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5 Interior and Decor Trends to Transform Your Home Before 2021 Ends

by Vanhishikha Bhargava 20 Jul 2021 0 Comments

Bidding adieu to 2020 was definitely a unique mix of bittersweet and strange. After all, this was the year when we spent most of our time indoors, all thanks to the pandemic. The world got used to the new normal as remote working became an everyday affair. Work came home, the living room bustled a little more, and families, with all their similarities and differences, came a little closer.

Moving on to 2021, as things are slowly resuming and reopening, the indoor trends stayed. We thought of compiling a few so that you can incorporate them to elevate your living style.

Because come to think of it, why not. Interior designs for 2021 have come all the way from last year, and they are slick, stylish and classy. It’s time to give your home a makeover, the right way.

interior and home decor trends 2021

How to transform your home with the latest interior design trends?

#1 Back to the curves

The curves and rounded edges are back in. Last year was all about clean and neat edges with straight cuts. But now, we are all about softer and rounder furnishing that sits well with the casual and semi-casual vibe that we are inching towards. A clear ode to the blurring boundaries between work, passion, and home. 

How to do it?

You can simply include curves in your decor by picking the right shapes. 

Go for round coffee tables and centre tables. Pick couches that have rounded edges rather than square and rectangular ones. You can even pick single ones and create a rounded and cozy corner for yourself. 

Throw in circular rugs for the floor and matts for the dining table.

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#2 Choose light-colored wood

We mean, don’t do that literally. But, light wood is a lit trend that is totally in. The darker satin-finish woodworks are a classic, but if you wish to enter the contemporary and chic arena with your decor, you should take a look at the lighter versions of woodwork. 

How to do it?

While some woods like teak have a naturally-darker finish, you can pick up ones such as Mango and Sheesham that would give you a lighter finish. 

Further, both Mango and Sheesham, if ethically sourced and crafted consciously, are sustainable materials that are good for the environment. You’d be picking two birds with one stone; making an informed choice and getting a gorgeous product for your home.

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#3 Opt for sustainable decor

You want to decorate your home, but what about our ultimate home, our planet? Often in the quest to create many products, brands create identical designs that are crafted using a lot of material. This entails a lot of waste and is also not an ethical or sustainable option. 2021 is all about using brands that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

How to do it?

When you want to redecorate your home, look for brands that are sustainable and ethical, like Fabuliv

Do your research. Pick up materials that have the least carbon footprint like woods, jute, etc. Also check if the brand uses recyclable material to craft new products. Some of the most eco-friendly materials are terracotta, jute, mango wood, etc.

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#4 The Pantone effect

Each year Pantone names a color. This time, for 2021, it has announced two shades. This is a first in 22 years. The two shades are… drumrolls… sunshine yellow and dark grey. There can’t be two more contrasting shades. But if you think about it, they are the shades that can be used in perfect contrast with each other, pitching your decor straight into the trend of the year.

How to do it?

Yellow makes for a great pop color. So use grey as your backdrop. If you don’t want to change your wall color, you can always choose wallpapers, printed or otherwise. Choose yellow furnishings to go with it. Alternatively, if you have yellow walls, you can go for grey furnishings. Curate your decor and include the shades.

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#5 Go retro

This one’s not for the faint-hearted. The retro trend is all about bling and pops, bringing the colors in. But you can only pull it off if you know how to place colors well enough to coordinate and be catchy. Plus, these should look good with the materials you choose for your furniture. 

The retro trend is also about going grand. So, if you wish to go for an arch gateway that speaks a little over-the-top royalty instead of the usual simple door, well, go for it for 2021 is the year when you can do it.

How to do it?

Firstly, know that this is a temporary trend. While the rest can be carried forward, this one may not. So, the best way to incorporate this in your decor would be by using temporary elements here and there in the form of wallpapers, or even creating faux arches.

Slip into the interior design trends that will stay beyond 2021, the sustainable way

Fashion or furniture, trends change and evolve. But one thing that remains eternal and constant, is your personal sense of style. Incorporate that into the trends you observe and you have a winning decor strategy for your abode. 

And you can now do it the sustainable way. 

Interior design trends for 2021 and beyond include sustainability and creating mindful decor. You can now do it with Fabuliv

Our products are created out of the most eco-friendly materials, such as jute, terracotta and more. Further, we source all our materials in the most ethical manner and recycle wherever possible. 

Our vision is to give back to the planet more than what we take and our mission is to achieve it with every order as our skilled artisans add their own craft to each product.

Be a part of our vision and mission, at the same time fulfilling your own desire for a decor that is in trend. Be stylish and sustainable, at the same time. Be fabulous, be a part of the Fabuliv family.

Want to see what sustainability looks like? Follow us on Instagram for some inspiration! 

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