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Who’s the Fairest of ‘em All! How to Choose the Right Size Wall Mirror

by Vanhishikha Bhargava 04 Aug 2021 4 Comments

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

Snow White’s evil stepmother may have uttered this out of pride in the fairytale, but the creators had no idea the phrase would become so popular, catching the fantasy of all. And why not, the phrase did a good job at highlighting the difference between self-appreciation and self-obsession, telling us that even the best of reflections may not always have the best of heart.

That being said, one can’t deny that the mirror played an important role in the tale, as it does in our everyday lives. We can admire our reflections and know exactly what to correct to make ourselves presentable before we step out. Or use them to give ourselves a little pep talk sometimes.

But hold up, mirrors also make for beautiful home decor pieces that can add depth to any space!

All of it though depends on the mirror you bring in. So, how do you choose the right size mirror?

how to choose a wall mirror

Wall mirrors add warmth, space and decorative light reflections to make your space look better and brighter. The right kind of mirror can transform your decor in the best way possible, only, if you know how and where to place it.

And that’s exactly where we are going to lend you a helping hand. In this blog, we are going to talk about how to choose the right size wall mirror, what size mirror for entryway is the best, how to choose the right mirror for your bathroom and more.

How to choose the right size wall mirror?

The first thing that you need to know before figuring out how to choose the right size wall mirror is the type of mirrors available. Once you know that, you will have to map as to where in your home you are going to place the said mirror, and go on from there.

What are the different types of mirrors?

Interior decor is an art. It’s not just throwing random elements of utility together, it is also how to make a home, as you fit each piece of the puzzle your way. You need to know each element to figure out which space of your home would house it well.

Come to think of it, you’re doing it when you pick the cupboard that needs to fit into the duct. You’re doing it when you’re picking a bed that fits into the size of your room, leaving enough space for movement.

Mirrors are no different. When placed well, they look ethereal, otherwise, spooky - to say the least. 

There are three types of mirrors that you will see most homes have:

  • Leaner or freestanding mirrors: These are full-length mirrors that are not attached to any wardrobe or the wall. They just lean on to the surfaces.
  • Wall mirrors: These mirrors, as the name suggests, are either hung on the walls or drilled into the walls. The shape changes depending on the space it is for — bathroom, dressing room, bedroom, etc.
  • Dressing mirrors or full-length mirrors: These mirrors are designed with the purpose of giving you a full reflection. Again, just like wall mirrors, these can be either attached to the wall or the wardrobe or can just lean against the fall and be freestanding.

And now comes the size of the mirror. It matters as much as the type of mirror; especially when you’re working with compact spaces.

Choosing the right wall size mirror

The size of the mirror matters. It helps decide whether or not your mirror is the focal point of the space and what effect you are trying to create. The mirror, if used correctly, can make your corner look vibrant and spacious. Otherwise, it will only create chaos.

Tips on how to choose a wall mirror

#Tip 1: Mirror as focal point

If you want your mirror to be the centre of attraction, choose one that’s proportionately large enough for the corner. Pick one with a frame for an ornate look. You can pick something like a Hand Painted Large Wall Mirror that is large enough to be the focal point, yet it nestles well in the midst of the rest of the decor in the space. Taking a framed wall mirror more definition to the wall as well, adding its own accent to an otherwise plain area.

large framed wooden wall mirror

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#Tip 2: Map the wall size

Whether you want the mirror to be the center of attraction or just something to elevate the look, make sure you pick one that is proportionate to the size of your wall. For instance, a small mirror on a large wall looks isolated and ruins the decor instead of being a part of it. Similarly, if you want the mirror to merge with the backdrop, choose a large one that covers a large portion of the wall, giving the illusion of larger, neater space.

#Tip 3: Know the usage

Are you picking the mirror for its utility or its beauty? Not that the two should be exclusive of each other. But, defining the primary purpose will help you choose well. For instance, you know that your bathroom mirror needs to be more functional than beautiful, so you pick one accordingly. Mostly, these are engraved in the shelves itself or are a part of the shelf doors.

how to choose a wall mirror - size of wall

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Similarly, if you want mirrors to merely be an accessory to your decor, you can go for smaller, ornate ones, singularly or in a group. While placing mirrors in a group, check how well it would suit the light, reflection, and spaces when it comes to pepping the look of your home.

round framed wall mirror

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Ask yourself the right questions while buying the mirror and you’ll get the answer. Some of the most common ones are — how to choose a vanity mirror, how to choose the right mirror for your bathroom, what size mirror for entryway, etc. You just have to figure out what type of mirror goes where in the house.

And now that you know both types as well as some best practices of choosing a mirror, let’s look at some of the best placements as well.

Placing the mirror right

Where you place the mirror in your home also affects your choice as well as the effect it creates. For instance, living room mirrors will be different from bathroom mirrors, ornate ones different from full-length ones in usage as well as how they get placed.

So let’s take a look.


How to choose the right size vanity mirror? That’s the question you should be asking while picking a mirror for your bedroom as this is the portion of your house where you are hustling to get ready, for work or leisure and well, rest too. A leaning mirror or a full-length mirror is your best bet here if you have a corner that can turn into your dressing space.

bedroom framed wall mirrors

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Living room

This is a social space. So you’d want a mirror that serves as a part of the decor, at the same time is a little functional as well. Whether you place it above the fireplace or near the gallery wall, choose a shape and size that goes well with the rest of the pieces. You could even create an accent wall if you pick the right mirror!

solid wood carved wall mirror

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This is one space where you definitely need a mirror, one that serves its function well. How to choose the right mirror for your bathroom? We’d suggest going for shelves that come with a mirror attached. This will save space and cost both. For instance, the cabinet here in this one can be used to stow away cosmetics that you’d not like to keep in plain sight.

wooden bathroom wall mirror cabinet

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Your foyer or entryway can also be the space where you place a mirror. This is especially a great way to create a space illusion if you have small entryway spaces. Also, it helps you take a quick peek at yourself when you step out. We recommend choosing a mirror size that does not choke this space. You need to keep it tidy and that’s why a wall mirror does the trick. Depending on what else you want to keep in the entryway, you can pick a size accordingly.

entryway framed wall mirrors

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Dining room

What size mirror for the dining room hall, you ask? We have an answer for that too. The best way to go on about it without cluttering the space would be by placing a mirror just above the shelf where you store your dining essentials. It adds depth and also reflects your dining table; which by vastu gets you brownie points. In case you feel there are too many lines in the decor, with the dining table set, etc, you can always choose round and oval mirrors to soften the look.

dining room wooden wall mirrors

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Reflect your persona via the right mirror decor

Mirrors can either make or break your decor. Too many, and you may as well have a ballet studio at home.

Too few, and your home looks way too bare.

The best way to go on about it would be to assess your usage and then figure out how to add decor elements to it and pick mirrors that serve both the purposes well.

But one thing that we recommend to all when choosing a mirror, is make sure you pick a piece that lasts. At Fabuliv, we make use of ethically sourced wood like mago, sheesham and more, to which our skilled artisans hand carve and paint various little details on so that your mirrors don’t just last, but also look good!

Choose your reflections well. Get gorgeous wooden framed mirrors on Fabuliv. 

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28 May 2023 Taylor Abrams
When you mentioned that choosing the proper mirror will help you create an accent, I became thrilled. Since my husband and I intend to add a backlighting mirror in our living room to improve the space’s overall design, we will undoubtedly follow your advice. We will take your suggestions in mind because we aim to complete the décor within the month.
05 Nov 2022 Charlotte Fleet

There is an empty wall above the couch in my older sister’s living room that she wants to fill with a wall mirror. It makes sense to choose a mirror for your living room that goes well with the rest of your decor. This week, I’ll help my sister search online for a high-quality mirror that matches the style of her living room.

12 Oct 2022 Ava M
My favorite part of your blog is when you said that you must choose a living room mirror that will fit the decor of your house. This is something that my husband and I will take note of this because we want to use mirrors to add an accent to our living room. Certainly, we will remember your tips to make sure that we can be able to use mirrors the right way.
18 Jul 2022 Shammy Peterson
It made me feel excited when you said that picking the right mirror would help you create an accent. My husband and I will surely do this tip because we are planning to have a mirror will be installed in our living room to upgrade its overall decor. Since we want to achieve our vision for the decor within the month, we will keep your tips in mind.

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