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A Step-by-step Guide to Creating Your Own Luxury Kitchen Decor

by Vanhishikha Bhargava 30 Jun 2021 0 Comments

The Great Indian Kitchen. We aren’t talking about the movie that has got everyone talking, rather the space that inspired it. Ideologies apart, the kitchen is an important space in the house, no matter who is the one organizing it. 

Depending on how you enjoy culinary skills, it can either be an art or a chore. Nevertheless, both the task and the place remain an important part of the house. So, why shouldn’t kitchen decor be taken seriously? After all, cooking is truly a delight when you are surrounded by enough light, good ventilation and beautiful pieces of furnishing.

Surprisingly, beauty is not at the top of mind while thinking of kitchen decor. On the contrary, utility is. But, being functional should not come at the cost of aesthetic value. 

Further, now that most of us are inside our homes, even during working hours, the kitchen has become even more functional, active at all times of the day. Whether you want your constant fuel of coffee or your meals a day, the kitchen is the place to head to. 

When it is a place that is visited so often during the day (and maybe at night!), why shouldn’t it be pleasing to look at as well?

The main challenge to address while decorating a kitchen is making it look better without the clutter. This is because a kitchen is already a small space to begin with, for most of us. 

But, we are always up for a challenge. Let’s take you through some of the ideas that we have in mind for a luxury kitchen & dining experience. 

kitchen decor and interiors

Getting your kitchen organized with luxury kitchen dining sets

Ceiling/Pendant Lamps

Light up your culinary skills, literally. It is important to have a well-lit kitchen. Ensure that you have windows for ventilation and sunlight. But when the sun goes down and you need to switch on the light, pendant and ceiling lamps are quite good. They take up less space and make your kitchen space look well-lit. 

Kitchen is also a space that gets heated up very quickly. Ensure that while you light up with lamps, you should not overdo it. Too many lamps will only cramp up the kitchen and also make it hotter.

And we have some amazing options for you.

From the Turquoise Terracotta lamp that bears a stark contrast to the usual pastel settings to vintage ones such as the Ester Vintage Hanging Lamp, take your pick. Want some industrial theme added to your decor? We have the Industrial Hue Pendant Lamp.

kitchen lighting



There is no such thing as too many plants. Of course, with your kitchen you have to be mindful of the space. You cannot have long-leaved succulents climbing up the shelves, or worse, tangling with some of your most precious crockery. Go for smaller plants, your favourite ones, or the ones that soothe you. If you think you have enough space, go for some plant organizers that can house your precious greens and refresh your kitchen. 

We’d suggest going for some wall hangers wherein you can put your greens, organized and away from the main kitchen area where the cooking takes place. Something like our Quantoc Hanging Vase or even our set of Roark Handpainted Hanging Vases.

If you have a small outdoor unit attached to your kitchen, you can even create a mini garden with the right display unit. Our bestselling Connor Outdoor Display Unit is a perfect option with its iron and wood finish.

kitchen outdoor garden

Additional Shelves

Just like the rest of your house, your kitchen and its tools need a frequent upgrade. It may be a new crockery set that caught your eye, or a few extra sets of table mats, or even just the essentials. From cookware to dishes and dishwashers, there is a lot that goes on in the kitchen space. While many culinary spaces are designed after a modular blueprint, with intact shelves, sometimes, you need a bit more. 

There are plenty of things that you want stored just in front of you rather than deep inside the fitted shelves. For that, you can invest in extended shelves and organizers that are roomy from the inside but compact on the outside, serving multiple purposes.

Take your pick from the design that suits your kitchen space the best. You can have a Countryside Floor Shelf that comes with its own outdoor charm or even something like the Casa Industrial Wall Shelf if you do not want the floor cluttered. You can even ditch the shelves if you think the fitted ones are enough and go for handy organizers like the Lasey 2 Tier Kitchen Organizer.

These shelves are made of strong metals and sustainable wood, handcrafted and hand-painted by artisans from all over the country, to give your kitchen space its own unique style and story.

kitchen storage and shelves


If your kitchen area is large enough to encompass the dining hall, then you are in luck. Who doesn’t like freshly cooked dishes, right from the stove or oven? Also, it is convenient when it comes to cleaning up. That being said, how can you create a fabulous luxury kitchen & dining experience? Well, you know how to start with the cooking space. Let’s take a look at the dining space now.

Decide the theme of your kitchen decor. For instance, whether you wish to go for a monochromatic look or a wooden one, depending on your convenience and taste. Accordingly, go for the serve-ware and cookware that would suit your dining table and cooking arena. 

Take a look at this Strawberry Pink Wooden Service Bowl set. It comes in a pastel and wooden finish that will suit well with either of the themes. 

Or even the Owl Wooden Chopping Board or the Wooden Serving Bowl, if you like the wooden finish and would like to add more such utility pieces to your dining area.

kitchen serveware

Utility Holders

This is one of the smallest yet most important parts of your luxury kitchen dining sets, if you are creating one. These store your small dining utensils such as forks, spoons, and knives, along with salt and pepper dispensers. It is a brilliant way to organize your dining table and get all these small things together in an organizer. This ensures that you know where to reach out while looking for these things. Also, avoids chaos on the table, making it look clean and clutter-free.

Pick something like this Teak Wooden Condiment Set. Looking for something extra? Take a look at the Coffee Wooden Condiment Holder that can even house a small beer bottle. Similarly, want a different utility holder for the go-to spices? You have the Light Brown Wooden Spice Holder. There is something for each.

kitchen Utility Holders


Breakfast Bar

Have a medium-sized kitchen which is large enough to accommodate more than your culinary skills but small for a dining setup? We have an idea. Set up a breakfast bar. Which means you will be setting up a one-sided table with high chairs. It’s cozy, comfortable, and compact. It will utilize the space without making your kitchen look cramped or crowded.

If your kitchen is roomy, think of creating an ‘island’ space that connects your kitchen to your dining area. These high chairs can serve as a perfect tea-time space, or even just a relaxing catch-up corner.

breakfast chairs

Glass Doors

The reason we suggest glass doors is because it gives the illusion of a bigger space. If you have particularly smaller, studio-size kitchens, having a glass door ensures it looks a little more spacious,even if it is not. 

Glass doors are not just good to look at, these are high on utility as well. Indian cooking is rich in spices that may otherwise get locked in a small space and make cooking an uncomfortable experience. Having a glass door helps the fumes to travel outside the kitchen. Also, glass doors are much easier to clean and maintain. You just have to be regular with it.

To create a classier vibe, go for contrasting colors along with the glass door. Pick a dual-color tone. This means picking contrasting colors for your decor, drawers, and walls so that all of it comes together as pleasing on the eyes. 

Cook your way into the hearts with the ultimate kitchen decor

Kitchen decor is often ignored. Be that as it may, it is still a part of your home, a rather functional and crucial one, and you cannot have it standing out like a sore thumb. Make it breezy and breathable by investing into its decor and design.

And do it the sustainable way. Our kitchenware and storage shelves are made out of eco-friendly and sustainable materials that are ethically sourced and made to last. 

With Fabuliv, make your culinary space a happy and hopeful one. Invest into a planet-friendly and green kitchen. Be a part of the Fabuliv family.

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