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Luxury Lighting: Elevate Your Home Decor by Choosing the Right Lamp and Lights

by Vanhishikha Bhargava 10 Jul 2021 5 Comments

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one remembers to turn on the light.”

Albus Dumbledore was indeed the wisest of the wizards, and even humans, if we dare say. And this line of his from ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ surely lights up the day. 

types of lamps and lighting

It is true that the brightest of lights can make the dullest of days look better. That does not mean you invest in a ray of fairy lights though. It just means that you should take a look at your home and know which lights can be used to uplift a space. 

From luxury hanging lights to luxury pendant ceiling lights, lighting in all forms creates an aura of positivity.

But too much of it can become an eyesore. Too little of it can dampen the whole space. And might we say, even harm your eyes a little. So, how to choose the right lamps and lighting in a way that it truly makes your home come alive? 

Firstly, understand which type of lighting you are going for.

Luxury lighting and the art of getting it right

What are the different types of lighting?

Usually, there are five types of lighting available for homes or indoor spaces:

Ambient lighting: This type of lighting provides a uniform illumination in the entire space and is fixed on the ceiling or sconces. This is usually the first light that is switched on when a person enters the room.

Natural lighting: This is the natural light that illuminates the room during the day. It is known to reduce stress and improve mental health, and usually comes from the windows and doors in a space.

Task lighting: As the name suggests, task lighting is specific to a task. For instance, there can be a separate reading light, another light on the kitchen counter for cooking, etc. These are micro lights that focus only on a specific area where the task is being performed.

Accent lighting: Also known as focal lighting, accent lighting is the type of illumination that highlights a particular piece of decor or a corner of your house. Maybe it is a handcrafted cabinet or even a beautiful vase that you may have purchased. Accent lighting amps up the mood and accentuates whichever corner of the house you want to throw the spotlight on.

Decorative lighting: This is just for aesthetics and does not serve any ‘lighting’ purpose. Think of it as ornamental lights that are a reflection of the house owner’s personal style and vibe.

Now that you know the types of lighting, it’s time to know how you can include it in your home.

Choosing the right lamp for the right lighting

The lighting in your home should compliment your mood and personality. There is no point in having dreary lights that may illuminate sufficiently but do nothing to lift your mood and a big factor of that is how it impacts the space you’re in. 

Here’s how you can choose the right lamps and lighting to ensure your mood and decor, both are lit!

Table lamps

These come in various sizes and designs and are perfect for both ambience lighting and task lighting, depending on what you are going for. But whichever look you are going for, make sure it serves the purpose to the tee.

Transform your lighting medium into an accent lamp, an ambient lighting lamp or even a reading lamp that doubles up as a night lamp. But, choose a lamp structure that complements the space well and can be adjusted as you please.

For instance, this gorgeous Fabuliv Globe Table Lamp with a White Wooden Base is a perfect choice if you are looking for task lighting in your study or even in the work corner of your living room. This is especially a great choice if you have a dark wall in your house, given its pastel hues. The distressed globe adds a nice touch when it lights up. The mango wood structure gives it longevity and strength and the shade material is made of recyclable cotton, giving you a sustainable beauty that thrives with time.

Globe Table Lamp (white wooden base)

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Or you can go for another vintage beauty, a table lamp that is hand painted and crafted out of a recycled vase, with handcrafted shade mounted on top. The best thing about Estella Hand painted Antique Half Glossy Table Lamp is that it will look good with any shade of paint that you use it against. Just make sure the surroundings are not very chaotic with this one though!

Estella Hand Painted Antique Half Glossy Table Lamp

Get it here

Here are a few style tips you can follow while picking a table lamp of your choice:

  • It should match the tone and vibe of your room
  • If you are buying multiple table lamps, they should all be of the same height
  • Ensure that your lampshade is at your eye level, when you are in a seating position
  • Try playing with the height of the table if the lamps are of different sizes

Table lamps are best suited for your bedrooms or study rooms as they are meant to focus on tasks.

Floor lamps

This one may not be a great option for task lighting, but floor lamps serve as a great way of decor. That means you can use it either as ambience lighting or even as accent or decorative lighting. Also, given the size of floor lamps, it can be a great piece of decor and lift the look of the corner where you place it, at the same time serving its basic function of lighting it up.

Give a French touch to your decor. Pick the Le Chiffre Floor Lamp. Made of sturdy mango wood, it has a beautiful sky blue accent across its brown finish that makes it look absolutely ethereal. 

wooden floor lamp

If you want a classy and simple floor lamp for your luxury lighting, then you can pick the Hester Vintage Floor Lamp. Hand-carved by artisans using the finest mango wood, its structure is solid while its shade is made out of jute, one of the best sustainable materials that there is.

Vintage wooden Floor Lamp

Get it here

A few tips to consider while choosing your floor lamps:

  • Figure out the purpose of the lamp; aesthetic or functional or both and then decide the height of the lamp from the floor
  • Metal, wood, or a mix of both? Find out which material sits well with the rest of your decor
  • You can even layer floor lamps for a look of lustre and to amp up your lighting and decor
  • For best effect, place your floor lamps in the corners, possibly the ones you want illuminated

Floor lamps are best suited for living rooms and even foyers if there is enough space.

Pendant lamps

These lamps are perfect when it comes to functionality and decor both. Pendant lamps add a minimal and modern touch to your corner and also create an illusion of space expansion. They can serve as both task lighting and ambience or focal lighting, depending on your needs. Kitchen or living room, you can add these anywhere. You just need to pick the one that reflects your personality and the space’s requirements the best.

For instance, if you are into industrial decor, then you would absolutely be in love with the black and brown accents of the Industrial Hue Pendant Lamp. Made out of wood and iron, it is painted distressed green and has solid iron chains that make sure there is no strength malfunction.

Industrial Hue Pendant Lamp

On the other hand, if you want to pick the old and classic wooden look, with a touch of colour, you can pick something like the Arabic Pinch Pendant Lamp which comes in two sizes. Pick one that suits the space where you want to place the lamp.

Arabiac Pinch Pendant Lamp

Get it here

Here are some tips on how to choose the right pendant lamps for your home:

  • Know whether you want a central chandelier, a linear pendant light, or a dramatic shades pendant light
  • Choose the clearance from the floor depending on which room you are placing the lamp in. For instance, in your bedroom, a clearance of 7 feet is fine, but for the foyer, at least 6 feet would do
  • Choose a pendant lamp of average size to avoid getting one that is either too small or too large
  • Place the pendant lamps on heights that make it easy for you to clean them
  • Pick a pendant lamp that goes well with the rest of your decor, especially the pieces on which the light would fall

Pendant lamps such as the chandelier are a perfect option for your main hall where the guests come in. Smaller ones can be placed even in the kitchen space or living rooms.

Candle Stands

Accent lighting and decorative lighting will never go out of vogue. And that’s why, even if candle stands may not serve the purpose of giving you enough light, it looks good enough to create a vibe. Imagine those moonlit nights when you wish to have a candle-light dinner. Or maybe, just create a quiet night for yourself with just a few candles and dim light.

candle stands wooden

The point of candle stands is to look good and to make the corner look even better with the minimal light that they can provide. Choose one that makes your heart flutter.

Keep in mind these few points while choosing a candle stand for your home:

  • Make sure that your candle holder sits well with the decor you have chosen
  • Your candle holder should be of an optimum size, neither too large nor too small
  • Pick colorful candle holders for simple walls, and vice versa, for the piece to stand out
  • Pick candles as per the size of the holder so that it fits well

Candle stands can be placed anywhere. But you can place it in the dining rooms, where it looks the best. Avoid placing it in the corners. Candle lamps look best in the middle of the space.

Create luxury with ‘Made in India’ lighting

Lighting is an important part of your home. And it need not be boring. It serves a purpose, but it can do it while truly being a gorgeous piece of decor. 

Pick your handcrafted marvel the sustainable way, at Fabuliv, where our artisans add a part of their soul to each piece of furniture, lamps and lighting included. These are stories woven into the lights that lit up your house.

And guess what, with each purchase you will be giving something back to Mother Earth, because we use materials that speak sustainable and eco-friendly with every stroke and finish.

Become a part of the Fabuliv family now.

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