An Artist from Uttar Pradesh

Gagan hails from Bulandshahar, Uttar Pradesh. He moved to Hapur after completing his 10th standard education in search of work. Gagan is married and lives with his mother, wife, and 3 children. He has a hardworking nature and progressive thinking. Gagan wants his children to go to college after their Inter and work towards improving the country.

A usual day in Gagan’s life starts at 5 am. His favorite food is samosa with green chutney and indulges in the same occasionally. He has mastered his craft of hand painting over many years and specializes in creative geometric motifs. He creates magic with his nimble hands


A Finisher from Uttar Pradesh

Ayra is a young girl of 22. She lives with her sisters and grandparents. She has a fiance and is set to marry him later this year. Ayra enjoys cooking and watching TV after a day of work. Her favorite meal is a humble plate of Rajma Chawal. She could not finish her schooling but is intent on helping her sisters finish theirs.

Ayra’s day of work usually involves polishing and finishing furniture pieces. Her grandfather works at a nearby factory and they travel to work together, often indulging in a kulfi on the way back home.


A Wood Carving Craftsman from Uttar Pradesh

Farhan is a master craftsman in wood carving. He comes from a family soaked in craft for almost a century. With both his daughters married and his two sons working alongside his craft, they now live a considerably comfortable life.

Farhan's family is big and wholesome. Although his best years are behind him, he feels closer to his craft now than he has ever been. Farhan loves having his daily lassi and is a big fan of Amitabh Bachchan. He has a grandchild due in April 2021 and has already started preparing for the little one's arrival.


A Potter from Bihar

Pankaj is the youngest of 4 siblings and a talented artist. His family owns some land in Bihar but Pankaj never took to farming. He left his home to make a name for himself and work on his art. Being in the city for a decade, Pankaj now has a small family of 3.

A romantic at heart, Pankaj also indulges in poetry, but only for his dear wife. His 2-year-old daughter is the apple of his eyes and the driving force behind his hard work, always keeping him humble and centered. Pankaj wishes to visit Tirupati with his family next year, after the pandemic settles down.


A Skilled Weaver from Bengal

Faiza is a young hand-weaver. She learned weaving from her mother many moons ago and took to the threads instantaneously. She comes from a very poor family and lives with 9 people in a small house. Faiza and her siblings are hoping to earn enough this winter to buy an air conditioner in the next summer season.

Her connection to her craft stood strong even during the harsh times of this year. She spent her days exploring new designs, techniques and working on different embroidery styles.


Master Embroider from Gujrat

Rama is a 53-year-old widow, but sharp as a tack. Born into a family of embroidery artisans, she picked up her skills from a very young age. She lives with her son, daughter-in-law, and 3 grandchildren who lovingly call her daami. Rama has had a full life with love, laughter, and her share of sorrow.

Rama once visited the Gateway of India in Mumbai with her late husband and wishes to visit once again to pay homage to him. She spends most of her time making gorgeous garments and playing with her grandchildren.


A Sculptor from Bihar

Anil is a sculptor and has been working with clay for as long as he can remember. He now lives in Hapur but was brought up on a farm in Bihar. He remembers playing under a huge banyan tree in his childhood and dearly misses the village he grew up in. Anil is a master sculptor and is now training his 6-year-old to make bigger items such as the figurines.

Despite the events of 2020 hitting close to home, Anil felt grateful to continue his work even during the lockdown. He was not only able to provide for his family but also help other craftsmen in his community who were struggling to keep up with their expenses.


A Glass Blower from Uttar Pradesh

Kishore is a man of many skills. Artist, sculptor, he has even tried his hand on glass-blowing and etching. He hails from a big craft cluster in Uttar Pradesh and spent his childhood honing his inherent craft skills. He loves indulging in spicy chaat as often as his wife lets him. They have 2 angelic children and a third one on the way.

True to his name, Kishore also enjoys singing with his friends and family at jolly gatherings and festivals. He dreams of making his own house in his little village where he plans to retire in peace.


A Wood Carving Craftsman from Uttar Pradesh

Iqbal is a young boy of 19, extremely talented in the craft of wood carving. He has finished his secondary education but feels like he could have done so much more in the time he spent at school. He is a Bollywood geek and watches every movie on the first day of release. Although he enjoys assisting his father and uncles in the workshop, he wants to try his hand at acting. He is planning to visit Mumbai soon.


A Wood Carver from Rajasthan

Vimla is a mother of two. Her husband is a craftsman and works in a factory. Sometimes when the workload is high, she helps him in carving beautiful wooden pieces. Vimla enjoys looking after the children and the house but she looks forward to more creative opportunities.

Vimla has handcrafted most of the things in their house, including a crocheted carpet. She wants to go back to work after her children grow old enough to look after themselves. Vimla’s lifelong dream has been to see the Taj Mahal.


A Skilled Carpenter from Rajasthan

Azad creates magic with small hand tools that he uses to craft beautiful furniture pieces. His father was a government servant and ensured that Azad and his siblings received a good education. Azad has created some signature pieces for fabuliv and won several compliments for the same. Azad’s wife, Uzma makes the best gosht biryani in the whole wide world, he claims.

Azad is a devout cricket fan and never misses a game, even on workdays.


A Weaver and a Potter from Rajasthan

Urooz is a newly married, young girl. She has been spending her time learning the art of pottery from her husband. She misses her home but is happy to start afresh. She comes from a family of weavers and is adept with hand weaving and embroidery. Her mother hand embroidered 12 garments for Urooz’s wedding.

Still settling into the new environment, Urooz is looking forward to her marital life while connecting with her husband’s craft in addition to her own. She is also an avid chai lover and can sometimes consume up to 6 cups a day.


A Glass Blower from Uttar Pradesh

Ramesh is an artisan from Firozabad. He has mastered the art of blowing molten glass and curate beautiful glass products . He is a friendly man and loves making new friends. He is proud of his work and enjoys being praised for the lovely work he produces.

Ramesh has visited Delhi on several occasions but has never got a chance to visit the famous paranthe wali gali which he is very intrigued about. He plans to visit it next year.


A Metal Craftsman from Uttar Pradesh

Vimal is a metal craftsman. His family has been a part of a metal craft cluster for five generations now. Vimal, being the youngest in his family, feels that he has some breakthrough innovations for their craft. He uses social media to get inspiration for new product ideas and then applies it during his work shift.

Vimal’s family is looking for a suitor for him, hoping to get him settled before his 23rd birthday next year. Vimal enjoys watching movies and has a big collection of action films on his phone. He plays cricket with his friends on the weekend and is a devoted IPL fan.

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