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Clever Storage Solutions for the Smart Homes of Today

by Vanhishikha Bhargava 29 Jul 2021 0 Comments

It’s 2021, spaces are going compact and storage is expanding. You need a decor system wherein you don’t need to compromise on the items you have in your home to incorporate style elements. And yet, there is too much of everything every time; utensils, mats, and more. What do you do then? You need to come up with some unique storage ideas for small spaces. 

In this article, we are going to tell you all about how to go compact by being intelligent with the way you utilize space. Whether it’s clever storage ideas for small bedrooms or a stylish living room storage, we have tried to bring it all under one umbrella. 

storage ideas for modern homes

So that the next time you need storage ideas, you know where to click!

Without further ado, let’s jump into the wonders of storage decor.

Unique and clever storage ideas for small spaces

Entryway affairs

Let’s start with your entryway. Your entryway is not just an entrance, it is a place of utility as well. Whether it’s handy cash or keys, or even hangers for your coats, they all are at your entryway. 

Does that mean the space should be cluttered? No way. 

Whether you have a small space or a spacious one, make use of your foyer space. 

In 2021, the entryway space will become even more important. We have additional hygiene elements added to it in the form of sanitizers and masks. So yes, for your entryway, you need something that is not just aesthetically pleasing (for impressive first impressions, of course), but also functional.

Pick a cabinet that has a wide tabletop. This will help you in two ways; you will have the shelves inside to store your shoes and other essentials that you’d rather not keep inside and you will have a tabletop that you can use to place small boxes or even organizers. 

Our pick would be something gorgeous like the Black Beauty Chest of Drawers that is crafted out of sustainable wood. It is built to last and is roomy enough to store all that you need, whether on the surface or even inside the shelves.

chest of drawers - storage ideas

Get it here

Another addition that you should make is by placing some hanging organizers over your chest of drawers. This will help you hang your masks and gloves when you come in, leaving the tabletop of the chest free for sanitizer and little decorative items you’d wish to place there. 

You can even pick some hanging vases and use them as organizers over your shelf. Our pick would be the Quantoc Hanging Vase Set of 3. It is made out of strong galvanized steel which makes it extremely sturdy. The satin black finish imbued with golden hues makes it an aesthetic charm.

hanging vase for storage

Looking for more ideas to deck up your entryway? We have plenty for you here

Liven up the living room

Looking for some stylish living room storage? Then you are at the right space. 

In most of the apartment arrangements, your living room comes right after your entryway, or at least that’s where your guests would go after entering to socialize and be merry, in general. You want the space to be beautiful and a reflection of your personality, before anything else. 

But, what if you could do it while increasing the utility of your decor? After all, the living room tends to be one of the bigger rooms in most houses.

We’d say, go for furnishing items that come with built-in shelves. You can even customize the pieces. For instance, look at our Vienna Home Collection. Crafted out of solid wood, this one has shelves built in to not only house the essentials of your home theatre system, but also other stuff that you’d want to sneak in!

Now that’s one functional piece of decor that’s serving you just right.

storage ideas - tv unit

You can even add a chest of drawers that suit your mood and decor theme, not many, but just a couple that can also serve as tabletops.

Don’t believe us when we say living rooms can double down as a space to create storage? See how our artisanal pieces can be both beautiful and functional!

Bedroom baes

Small bedroom storage can be tricky. But we have just the right solution for you. 

No, we aren’t talking about the plain old cupboards. But while we are at it, why not suggest a few that can up your bedroom style, simultaneously solving the storage woes.

Our suggestion would be something stunning like the Ahens Solid Wood 2 Door Wardrobe that stands stark and beautiful against the pastel walls of most homes. It is made by our skilled artisans by using the best mango wood. The art is hand-painted, each stroke of paint a story in itself.

double door wardrobe - storage ideas

And now, the star of the show. Your wardrobes are required to store your everyday essentials, including your clothes, in-hand savings, jewellery, etc. Where does the rest of the stuff go? 

For instance, what about the winter wear that you need but only for the season? It’s an added bulk that you need to store somewhere.

Have you tried storage beds? While hydraulic storage has been in vogue for quite some time, we also offer box storage and drawer storage, depending on the design you want. Just click on the option you want and it will be ready, in the bed that you choose.

Our pick would be the simple Raison Hand Painted Solid Wood Bed with Storage, a strong and durable bed.

wooden bed with storage

We are not done yet with our suggestions for clever storage ideas for small bedrooms. 

Box beds are great for the bulk items that you wish to stow away for seasons. 

But what about small stuff that you are not sure whether you’d need every day or in a few weeks?

If you wish to keep those documents or even your current go-to read, a bedside table that comes in a shelf format is your best bet. Pick a bed and table set if you do not wish to go through the hassle of choosing one that matches your decor.

Our pick would be the Ellis Solid Wood Bed in Vintage Finish. The bed is again made of solid wood that is built to last and comes with your choice of storage; hydraulic, box or drawer. The bedside table compliments it perfectly. It is roomy enough to store small everyday essentials, yet inconspicuous enough to just be a sidekick.

vintage wooden bed with storage

Cupboard under the stairs

It’s not just a Harry Potter thing. While we do admit that the franchise has surely made the space popular. For some it is an escape room, for others, it is a small bookshelf. 

You, on the other hand, can create storage space out of it or even get a wardrobe carved to size. Choose between sliding drawers or cabinets based on what you want to use it for. Just remember to not create storage that can’t be used with ease since this is a tricky space.

Knowing how you can add storage functionality in individual spaces is relieving, especially when you are setting up a house. But the trick lies in how beautifully you can do it.

Set up your space with some sustainable and clever storage solutions

We all love some unique storage ideas for small spaces. But it takes a team of two to come up with some clever and good-looking storage solutions; you being the one and us being the second. 

At Fabuliv, we believe in beauty with utility, stability, and sustainability. Our products are created keeping in mind the modern aesthetics and the persistent need for functionality. We also know that too many pieces of decor, each serving a separate function may increase the sales but would not be something that would be of use to you in the long run.

And so, we customize. Our skilled artisans craft every order to perfection, just when your demand comes in. We create and customize and ensure that the product is stable enough to last a lifetime and create memories, functional enough to fulfill all your needs, and sustainable enough to cater to the needs of our first and only home, the Earth.

At Fabuliv, we create dreams and not just decor. We know that your home doesn’t just need good looks, it needs good vibes as well. Pick your perfection now.

Want to know more about us? Follow us on Instagram to know the latest trends in decor.

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