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Know Thy Wood: How to Choose the Best Wood for Furniture?

by Vanhishikha Bhargava 30 Jun 2021 3 Comments

Wood is classic. The smooth tan finish with rough nooks that speak of a natural world, it’s one trend that has rocked the interiors and decor market since forever. There are reasons too of course. 

Wood not only looks vintage and classic, but also lasts much longer as compared to most materials used in the interior industry. And if you can find a sustainable piece, it also brings you one step closer to a greener and more eco-friendly home. 

But just like most things in life, wood too offers a lot of choice. It isn’t just about the polish or the texture! 

So when you’re picking out wooden furniture or decor, how do you decide what to go for? 

By knowing all about it. We’re going to make it easy. 

how to choose the right wood for your furniture

Types of wood for furniture


Also known as Sissolt wood, Sheesham is commonly available across the states of Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, and Assam. The best thing about sheesham wood is its durability and strength. But not only this, it is also one of the best wood for furniture when it comes to decor, because of the fact that sheesham looks extremely classy and beautiful when polished. There is an exclusive sheen to sheesham which gives your furniture a particularly smooth vintage look. 

High on both beauty and utility, sheesham is a good investment if you are looking for long-lasting interiors for your home.

Sheesham wood can be carved out into a variety of home furniture. From beds and cabinets to tables and utility pieces, this wood can be used in each and every piece of decor that you choose to grace your home with. Take a look at this hand-painted Sheesham wood bed that comes with storage space, or even the Charlie Wood Shelf that sturdily hangs up on the wall with the essentials. Sheesham can be used to carve out even something as small as a tissue box holder.

best wood for furniture



This is one option that many are either not aware of or have never thought of using. After all, mango is fruit, sweet when consumed. No one gives a thought to the wood that is left behind. And yet, mango wood exists, stronger than ever. What if we told you it is one of the most sustainable wood options as well? 

The reason mango wood is sustainable, because it is the by-product of its main industry; the mango fruit. Further, mango wood also matures quite quickly in 15 years, while the other counterpart trees take around 50-100 years to attain that maturity for usage. Mango wood is also one of the strongest options for furniture because of its dense grains, which makes it an excellent wood for chairs, cabinets, and other such bigger pieces of furniture that need to carry weight.

Mango wood is also water resistant and withstands all kinds of weather conditions. You just need to take care of it like you would take care of any other piece of furniture. All in all, mango wood is a sustainable and strong option, making it one of the best wood for furniture.

When it comes to looks and types, mango wood furniture has a lot to offer. It can be a simple kitchenware like the Mango Wooden Chopping Board or the Valentine Mango Wood Serving Plank. On the other hand, it can also be used to create something like the Alfredo Solid Wood Hand Painted Vintage White Wall Shelf, or even Maugris Floor Lamp.

best wood for kitchen furniture



Another wood that is commonly used in furniture is teak. It is also one of the best-looking ones, with its quintessential reddish tint and smooth varnish. In India, Kerala is the biggest hub of teak wood while many brands import it from Ghana and Burma. 

The biggest plus point of teak wood is that it lasts the longest as compared to any other wood type. This is because teak is more resistant to any form of decay that is associated with wooden furniture. Teak wood is also great when it comes to extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold. Its durability makes it a perfect material for doors, cabinets, etc.

Whether you go for hardwood furniture or even a finish that reflects rustic wood types, these are some of the most preferred wood styles in India. But, which one to go for? 

We have a bias but for good reason. Let’s tell you how you can choose the best wood for furniture while decorating your house.

Choosing the best wood for furniture

So, you bought a house. What’s the next step? Obviously, getting strong furniture and ensuring it lights up your home with its beauty as well. But when you go for wood, you have to keep certain factors in mind. 

Don’t just go for the looks

All the woods look great. But which one can sync best with your decor theme? Most importantly, which one can last the longest and make sure its maintenance does not cost you much? Your wooden furniture needs to be a beneficial investment. Take a quality test and gather enough knowledge before you make the choice.

Pick a design

Contemporary or vintage; which is the look that you are going for? Some woods can be handcrafted into almost any piece of furniture or style, but some are recommended for heavier and simple pieces. Read up and figure out the strength of each wood and then decide which one to pick for which decor piece.


Your bed, sofa, dining sets, etc are large pieces that you would want to last for a long time. Longevity is the most important feature to look for when you choose the wood here. Make sure the wood is one that can be cleaned and maintained easily. Also, it should be able to withstand weather conditions.


While this may not have been on the top of your mind a few years ago, it should be now. Global warming is not fiction. It is real and we have to take individual steps towards redeeming our planet. Making responsible choices is one of those. Yes, even woods used for furniture can be sustainable. Pick one that matures quickly and is ethically sourced.

Considering all these factors, we have one recommendation for you: mango wood.

Why is Mango the best wood for furniture?

Mango wood, as we have already mentioned, matures much faster than any other wood. Further, it is a by-product of its fruit industry that is already thriving, whether in terms of the raw fruit or other products and drinks that are made out of it. This makes it a wooden material that is high on sustainability. 

Mango wood is also known to sustain staining and sanding, which makes mango wood decor pieces one of the most beautiful ones around. 

Agreed, furniture is supposed to be strong and stable, but aesthetics also matter, especially if you are decorating your home as per a particular theme and want each and every corner to look perfect. That’s why most artisans choose mango wood as their base material as they work different crafts on it.

It is also one wood type that is water-resistant. So you wouldn’t have to worry about a little water on the furniture during the monsoons or worry about swelling. All it expects from you is the usual care and maintenance.

The only drawback of mango wood is that it is not resistant to insect or fungus attack, but that’s common across all types of wood used in furniture. Mango wood, in fact, ups the other types of wood here. Once it has been polished and dried, the risk of such insect attack is almost negligible.

Explore our mango wood furniture and home decor collection here.

Create a modern and minimalistic look with the best wood for furniture

Wooden furniture is evergreen and everlasting. Different homes have different vibes, so all we recommend is doing your research and choosing a piece that is not just beautiful to look at but also environmentally friendly. 

A sustainable option like mango wood will go a long way, not just in creating long-lasting decor for your home but also a long-lasting and healthy planet.

At Fabuliv, we strive to use the best practices in sourcing our woods. Mango is one of our prime components, for its qualities and sustainability. Our artisans work their magic on the wood, to create beautiful pieces of furniture, every time you place an order, exclusively for you, carving details that go with the latest interior trends as well.

If you’re moving away from ever-changing interiors and taking a step towards sustainability, check out our range of wooden home decor and furniture today. 

Visit Fabuliv

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