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Home Guide 101: How to Choose the Right Soft Furnishings in India

30 Jul 2021 0 Comments

So, you bought a house — a combination of cement and mortar. The decor consists of furniture marked with your personality; a little wood, a little metal, streaked with strength. But, a little touch of softness is what makes a house a home. The question is, how to choose the right soft furnishings in a manner that colors your house in the softest feeling of home?

That’s what we are going to discuss in this blog. We will also tell you the tips to choose soft furnishing material, functions of soft furnishings, and a lot more. 

how to choose soft furnishings

How to choose the right soft furnishings?

Soft furnishings are textiles that you use in the interiors and exteriors of your home. It can be anything, from the fabric used in your sofa to the curtains that shield you from the hard gaze of the sun. The right kind of soft furnishings should not only add a softness to your decor but also be a true reflection of your personality.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the comfort.

Tips to choose soft furnishing material

Before we delve into the types of fabrics you can choose, let’s take you through some of the soft furnishing rules that you need to keep in mind while choosing the fabric for your home.

#1 Check the durability

Before you think about external traits such as patterns, colors, etc, it is important to check the durability of the fabric that you choose for your soft furnishings. Just like your hard furniture, your soft furnishings too should be durable and sturdy. Of course, it would require frequent washes and other forms of care, but it should not wither worse over time. The best way to go for a soft furnishing fabric would be by consulting a decor specialist or even the seller with expert advice.

Pro tip: For your bedroom, you’re looking at fabric that is softer but will not wither with the weekly washes when you change the linen. Similarly for the living room, you need something that does not suffer from wear and tear with frequent visits. 

#2 Think about the patterns

Once you are sure about the durability of the fabric, it’s time to indulge in the patterns. Mostly, it’s a style pick. If you go for distressed and patterned walls, pick plain fabrics to avoid the pattern-on-pattern malfunction. But, if you have plain-textured walls, feel free to play with patterns. 

Our suggestion would be to just pick one or two patterns for your house, create a theme, and keep the rest of the soft furnishing bathed in a single shade. It will create a soothing vibe, with a punch of colors and patterns thrown in for a vibrant effect.

soft furnishings online - buy cushions online

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#3 Be mindful of the colors

This is one of the most important rules to keep in mind while choosing soft furnishings for your home. You have to choose colors in a way they complement and not clash, with each other and with the wall colors. 

The best way to go on about it would be by keeping basic color principles in mind. Again, if you aren’t sure, it is always a great option to consult an interior decor professional. Here are a few basic soft furnishing rules of color that you can keep in mind:

  • Keep different prints in similar shades
  • Mix and match prints with plains to keep room for breathing
  • Pick a color that cheers you up and keep it common across the decor theme
  • Go for ‘less is more’ to avoid an overwhelming bloom of color
  • Pick a neutral shade as the base

Not sure what color palette you want to go with? Here are some suggestions from Elle Decor

color palettes for soft furnishings

Sticking to the furnishing rules, especially when it comes to soft furnishing, can be tricky, especially when you go for online retailers. 

Most of the buyers go the traditional offline route because they aren’t sure of what choice to make based on few online pictures. But, this problem can be solved if you pick a brand that is as involved in catering to the customer as it is in making a sale. 

For instance, at Fabuliv, the team is present and attentive all the time to address the queries of the visitors. Be it questions regarding the dimensions of a product or whether it can be customized to the whim of the customers, they are all answered professionally and accurately to help the person make an informed choice. 

What’s more? You can also visit our physical retail store in Gurgaon. 

But if you’re not around, we got you covered. Read on to understand the different types of soft furnishings. 

Types of soft furnishing fabrics to choose from

There are many options when it comes to picking the right material for soft furnishing. It just depends on how well-versed you are with the fabric and how it sits with your home decor. Here are a few to choose from.

materials for soft furnishings

#1 Cotton

Let’s start with the most common and comfortable of all, cotton. This is the most popular choice for curtains, towels, dining table linens, etc. The reason being, it is easier to clean and does not lose its sheen and color soon. The only issue is that it gets wrinkled easily. But you can always iron it out.

cotton table cloth fabuliv

#2 Silk

A more aesthetic and regal choice, silk is the beloved of those who like fine things in life. And for good reason. The soft fabric has a royal charm to it and adds ample comfort to any upholstery. But, it is expensive. So, if you are willing to make that compromise, go for it. 

It is also worth mentioning that silk is a hypoallergenic material. If you want to allergen-proof your home, this may be a good choice. However, do keep in mind that silk tends to fade, more so if kept in direct sunlight. Hence, it would be wise to choose silk for cushion covers that you can steer away from the rays of the sun, bed linens, etc.

#3 Jute

Are you into sustainable decor? Then jute is the perfect soft furnishing fabric that you need to add to your decor. It is a biodegradable option and one of the most ethical and guilt-free additions that you can make to your home. Further, jute can be recycled as well. 

It has a raw charm that will add a rustic or a bohemian vibe to your decor. It’s best when added as small elements, such as lampshades or accent cushions.

jute soft furnishings - table lamp

#4 Velvet

Not a traditional choice and certainly not one that comes to mind while curating your home. But, one that you should consider. If you want to add a bit of jazz or a hint of luxury to your home, velvet is a great choice. It adds just the right element of luxury, without going overboard. 

Just that it is a dust magnet, so you have to be extra careful as you maintain it. Alternatively, you could also pick a velvet blend so that it becomes easier to manage.

#5 Wool

Again, not a traditional choice, especially if you live in hotter climates. But, if you reside in colder regions that are in the minus or single digits throughout the year, you may go for it. 

From drapes and bed linen to cushions and quilts, wool adds warmth to the decor. It also helps in noise reduction, due to the thickness of the fabric. But, you may want to be careful as the materials tend to open up with time or if it gets stuck. 

#6 Leather

If you have pets and/or kids, leather upholstery is your best bet as it wears all the assault that the little ones cause. Leather withstands all the scratches and wear and tear and wears off in a sophisticated manner. However, leather may not always be an ethical option, especially when you are trying to go guilt-free.

#7 Nylon

This is one of the best choices for upholstery, because of its resistance to staining and crushing. It is also one of the strongest fabrics. It can also be added to various fabric blends and is just as durable.

#8 Olefin

For furniture that requires heavy usage, olefin is a great material option. It is stain-resistant and also protects against sunlight and harmful chemicals that may otherwise prematurely wear off the decor piece. 

#9 Acrylic

If you like the feel of wool but are not quite interested in using it as a part of your soft furnishings, acrylic is a great choice. It is also known as imitation wool and is known to resist soiling, wrinkling, and fading.

Remember, the right kind of soft furnishing is a mix of comfort and compatibility. It should sit well with both you and the rest of your decor. 

Again, if you’re not sure, visiting the store, exploring the materials to experience their touch and feel, can really help make the right decision. 

Some more soft furnishing rules for your home

We told you nearly everything you need to know about the functions of soft furnishings and even how to choose the right soft furnishings. But, with home decor, one can never be too sure. So, here are a few more practical soft furnishing rules that you can keep in mind while picking fabrics to grace your home.

  • For furniture that would come directly under the sunlight, avoid using either silk or linen
  • Do you live in a humid area? You should pick fabrics that are resistant to dew and mold
  • Pick fabrics that do not lose their sheen with washes and last a long time
  • Fabrics with microfiber are a great choice if you or anyone in the family is allergic to dust. It won’t absorb dust and trigger your immunity issues
  • If you have pets or younger kids, then pick stain-resistant fabrics

Done with the research and confident enough to pick soft furnishings of your choice? Choose the most sustainable and stylish options from here.

Don’t forget to go through the most common home decor mistakes we listed in our last blog.

Transform your house into a home with soft furnishings

Soft furnishing adds warmth to your house, turning it into a liveable home, one that’s inhabited by emotions and memories. 

Like the rest of your decor, it is also an investment, albeit one that requires constant care contrary to hard furniture that requires occasional maintenance. Choose one that becomes a part of your home, one that you love, in color, care, and compatibility.

At Fabuliv, we add a few more traits; sustainability and stability. From jute and terracotta, which are some of the most biodegradable and guilt-free fabrics out there, to cottons and others that we recycle, we know that creating a home is not just about adding colors, it is also about caring for your planet, your ultimate abode.

Sustain and retain the planet with us, and create a beautiful home.

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