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Transform Your Living Room With Vintage Luxury Home Decor and Furniture

17 May 2021 9 Comments

Home is where your heart is. And the living room is where your start is; of a brilliant day, that is.

The adage never gets old. And in today’s times, when the pandemic has brought us all together, it stands truer than ever. We are all indoors, whether huddling on the couch or working in the study, or just lounging by the corner with a cup of tea in hand. And our living room is where all of it starts.

Home is no longer the place we just come back to after a long and tiring day. Living room is not just a place to lounge. With remote working becoming the new normal, our living room is where the plans start and home is where they all come to fruition. It may have taken a pandemic for us to realise this, but home has been the hub of emotions for many, in one way or the other. 

So, pandemic or not, when we decorate it, we put our heart into it. From the flooring to the wall, we pick everything carefully, making memories in the process. And it all begins with the heart of the home; your living room.

One such cherishable way to bring alive our love for art - be it now in the fashion trends or home decor, is the vintage vibe. 

When it comes to bringing in the vintage vibes to our decor style, it simply means a home arrangement that thrives on nostalgia and brings back the glory of the bygone years. 

But more often than not, when inserting a vintage vibe in our decor, we get swayed by other home decor style influences. By the end of it, after looking through thousands of home decor and furniture pieces online, we end up compromising on the thought of even getting to a 50% of the vintage era. 

But with Fabuliv, it’s easier than ever to bring home the vintage trend. 

And it all starts with your living room!

Sustainable tips that bring in the vintage vibe to your living room decor 

Clock it up with a vintage timepiece!

Our cell phones have replaced most of the everyday devices, clocks included. And yet, the tick-tock machine always finds a way into our living rooms, one way or the other. If you wish to add a chic vintage vibe to your corner, one of the best ways to do it would be by adding an antique clock. 

Add a rustic wooden clock to your living room’s central wall. You can take your pick from one that is framed in gorgeous vintage pastel shades, or one that comes in the plain old classic brown

If you ask us, we’d recommend adding a few more vintage wall decor pieces around the clock to complete the look! 

If you have set up a makeshift work from home office in your living room with a table that stands alone, give it a vintage touch too. A beautiful vintage piece like the Eastwick table clock can surely turn even your work space into a vintage corner. 

vintage table clock

Pick out ethically sourced wooden pieces 

Not exactly, but peck that wood! 

Nothing speaks vintage better than the good-old wood. You can have an array of golds and silvers flanking your abode, but wood adds a nostalgic aesthetic that none can match up to. 

Walnut, mango, chestnut, there are many types of woods that are used in furniture making. But, make an informed choice as you pick one. For instance, mango wood is both a durable and a sustainable option. It wears well and looks beautifully weathered with time. So if you’re going for a vintage touch, this might be it! 

The good thing about being a wood enthusiast? Practically all types of home decor and furniture is available in wood with brands like Fabuliv

From wooden lamps and handcrafted wooden storage boxes, to super comfortable family sofa sets and more, there is a lot to choose from. Need help choosing the right wood for your home decor and furniture? Contact us and we’ll help you take your pick. 

vintage living room furniture

Create more depth with a vintage-frame mirror

Ornate mirrors are royalty and vintage luxury furniture combined into one. We mean, look at all those intricate frames and the mirror nestled neatly in the middle of all the decor at the forts you visit. 

Mirrors can be a beautiful way to add depth to a space as well as add a classic vintage touch when you choose the right frame, and setting. They even serve as beautiful central wall decor pieces in the living room if you choose a comparatively bigger size. 

The best vintage mirrors are the ones that are carved out of wood, by artisans who use their heritage and cultural expertise to weave stories into their art. Oval, circular or rectangular, take your pick from the wide range available here.

vintage mirror decor

Pick out home decor and furniture made of sustainable materials

There is a certain charm about old materials. Recycling is an art that’s not only sustainable but also full of its own tales. Imagine bringing home an old lamp, the shade of which is spun out of jute that was a part of a bestselling author’s favourite book bag. Fascinating, isn’t it? 

Each sustainable material comes from some place, some person and has an old-world charm attached to it. 

Bring that story into your living room by choosing decor pieces made out of sustainable glass, jute or terracotta. It could be a vintage lamb like the Ashley Barrel Table Lamp for that living room corner that has remained in the dark. 

Or a floor shelf made of ethically sourced iron and wood, distressed to give a vintage look and feel - like the Metal Aqua Floor Shelf.

vintage floor shelf

Stress on distressed look and feel of home decor 

Everyone knows about distressed jeans. Here’s an idea. Try distressed paint finish for the furniture pieces you pick for your living room. 

Or go bold and choose a wall paint on similar lines. 

wall paint distressed

Image source

Try mixing contrasting colours when picking out distressed decor. Pastel distress and dark wooden furniture complement each other wonderfully.

vintage home decor contrasting colors

Image Source

Bring in those multi-purpose trunks and utility boxes 

Come to think of it, how many of us pick up trunks, boxes and crates when it comes to decor and storage? Hardly anyone. We tend to go for modern shelves with aesthetic curves. But those very pieces of home decor and furniture have a vintage charm like no other.  

If trunks and vintage suitcases haven’t been handed down to you over the years, you can actually buy them online now. 

You can use vintage suitcases and trunks as eccentric decor items or maybe even as your center table in the living room. You can also stow away decor pieces that you want to retire or are seasonable into this furniture piece to keep things off the shelf and clean! 

Alternatively, you could pick one in a smaller size like the Mango wood utility box to don a side table or an Instagram-worthy corner you’re making. 

mango wood utility box

Vintage home decor and furniture for your living room, but sustainable

Old and weathered but not beaten, that defines vintage living room decor the best. From wooden furniture that is handcrafted, with every nook and corner especially carved out for you, you can add vintage decor to your living room, the sustainable way, when you choose the right brand to buy from. 

At Fabuliv, we have a wide range of products, all made with love by our talented artisans. Made from recycled materials such as cloth, jute, terracotta and ethically sourced wood, we help you bring home vintage luxury at its  sustainable best. 

Sustainable vintage luxury furniture for your living room that is built to last, just like your memories.

Let your home grow old, with home decor and furniture that wears off wonderfully with time. 

Get on the vintage home decor and interiors trend with Fabuliv

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