since we frequently forget to use coasters, the rings of coffee stains often ruin the charm of the coffee table. A stylish table cover for your coffee table could prevent this from happening. In particular, a nylon cover is easy to clean and stain-resistant, allowing you to relax and enjoy your coffee.

    Why Should You Buy Tablecloths from Fabuliv? 

    Let me reassure you if you are concerned that purchasing a tablecloth and runner will require you to leave the house and visit several stores. At Fabuliv, online shopping is simple and hassle-free. Choose the tablecloths and runners that are most fashionable and attractive from the Fabuliv website to elevate your dining experience.

    Our pricing range provides compelling evidence that luxury may be obtained for a reasonable cost. For your dining table or centre table, you can choose from hand-woven tablecloths and embroidered runners. You may be confident that Fabuliv offers the lowest online pricing for tablecloths without sacrificing any of the fabric's quality. 

    While you browse through our website for luxury furniture, don’t miss out on some of these trending tablecloths  and runners design that will uplift the vibe of your home:  

  • Indigo Handloom Tablecloth 

  • Multicoloured Hand Woven Runner

  • Reversible Hand Woven Runner

  • Cascade Embroidered Runner 

  • Foggy Blue Chequered Tablecloth 

    Frequently Asked Questions - Tablecloths  

  • What types of materials are there in tablecloths?
  • Cotton and plastic are the two main materials used to produce tablecloth covers. Tablecloth covers made of nylon and polyester are also an option, but if you want to stick with classic, cotton and plastic are both good options.

  • What is the ideal size for a tablecloth? 
  • Considering square and round-shaped dining tables of regular lengths, 61 inches and 70 inches are the standard sizes for tablecloth covers respectively. The sizes will vary depending on the shape and size of the dining table. 

  • How Do I Pick a Tablecloth?
  • You can select a tablecloth that best matches your particular style and the room's current decor. A sturdy tablecloth is ideal for a minimalistic approach. Choose a patterned one if your room contains a variety of colours to go with each shade. Tablecloths may be purchased at a reasonable price at Fabuliv, so feel free to try out various looks.

  • What is the best material for tablecloth covers? 
  • It's best to spend money on a stain-resistant cloth if you have kids who frequently spill things at the dinner table. Cotton and Polyester are easier to clean and less likely to get stains. They are quite tough and don't wrinkle or crumple either. They are available in many sophisticated shades and patterns as well.

  • Where can I buy the best quality tablecloths and runners? 
  • Fabuliv offers the most exquisite range of tablecloths and runners at affordable pricing. Our competitive prices and top-notch quality makes us stand out of the crowd. 

    Choose from a wide range of embroidered, chequered, and hand-woven designs for your dining table and centre table.