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Your Guide to Serene and Sustainable Dining Room Decor

by Vanhishikha Bhargava 15 Jul 2021 0 Comments

Good food helps elevate the mood. But, it is equally important to have a good space where you have your food. That’s why restaurants around the world are known as much for their ambiance as for the taste they create. Perfect lighting, comfortable seating, and overall hospitality sets the right mood and makes you feel amazing.

But wait, what’s stopping you from replicating it for your dining area? With the right dining room decor, you can create the same - if not similar, but better, ambiance for your home-cooked food. And actually make everyone in your house for once, join you at the table!

After all, why should the new normal stop you from feeling good about your food? 

Creating the food arena and delicacies of your choice? Stay in, but in a stylish manner. These multipurpose dining room ideas for decor will help you out.

Multipurpose and sustainable dining room decor ideas

Switch on the lights

Lighting has an important part to play when it comes to decor. Dining room decor is no different. Think of your favourite restaurants and eateries. You associate lighting with mood. When you are in the mood for some hazy and romantic evening, dim and warm task lights do the deed. 

On the contrary, when you are in the mood for work, you want a cafe lit either by natural lighting or loud ambient lighting. 

You can transform your dining room with the correct lighting.

The chandelier effect

This one is a classic. Chandeliers are ambient lights that can illuminate the entire space with one flick of switch. It is not just limited to your living rooms and halls. You can also use it as dining room decor. Chandeliers are not only functional when it comes to lighting, but also highly aesthetic.

And you can get one that complements your decor style; a vintage one if you live in an old structure or even a contemporary one for the lovers of modern architecture.

The sleek drop

The good old chandelier always works, but in today’s era of compact living and minimalistic style, you should go for sleek statement lighting. Pendant lamps are a good choice here. If you are in the mood for dim lights, you can let the natural lights help you in the daylight and lanterns and candle stands in the night. 

When you go for sleek pendant lamps, you can pick something like the Rustic Hue Pendant Lamp if you want a wooden finish. On the contrary, if you are into industrial furnishing, an industrial hue pendant lamp is a good choice.

home lighting and lamps handcrafted


We know you want your dining space well-lit. But you also need to consider a few things while choosing the lighting. Here are some tips while choosing lighting for your dining room:

  • If you go for drop lighting, make sure it is placed in such a manner that the light falls and spreads from the center of the table
  • The lamp or chandelier should be high enough to cover all the corners of the space
  • Your drop lighting should not be so low that it starts heating space and making everyone sweaty and uncomfortable
  • The candle stands should be placed in the middle of the table
  • The lighting fixture should be in sync with the overall decor and the size of the dining table set (table and chairs)
  • For more tips on picking the right lighting, read our blog here

Go green!

Indoor plants can enliven any space. Whether as a centerpiece or as a corner one, these plants can refresh your dining room corners like nothing else.

But how do you make sure that adding in some greens wouldn’t kill the functionality of the space? We have just the right plant shelves and organizer ideas to back you up. Time to make your dining room look even more refreshing and beautiful.

Try picking up a tall display unit like the Connor Outdoor Display Unit, if your dining room is a sleek space. 

connor wood outdoor storage unit


If you want something that can add the goodness of greens yet be subtle enough, you can go for a compact design like the Rosaline Outdoor Display Unit.

rosaline outdoor storage unit


Another option is to try wall hanging vases that can store your favorite pots. You can get small indoor plants that thrive in these vases. And if you have some floor space available to you, you can choose planters that come with stands too. 

wooden furniture vases


These plant vases are sturdy enough to last the test of time and also do not get affected adversely by all the care that your plant deserves, like regular watering, the requisite medicinal sprays, etc.

If your dining room has an attached garden space, you can place the display units outside as well. 

Before you get started, here are a few things to keep in mind if you are thinking of using plants for your dining room decor, along with a few recommendations:

  • Go for succulents only if your dining room is well lit
  • Begonias are a nice option, but again, you need plenty of light
  • Want a beautiful vine? Go for Philodendron. Just remember to water it just right; neither too much nor too less
  • It’s a place where everyone sits together, create a vibrant and cozy atmosphere and not a dark one
  • Make sure the vases you pick are not easily worn out; they need to be sustainable to avoid rotting of the material and also to keep your plant growing

Pick the right furniture

Now, the most important aspect. Depending on your space, preferences, and how many people you expect to sit for a meal, you have to pick a dining table set. Mostly, a dining table set of six  is a universal and most practical choice. Even if you have a small family, this one can accommodate most of the guests who come once in a while, or even when you grow your family.

What you do have to take care of is the aesthetics and the overall roominess you’d want to keep in the dining room. 

The dining table sets are functional pieces, but are they gorgeous enough to sink in with your decor choices? 

Also, will it last the test of time as it often doubles up as makeshift workspaces for most of us, and caters to three meals a day? 

Invest in a dining set made out of solid wood. You can further look at options that come with added crafts to it, if you’re looking for something that is also good to look at. 

If you like a sleek and block design finish in wood, something like the Paloma Solid Wood Six Seater Dining Set is a good pick. On the other hand, if you want a distressed finish, you can pick something like the Pansy Solid Wood Six Seater Dining Set. Carved out of sustainable wood, they are built to be durable and comfortable.

wooden dining room furniture


Some tips to keep in mind while picking dining room furniture:

  • Make sure you measure your dining room well and get a table that fits in, keeping enough room to move around 
  • The shape of the dining table should be the same as the shape of your room
  • With a rectangular dining table, benches work better than chairs
  • Also, consider the size of the dining table after ensuring that all the people can sit comfortably; elbow space is important  
  • The material of the dining furniture should complement your decor and not stand out like an eyesore - for instance, if the rest of your furniture pieces are in wood; keep it consistent 

Serve-ware and more

Compliment your dining room decor with just the right serve-ware and linen. Yes, you would require table mats and serving bowls, spoons, etc. Pick ones that not only serve the purpose but also look as good as the ones you see on Instagram that suddenly make even the simplest of food look way more aesthetic.  

Pick the Olive Green Wooden Serving Bowl in Three Sizes to present your culinary marvel or even a Set of 3 Wooden Trays. You can also go quirky and use items that are multi-purpose; like a kitchen board that can be doubled up as a serving tray. 

Wooden Serving Bowl in 3 Sizes


Tip: Ensure that aesthetically it sits well with the rest of the dining room decor. It’s about creating a holistic, beautiful place for dining. 

Elevate your dining room decor with sustainable and durable pieces

You can get good-looking dining table pieces anywhere. It’s a wide market. But, how many places and brands are honest enough to provide you with a functional piece that lasts long so that you do not have to replace it frequently? You get the drift. 

At Fabuliv, we use the likes of metal and wood as materials that are super strong and last a long time. And guess what, we do not mass produce furniture and let them wither in the warehouse. 

Each piece is crafted especially for you by our skilled artisans. That’s why no two Fabuliv pieces look the same either. 

We are also mindful of what we are taking from the planet, just as you are with what you use to fuel your body for the nutrition it needs. 

We use the most sustainable wood and materials, and practice recycling so that we can give our planet more than what we take from it. We decorate homes, but it starts from our first and only home, this planet. And with every purchase, you become a part of it.

Be fabulous with Fabuliv. Shop your favorite dining room decor now.

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