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The Timeless Beauty of an Artisanal Home: How to create your own?

by Vanhishikha Bhargava 20 May 2021 1 comment

Your home is your private space, a comfort abode where you can be yourself. You carefully select each element and every piece of decor to create corners that are unique to you and speak ever so subtly of your personality. So why not choose furniture that is unique as well and create a home that is just as distinct as you are? We are talking about the latest trend in the market; the artisanal home.

Artisanal homes, a magical gateway to your unique abode

The USP of artisanal homes or decor is the fact that it is, well, unique. 

Artisanal decor comprises decor pieces and furniture that is crafted piece-by-piece by artisans or skilled craftsmen. 

These are different from mass-produced factory pieces which are identical in design. Each decor piece of an artisanal home is created separately and has a unique design, adding a personal touch to your space.

Artisanal homes give your home a story. It speaks of the artists who created the product, their story behind creating that unique piece and your choice in picking it up as a customer.

Creating an artisanal home requires an eye for details and a love for craftsmanship that comes with an understanding of the story behind their work. 

While it might seem a little overwhelming and something that should just be left for the decor magazines to cover, building your artisanal home isn’t all that difficult. 

artisanal home decor and interiors

How to create a timeless artisanal home?

Creating artisanal homes requires you to identify certain factors that differentiate artisanal products from the mass-produced ones. 

Keep a keen eye out. Here’s how! 

#Sign 1: Find the story behind each product

The brands that promote craftsmanship often have a unique story attached with each product. If not each product, it has a story of how the artisan created the product. 

Each story is different, even if the product remains the same. 

Sometimes, the tales span over generations, as the artisans share their story of learning the art over time, with tricks that are unique to them. Such stories leave a mark. And when you make a purchase, you become a part of that story as well. 

When you pick up pieces that are mass produced, you miss out on such fascinating anecdotes.

An artisanal home is one that breathes out a story from every corner. So you need to look for brands that don’t just offer you a feature set or a dimension chart, but also the story behind the products. 

At Fabuliv, each of our products is created with love, with craftsmen who come from varying backgrounds and cultures. They all bring their own art to the table, literally. There is a part of their heart in each piece of decor you pick and add to your home.

Meet our artisans here

indian craftsman

#Sign 2: Look out for unique marks

Artisanal products are handcrafted. This means that each order is customised and made afresh as compared to mass productions that all look alike. Artisanal decor has certain unique characteristics, such as slightly different edges and arcs, nicks and cuts that add a raw aura to the structure and more. 

Check out the groove joints and intricate patterns and you will find a story there that speaks of hours, days, weeks or even months of hard work.

Artisanal artefacts are made by people who come from various cultures and backgrounds, and their experiences also reflect in their art. Each piece you purchase is different from the other, even if it is two units of the same product simply because of the change of hand or the tactic with which they’re taught to work.

artisanal work - pottery home decor

#Sign 3: Notice for signs of originality

Artisanal pieces of decor are 100% original. Since each product is made afresh, these are different from each other and each furnishing piece is one of its kind. This originality is their USP. 

No two pieces are the same. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration if we say it is almost impossible to replicate or copy an artisanal product because it is a handcrafted beauty. Right from the color tones to the patterns you see, keep an eye out and notice this level of originality.

#Sign 4: Take a look at the cost break-up

Most of the time, owing to the uniqueness of artisanal decor, there are higher making and shipping costs involved. These are included in the overall cost break-up. 

There is a reason why these costs are more than the factory-produce that is mass manufactured. Firstly, artisanal products are handcrafted each time an order is placed, as opposed to factory products that are manufactured in bulk. That’s why they take time to be made. 

Secondly, it takes a considerable amount of time to craft artisanal products, thus, higher the manufacturing costs. Think of it as the cost of the skill and the amount of time they put in. 

A tip for you, if you think a brand claims to sell handcrafted products but has suspiciously swift shipping time and low costs, that means it may not be as artisanal as it claims to be. 

That’s a red flag you should not ignore, especially when you are particular about it and are concerned about brand values as much as the quality and originality of the product.

At Fabuliv, we are quite transparent about our manufacturing costs and shipping time. We work closely with artisans to be able to give you an estimate of the time it may take for a product to reach you - be it home decor or a furniture piece. 

Our product pages have all the respective details. You can also take a look at our shipping policies here

#Sign 5: Look for sustainable materials and elements

Last, but certainly not the least, it is important to look into the kind of materials that are being used to create the artisanal products. Handcrafted products have their roots in ethical sourcing and produce. It is not just the product itself, but the conditions in which the artisans make it, the origins they weave into it, the stories it tells with each curve and bend and much more.

Check for a material list and see if those are sustainable. For instance, at Fabuliv, we make it a point to use eco-friendly materials such as jute, terracotta and even recyclable glass and cloth. You can check out the entire list over here

Responsible customers should know what goes into making the products that they are so lovingly ordering for their home. We just make it simpler! 

sustainable material for home decor artisanal home

BONUS: Look for reviews on shipping and delivery! 

A truly sustainable brand is one that ensures the entire journey from you ordering the product to it reaching you, is eco-friendly. Seek out testimonials to read more about how the brand delivers the products to you, what their packaging and process looks like. 

Imagine you going all the way to buy artisanal products for their eco-friendliness, only to realise that they come backed in rolls of plastic! 

Artisanal home: A step towards a responsible, sustainable future

Creating artisanal homes is not just an aesthetic move. It is also a responsible step forward, towards an ethical and more sustainable future. 

Brands that put in so much effort to give you unique products are also the ones who believe in better work and production values. So that when you invest in decorating your house and putting the corners together, it also brings a smile to the face of the artisans who lovingly handcrafted those products for you.

At Fabuliv, we believe that a positive and ethical environment leads to better creativity, which contributes to the beautiful and unique designs that are ultimately delivered at our doorstep. 

Our policies are transparent and so are our costs, and our range of handcrafted products is vast. Take the first step towards an artisanal home with us! 

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29 Jun 2021 highglossfurniture

You are sharing a very useful information and attractive furniture goods. Make spare time to take a view on our items too.


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