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7 Showstopper Living Room Center Table Decor Ideas for Your Home

by Vanhishikha Bhargava 04 Aug 2021 1 comment

What is it that catches your attention when you walk into a living room, whether yours or someone else’s? Consciously or unconsciously, it is the center table. Also known as the coffee table, a center table is placed at the focal point of your living room. If it is not in sync with the rest of the decor or is not aesthetically pleasing, it can ruin the entire effect you may be going for. 

That’s why it is important to pay attention to your living room center table decor and think of ideas that may elevate the look.

living room center table decor ideas

In this blog, we are going to give you some living room center table decor ideas. It’s time to learn how you can turn that one piece of furniture around in an artistic manner to amp up your space. 

Centre table top decoration ideas for the living room

It’s not that difficult to style your center table decor with elan. Just a few changes in placements, combined with a good sense of what will complement your living room decor, and you’ll get it right. Here are a few ideas that can help you out in picking the right center table decoration items.

#Tip 1: Choose wood

If you haven’t decided on anything yet, the best way to start your center table decor would be to choose one, and what’s better than the good-old classic wood?

Even if you are not comfortable with going all out with wooden elements, starting with a wooden center table is a great idea as it adds an element of vintage sophistication to your living room center table decor.

Pick a wooden center table for living room. Add a few other wooden furnishing elements. Pair it up with whites and pastels, whether it is your walls or soft furnishings and watch your living room transform.

You can even pick patterned wood that is replete with hand-painted motifs. It adds a nice, cultural touch to your overall decor. Something like the Kolam Solid Wood Hand Painted Round Coffee Table in Teak.

solid wood coffee table center table

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#Tip 2: Go green

If you are someone who likes a green print across the house, it wouldn’t hurt to bring in some for your center table as well. You can place potted plants on the table in the vase of your choice. Our pick would be handcrafted encasements that can house your plants. Those are a work of art in themselves. Place it on your center table to give it a beautiful spin. 

Either add dry flower arrangements to them or fresh ones based on the upkeep you can manage.

Terracotta vases in vintage and antique finish are a great choice. Take a look at the two we have listed here for you. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, these vases bring an old-school vibe to the decor and will definitely increase the aesthetics of your center table decor.

buy vase online for living room center table

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#Tip 3: Complement with soft furnishings

Have you given some thought to the soft furnishings? Your living room centre table decor ideas list is incomplete if you only focus on the table and not on what’s around. Create a theme and add soft furnishings accordingly. Your soft furnishings include the outer material of your sofa set, the curtains, etc, basically everything that has a fabric attached. 

Create a mix and match when it comes to both the texture and shade of the soft furnishings, in a way that it complements the center table and makes the living room decor better. This includes things like the coasters, place mats and table covers you may want to use on the center table. 

#Tip 4: Create a floor seating arrangement

Not everyone wants to create a full-fledged sofa-seater arrangement. You can even go for floor seating decor, which looks homely and has a casual vibe attached to it. It will change your living room center table decor just a little bit, but in a good way.

Pick a center table that suits your vibe the best and then throw in rugs and cushions around it to create a comforting yet aesthetic look.

Our pick would be Maple Tribal Coffee Table that also comes equipped with drawers that can be used to clean up the clutter in the living room.

center coffee table seating

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#Tip 5: Light it up

Lighting plays an important role in decor, only if you play it right. While ambience lighting is important, people often forget to use accent lighting in their decor. When you decide on living room center table decor ideas, you can even think of using lamps or candle stands to add warmth to your decor, keeping the most ornate ones on the center table.

We would suggest something like our bestselling Amias Table Lamp if you want to add some handpainted galore to your plain wooden table. Instead, if your table already has motifs, something like the Globe Table Lamp with the white wooden base would add a character to your center table decor, beautifully.

lamps for living room center table decor

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If you love placing candles, you can create an accent on your center table with a wooden candle stand at the center and keeping the rest of the pieces around it. 

#Tip 6: The glass effect

If you wish to create a stunning visual display with your accessories and books, you can go for a glass top center table with a shelf below it. However, it all depends on how good your organizational skills are and how well you can arrange the small nothings into an artistic delight. 

Glass top tables can be an indulgence, but if handled and presented well, can be a gorgeous addition to your living room decor.

Alternatively, you can create the glass effect by picking up vases, bowls and other eccentric pieces. Curate ones that look different from one another to show how you have an eye for detail! 

#Tip 7: Choose your shape well

Going for a rounded effect? Then choose round center tables. Want the classic edges? Then rectangular center tables should work just fine. Here’s a useful tip: choose your center table according to the shape of your sofa/seating. 

If your sofa is L-shaped or one with edges, a rectangular center table would suit best. On the other hand, if you have a combination of several living room seats, you can experiment with the arrangement and get a circular center table.

shape of living room center table

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#Tip 8: Keep it clean and pick a hand painted piece

Your living room center table decor should be a stunning reflection of your taste. But, if you are a minimalist, the best way to go on about it would be by choosing a handcrafted piece with handpainted motifs. This will do away with the need for too many center table decoration items as the design itself serves as one.

At Fabuliv, you can pick center tables with extensive Dravidian architecture motifs. Our artisans handcraft and paint each piece as the order is placed, so that you get your unique piece of furniture for your home. Plus, it’s clean and sustainable decor, sourced ethically and created efficiently. 

Check out Fabuliv’s range of coffee tables here.

Make a statement with your center table for living room

Your center table is the central point of your living room. One wrong move or material and it can transform into an eyesore, destroying the entire point of the decor. Choose it wisely, taking into account the whole theme you are going for, the aesthetics, and utility.

Let your center table take the centerstage. Let it be the showstopper of your living room decor. Varying across materials and handcrafted art, you can check out an array of center tables at Fabuliv. All crafted from handcrafted material and rich with handpainted art and motifs, these center tables are created to sit well with all forms of style and decor. You just have to make a choice.

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