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Wind Down With a Cozy Corner at Home: Relaxing in the Times of Remote Working

by Vanhishikha Bhargava 21 Jun 2021 1 comment

Life has come to a standstill. You have to pause once in a while, to breathe. And maybe, this is the time. 

With the pandemic raging on in waves, sometimes controllable and sometimes not, we are locked in for a considerable time. Even when we open, it is with caution. It has changed every aspect of our lives. 

The one facet that has been turned topsy turvy, is work. Most of us have switched to remote working and we have all, in our ways, created workspaces at home. 

But what about the times when we just need to turn the pace down? 

cozy home decor and furniture

Why aren’t we focusing on creating relaxing corners that can help us unwind, post-work, or even in the middle of a stressful day? 

Because for most of us, that's usually our bedroom. But we're here to tell you differently. 

That corner in your bedroom. The space next to the window in your living room. That untouched corner of your study. All of these could turn into a cozy nook to relax! 

And you can do it with Fabuliv

Creating your very own cozy corner to relax on a tiring day 


Let’s start with the light that falls on you as you relax. 

Do you know that blue light helps you relax even better? Not us, many scientific studies back the fact. 

While you can fit in those blue hues anywhere, it is upon us to give you the perfect lamp or lighting that gives your corner a cozy vibe. Take your pick from table lamps, pendant lamps, or floor lamps depending on the space available to you. 

1. Barry Green Table Lamp

What do you think of a lamp that is made of recycled glass and fabric? Guilt-free and helping you take a step towards a better and healthier environment. This Barry Green Table Lamp is a perfect addition to your center table when all you wish to do is get away from work to have some me-time.

Our artisans make this from scratch to ensure you get a unique experience. 

glass bottle table lamp

Get it here.

2. Deccan Hue Pendant Lamp

If you are not into table lamps and think that you may spill or drop the decor, we suggest you go for a pendant lamp. These look like vintage lanterns and again, are handcrafted to perfection by our clever artisans. 

Take a look at this Deccan Hue Pendant Lamp. The intricate carvings on the sides ensure that the lightings pour out just the right way, in soft fuses of gold, so that you can relax. The frame is made of solid wood, to last a lifetime.

Deccan Hue Pendant Lamp

Get it here.

3. Le Chiffre Floor Lamp

Not fond of either pendant or table lamps? A vintage vibe of the good-old floor lamp should do the trick for you. 

Plug it in the cozy corner of your choice and let the lights fall as you sip through your chosen beverage and peruse through the favorite book, or Netflix, or whatever you want. 

The point is to let you have a corner where you can sit down and melt as you relax, instead of being all terse and tense about yet another deadline. Your lighting plays a huge role in that. Choose it wisely! 

Although we recommend a floor lamp only if you have some room left. As it will take up some area. 

wooden handcrafted floor lamp

Get it here.


Now that we have covered the lights, let’s talk about how we’d like our seating. 

We sit alert on our workspaces, but our cozy corners are where we like to lounge. Choose a seating arrangement keeping your comfort in mind. 

At the same time, it should be good enough to not spoil your posture. This should strike a fine balance between your bed and your work seat, something for a temporary respite, yet cozy enough so you go back to it, again and again.

We have a few suggestions for you.

1. Verona One Seater Sofa

A classic. Everyone loves a good couch and this one-seater is perfect for those who want to create a comfortable, cozy, and solitary corner. 

This one-seater sofa comes with a 32-D foam with a webbing support seat that is crafted to perfection with the solid wood it stands on, by our very own artisans.  

With solid wood legs and a base to support it, this one is a perfect mix of sturdy and soft that you’d want for your cozy corner.

one seater sofa for lounge at home

Get it here.

2. Noor Solid Wood One Seater Sofa with Woven Seat and Cushion

Think regal when you incorporate these cozy corner ideas. Handcrafted furniture spells out the word royal, like nothing else. Its vintage vibe and traditional designs speak of stories galore, most of which come from the artisans who create it from the first splinter. 

And that’s exactly the vibe you get when the Noor Solid Wood One Seater Sofa gets delivered to you. Carved out of the finest mango wood, it is an out-and-about ethical and eco-friendly product, replete with solemn vibes that you’d want when you relax. 

Solid Wood One Seater Sofa with Hand Woven Seat

Get it here.

3. Clara Solid Wood One Seater Sofa with Hand Woven Seat and Cushion

A personal favorite. White has a different level of calm attached to it and often makes for a good choice when creating relaxing corners. 

This one-seater sofa is carved by hand by our best artisans and comes with a woven seat and cushion. You can simply sink into it, albeit with a straight posture, and read that favorite story of yours that you have been procrastinating on because of excess work. 

This one is not only beautiful to look at, but also ages well thanks to the sturdiness of the wood. 

cozy corner at home furniture - Solid Wood One Seater Sofa

Get it here.

Placings and Decor

You're sitting in your cozy corner with a cup of tea and your favorite book. But just then, you realize you need your phone to drop a quick text to your family; where do you place everything you sat down with? 

This is where your cozy look also needs a few pieces of high-on-utility furniture. 

1. Lubov Black End Table

Black is back! Yes, white is the one that soothes your soul but well, black has its charm and we won’t deny that. 

Just like this Lubov Black End Table. Made from mango wood, the table comes in a black and whitewash color for that rustic look. It offers two-tier platforms so you can stow away your comfort zone must-haves in one place. 

If you're someone who likes to assemble products, this one will give you exactly that! 

Black End Table - Tiered side table

Get it here.

2. Ashley Moroccan Coffee Table

Okay, so you have got some space in your cozy corner and would like to turn it into a space where you could enjoy a cup of tea with a friend sometimes. Understandable. 

The Ashley Moroccan Coffee Table is a low-height furniture piece that is made out of mango wood. It comes with intricate work on the top that gives it teak and blue color tone. Perfect for corners where you're opting for floor seating! 

wooden coffee table for cozy corner home decor furniture

3. Connor Outdoor Display Unit

Ah, you're someone who likes to keep their greens indoors and close. We get it, having a few plant babies around you can make a space liven up. 

The Connor Outdoor Display Unit (don't go by its name; it's perfect for indoor placement too) is special because it can not only house your plants but also store some of your current books that you would just like to pluck off the shelf and read when you are in the mood to relax. 

Maybe perch a money plant to test the luck and look. Its beautiful wooden and black finish further makes it an aesthetic piece that is sure to lift the look of your cozy corner.

Outdoor Display Unit for plants

Creating a cozy corner to relax is just as important as your workspace! 

That’s all you need to do for a beautiful and cozy corner at home as you deal with the stress of working from home. 

With Fabuliv, we not only help you create it but do it in a way that you contribute towards making our planet a better place. We believe in sustainable living, giving back Mother Earth more than we consume. So that even you feel better when you sit back and relax! 

Ready to reward yourself with a space you can relax in? 
Create a cozy corner with home decor and furniture from Fabuliv. Be a part of the Fabuliv family.
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