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9 Home Decor and Furniture Pieces That Will Make You Fall in Love With Kolam Art

18 Jun 2021 2 Comments

Curved loops, spun around a curved and dotted grid pattern; Kolam is truly a magical art and we’re here to bring it to your home decor.  

The word ‘Kolam’ comes from Tamil language. It means, ‘beauty, form and play.’ Kolam art comes from the Irula tribe, where women create masterpieces as their hands work in coordinated movements of precision and tradition. 

Now, you can get Kolam work in all its glory and beauty as a part of your sustainable living drive in your home decor and interiors. 

Get ready to transform your home with Kolam art imbued luxury bedroom furniture and other decor pieces, with the nuance of expert artisans who handcraft the best decor for you. 

Here are some of the best Kolam art pieces that you can spin into your home decor. From wall decor that can enhance the look of a corner to furniture that has hand-painted Kolam art all over it, these pieces are sure to add a unique look to your abode. 

Kolam art in furniture and home decor 

1. Kolam Solid Wood Unit TV

It’s lockdown time. And the last thing we want to be is ‘bored in the house.’ While we have all the subscriptions, there are times when the entire family wants to plug in some classics and enjoy together. Television does bring everyone together. There is a touch of endless nostalgia. And that’s why your TV unit should reflect that emotion! 

kolam art handcrafted home decor and furniture

How about getting one with just the right inserts and shelves, handcrafted in Sheesham wood, with hand painted Kolam art? This solid TV unit is compact enough to take just the right space and yet is spacious enough to store all the tv accessories and even your favorite CDs and drives.

kolam art handcrafted wood tv unit

Get it here.

2. Kolam Hand Painted Coffee Table

Who doesn’t like a beautiful center table or coffee table for enjoying a cup of tea now and then at home? For those reminiscing evenings when all you want is to be cut off from the hustle of the world and be unto yourself and your thoughts? Or maybe, just read a book and have a quiet moment with your coffee or tea, whichever is your pick? 

In today’s world, seeking quiet is a luxury. But with the art of different cultures around, you can find your peace.

This Kolam Hand Painted Coffee Table has the beauty of the traditional art on its surface, reminding you every time of the gorgeousness of this artwork your brought home. It stands on sturdy and eco-friendly mango wood, which is ethically sourced so that you get a piece of decor that lasts a lifetime, maybe even beyond. And it doesn’t compromise on space. 

This table has a wide expanse on the top and a mini shelf at the bottom, just like a perfect center table should be; with an added side of extra storage.

kolam art coffee table furniture

Get it here.

3. Kolam Solid Wood Hand Painted Round Coffee Table in Walnut

While the brown and antique accents of wood look extremely regal and sophisticated, there is something beyond beautiful about other shades as well. For instance, the reddish tint of walnut gives the artist an even better base to bring out the gorgeousness of Kolam art. Take a look at this center table.

Observe the red accents of the pure walnut wood that is carved by our artisans. Every nook and corner is unique and prepared afresh for each order you place. No two products are ever the same! 

But then once you're done appreciating the art, take a look at the Kolam art that brings out the true beauty of the product. The rose and red hues with a tinge of coppery-gold make this a must-have if you're looking for a vintage look for your interiors. 

kolam walnut wood coffee table

Get it here.

4. Kolam Solid Wood Hand Painted Round Coffee Table in Teak

Not a fan of walnut wood? We have the magic of Kolam art in Teak wood as well. Devoid of the red hues of walnut, this one is a true-blue vintage love with its brown shades of furnish that are carved and polished to perfection by the artisans. The Kolam art is drawn on by experts in stark sky blue, thus brightening the whole look. It’s a perfect mix of vintage and contemporary.

The intricacy doesn’t just end at the top surface. It goes to the bottom as well, as the product is carved from beginning to end. The bands take special effort and look particularly breathtaking as each carving is outlined in a majestic blue by our artisans.

kolam teak wood coffee table

Get it here.

5. Sara Morgan Hand Painted Coffee Table

They say the key to a good life is in simple things. We agree. 

But simple does not mean drab. You can add simplicity in the simplest of ways, by knowing how to add a vintage handcrafted class to your decor. Handcrafted and hand-painted decor ensures that your product is ethically created and sustainable materials ensure that it is ethically sourced and produced.

One such simple and elegant piece of sustainable furniture is the Sara Morgan Hand Painted Coffee Table.

If you don’t like something extravagant and want your entire decor to be visible instead of just one piece standing out, this Kolam art piece carved out on solid mango wood is a perfect choice. Mango wood is considered one of the most sustainable options and also lasts longer. The Kolam art on it just makes it more unique.

handpainted wood coffee table

Get it here.

6. Kolam Hand Painted Solid Wood Coffee Table

Are you a floor person or are you a chairperson? Because between you and us, we definitely would love to sometimes just chill on the floors, with our cups of teas and coffees set on a table of perfect height. 

Imagine that piece of decor created from scratch by the finest artisans. Carved out of wood with the most beautiful Kolam art painted on it. Yes, that is our Kolam Hand Painted Solid Wood Coffee Table, albeit a short one.

Just right above the floor height, this sturdy wood coffee table has Kolam art painted on the surface in beautiful patterns. The indigo blue and cream pattern is hand-painted by learned artisans who have been doing it for generations. This one is made out of walnut wood, so you should not worry about longevity. It will last long enough to have a legacy of its own.

Kolam handpainted Solid Wood Coffee Table

Get it here.

7. Kolam Solid Sheesham Wood Bed

Teak, walnut, mango, none for you? Then we would suggest you go for Sheesham. This Sheesham wood bed has Kolam art hand-painted by our craftsmen, both on the headboard and the sides, in waves of beautiful patterns. 

The design is super sturdy and it comes with multiple storage options; hydraulic, drawer, box, take your pick. There's even one that comes without any storage if you're looking at something lighter. 

The point is, if you want your bedroom to have a vintage accent with a hint of traditional Kolam art, this is the bed that you should pick. Your bed forms the center of your bedroom. There is no reason why it should not double up as a work of vintage art in itself! 

Think about the number of times you walk into a boutique hotel and admire the bed if it stands out. 

Kolam Solid Sheesham Wood Bed

Get it here.

8. Kolam Solid Wood Bedside Table

So, you want to go for a bed that reflects the beauty of Kolam art. Pair it up with a bedside table that complements it in terms of design, strength, and longevity. 

Made of Sheesham wood, it goes remarkably well with the Kolam Art Sheesham Bed that we have previously talked about. The table comes in vintage shades of woody brown, with Kolam art and accents painted on the front. 

What’s best? You can choose the type of drawer opening and the number of drawers and our artisans will tailor the furniture piece for you. 

You can even use this furniture piece in more visible areas like your living room if you like!

kolam bedside table wooden

Get it here.

9. Kolam Terracotta Vase

Well, what’s a bedside table without a bit of decor placed on it? 

And what if you could pair it with the same Kolam art to complete the look? 

We have the perfect vase that is made of terracotta which is one of the most eco-friendly materials out there (and you have our word for it, we are mindful). It has the most beautiful Kolam art painted on it, which complements the rest of your room's decor. 

Add in some fresh flowers (or artificial ones), and you have the perfect bedside table, straight out of magazines! 

Terracotta Vase

Get it here.

Kolam art is timeless. We are an Indian brand of furniture where our artists ensure that they bring their authenticity to each piece. That’s why each Kolam home decor piece and furniture is unique. 

At Fabuliv, we ensure the well-being of our artisans with as much zeal as we care about the environment by being mindful of the materials. Naturally, we care for the art that is so close to the heart of those who create it. 

Get all of these pieces and more now at a special price, on Fabuliv. 

Explore the Kolam collection here

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01 Mar 2022 amruth
Thank you for sharing your articles; they were informative. Please visit, where we discuss similar topics.
01 Mar 2022 amruth
Thank you for sharing your articles; they were informative. Please visit, where we discuss similar topics.

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