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Home Decor Mistakes That Date Your Vibe

by Vanhishikha Bhargava 29 Jul 2021 0 Comments

There’s a lot more to decor than just choosing the right paint and material. Designing separate interiors as per individual tastes and budget is not an easy feat, and yet the professionals are up to it. But it is also their job to point out the decorating mistakes that date your home. And trust us when we say, there are many.

In this article, we want to take you through some such immature home decor drama that is making your space drab and dull. Know it to fix it.

Top home decor mistakes you don’t even know you are making

After stalking many interior decor experts, we figured out how common folks like us are making the most uncommon decor mistakes. Let’s take a look.

Top home decor mistakes we all make

1. Cluttered kitchen

Imagine having the most beautiful modular kitchen. And then imagine it cluttered with utensils, dust clothes, matts, and more. We aren’t talking about dirt and hygiene here, we are simply pointing out the mess and clutter. This is one of the worst home decor mistakes that you can commit. 

Consider this. You walk into your gorgeously done up living room and then step into the kitchen. No matter how well your living room was done, a messy kitchen will just break that ‘aura’ you were going for!

Invest in organizers and shelves that will help you minimize the mess. Don’t let the cutlery float around just in any small space. It will only make you struggle when you need to find it. Compartmentalize your shelves and label it if you want, so that you know what goes where. Make sure that the surfaces are clean and clutter-free and add a plant or two to add on to the decor, if you want.

kitchen storage

2. Couture over comfort and functionality

All that glitters is not gold. Some of the most beautiful pieces of decor may not be comfortable. Choose your beds, sofas, and chairs after thoroughly checking the material and whether or not it is comfortable. Also, check the materials for their sustainability and strength

You want products that are crafted using ethical practices and would last a lifetime. Pick products after a thorough look and look into the materials. Figure out how it would wear out with regular use and how comfortable it would be. There is more to couture than just looks.

For instance, picking a single-seater sofa is a good choice instead of hard chairs that may look vintage but may not sit well as far as comfort is concerned.

one seater wooden sofa on fabuliv

3. Making television the focal point

Yes, we know that you wish to watch the latest episode of that popular series with your friends, lounging in your living room. We also know that you wish to flaunt your latest plasma television and so you have made it the central point of your living room decor. 

But that’s where you are committing a great decor sin! Keep television central to the decor, but make sure you utilize the space around it well, with something else.

For instance, invest into a good home theatre decor system, one that houses all the relevant gadgets required, including your television. This system would elevate the decor of your living room and house the television in a subtle manner that syncs with the rest of the decor.

wooden tv unit - fabuliv

4. No house plants

With remote working becoming the new norm, most of us are spending our time indoors. Another work tradition that remote working has germinated is indulging into staycations, wherein you wish to find greener pastures to work out of. 

Why not bring some greens inside your home? Get some indoor plants that compliment the decor and also refresh the entire scenario. Plants are known to elevate the vibe as well as your mood.

But it turns into a big decor no-no when you just start to bring in more plants without really thinking about where they’d sit. Most homes compromise on the floor space available to them in their zeal to go green; eventually creating a lot of clutter. 

Invest in some good organizers and add your favorite greens to it instead. Either choose a floor shelf or a hanging planter depending on where you’re placing the greens. Neat, clean and clutter-free way to go green! 

avoid home decor mistakes - get some greens


4. Ignoring the entryway

Consider your entryway as the first impression of your house and your persona. Keeping it ignored and unattended is one of the worst things you can do to your decor. With the pandemic, the entryway has become even more important as it has to be functional. It now houses masks and sanitizers, along with other essentials. And often turns into a chaotic mess, while the rest of your home decor is remarkable. 

Don’t let that disconnect happen.

Our suggestion? Pick a chest that has a wide top surface and closed shelves so that it transforms your entryway into a clutter-free and organized space.

wooden chest of drawers - handcarved

Pro tip: Add a mirror above the chest of drawers if you have a small foyer space. It gives the illusion of a larger space and also gives you a last-minute chance to check your appearance before you head out.

wooden frame mirror

Looking for more entryway home decor ideas? Read our blog here.

5. Tangled and open cables

Reiterating, most of us are working from home. This means more wires and chargers and the need for more plug points. But does that mean you should have an array of open and disorganized charging wires spread all across? 

It looks nothing less than a blotchy mess on your carefully curated home decor.

Pick extension boards and wire organizers that can help you sort your chargers and keep them in a neater way. You can’t do away with the wires. But the best way to make sure it is not an eyesore, is to find an organizer for it. When not in use, put them all in a storage box, near your workspace.

office organizers - home decor


7. Going all matching!

Think of your home as your attire. Would you dress in one color, top to bottom? And we are also talking about your makeup and accessories. No, right? 

Similarly, do not pick everything of the same color when it comes to your decor. Try to create a look that is warm and lived-in, with contrasts and colors that are more suited to your taste. 

Make sure the theme you create is consistent across the room. Right from the furniture you pick to the decor pieces and even the soft linens. 

8. Using incorrect lighting

Lighting and design go hand in hand. Just like other decor mistakes, there is room for error creeping up here as well. Here are a few mistakes that you should avoid while choosing lighting for your home.

  1. Choosing insufficient sources of main lighting
  2. Not checking the heights of various lamps while placing them
  3. Going for a non-functional arrangement
  4. Not choosing lamps as per its use

To know more about how to infuse lighting efficiently in your decor, take a look at our guide here.

9. Not using storage options well

We are living in the age of compact homes. That means combining decor and functionality. Trust us when we say, not picking double-functioning furniture is the biggest decor sin that you can commit. 

For instance, why go for hollow beds when you can get double beds with a storage option — hydraulic, drawers, or otherwise? Similarly, why not pick chests and box storage that can make your entryway look better?

You get the drift. Know how to combine utility and decor in our guide to storage solutions.

Avoid making these home decor mistakes and go sustainable too! 

Wait, what? 

Your home is not just a place where you live. It is also a hub of your happiness, a place where you create your memories, and now, also a place where you work out of. Create the decor with caution. Add your own personality to it, but when in doubt, consult a professional.

But whatever the outcome, the best choice would always be one that is crafted out of sustainable materials, for it is mindful. The exact thing that you’re trying to achieve by avoiding the decor mistakes we discussed above. 

We at Fabuliv believe that our planet is our first and last home, our own abode being a small and beautiful part of it. So why not inculcate the goodness of sustainability in your decor practices as well? 

Explore our range of sustainable home decor and furniture in India, today. 

With Fabuliv, it’s time to retire the decor mistakes and embrace a wholesome and mindful decor; one that’s in trend. To know more decor trends, follow us on Instagram.

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